Not that! Anything but THAT!!!

Posted on April 1, 2013 11:34 pm

Aw, jeez! Looks like the angry leftards have themselves an official Boycott IMAO blog.

OH, NOES!!11!! NOT THAT!!11!! ELEVENTY!!11!!


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40 Responses to “Not that! Anything but THAT!!!”

  1. Avaviel says:

    I was about to comment there… and then I read the posts.

    Satire at it’s finest. Great job, IMAO.

  2. Carpenter says:

    this is probably all my fault!
    I have called Obama a Communist, said he is following in Stalin’s footsteps and even compared him accurately to Hitler. And it is true! Obama has many of the same magnetic characteristics that Adolf Hitler possessed. He has that Hitlarian ability to bedazzle and mesmerize crowds. He seems to Hypno-bama-tize the masses just like Hitler did.

    I have also accurately pointed out that Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Mao were all worshiped as God-like Messiahs just as Obama is worshiped by the American left.

    Anyway I am very sorry that I told the truth about Hussein Obama.

  3. Doug says:

    I checked out the ‘boycott IMAO blog’ and it is slanderous, racist and filled with lies. Anyone who does not know IMAO could get the wrong impression. Which I’m sure is the intent. It is really pretty disgusting.

    However, I am confident that those who come to this site looking for hate and racism, etc. will leave with a more proper understanding ….. hopefully with a smile and an appreciation for the humor and the humorists who labor on behalf of those in need.

  4. Travelwise42 says:

    Soon those boy-cotts’ll be back in the closet…
    working up the courage to occuppy Maher, Michael Moore’s & Roseanne’s endomorphic heads,
    Let their liposuction create the”new” ethanol

    Meanwhile IMAO will continue to ridicule the loathsome stupidity of unevolved toadies!

  5. Dodsfall says:

    I have an idea. Simply start a Boycott-Boycott IMAO Blog!


  6. seanmahair says:

    I don’t know which of you geni came up with this idea but can I say………….brilliant, wickedly, stupendously, amazingly brilliant. This is why you won that award at CPAC. This is why you are teh funniest political blog on “the internets” today. The About us page, stunningly, magnificently, crazily brilliant. If it wasn’t y’all then whoever it is deserves BACON, BACON AND MORE AND MORE BACON.

  7. Apostic says:

    Must be time to buy that IMAO T-shirt.

    OK, it was time before. Just maybe more so now.

  8. FredKey says:

    Maybe they’d call off the boycott if you modified your positions. Say, toning down the rhetoric and advocating giving the Moon a stern talking-to.

  9. Willie says:

    Talk about not funny. I think this site has got to be an intentional joke. They rant about IMAO not being funny “even though I have never visited the site.” Talk about hate, racism, etc. Are they referring to this site?

    It’s got to be a bad joke. But, then again, I wouldn’t put it past libtards to be this stupid!

  10. Willie says:

    Have I been PUNKED?

    [I think the proper term is pwned. – Basil]

  11. springeraz says:

    ….”I can tell by what I’ve heard that it’s full of hate speech, calls for the subjugation of women, and the murder of homosexuals….” I confess it’s hard to tell if Maher is serious or not ?? Is he just jerking these tools around? I didn’t realize this website was about the ‘subjugation of women’ etc., I thought it was more about filnding ways to get robots to do all that stuff.

  12. springeraz says:

    Get ready for a tsunami of trolls around here. This is gonna be fun.

  13. springeraz says:

    next level satire, guys….brilliant

  14. Jimmy says:


  15. Peregrine John says:

    My favorite thing here, sometimes, is when people comment in ways that show conclusively that they have not even noticed the previous comments.

    Also, the tag line there is kind of what I was thinking all along: How do you boycott what you’ve never even seen?

  16. Hulk Hogan says:

    Hey you IMAO-maniacs, it’s your buddy the Hulkster and I just got to say that you guys rule and all my little Hulkamaniacs and I have your back! I told my man, Duane Johnson, about your site and he was down with it too. If any of you guys was over five and a half feet tall, which I know none of you computer geniuses are, I’d have Vince McMahon set you guys up in a Cage Match with some liberal heel-wrestler so you can drop an elbow or two on them. Way to rock the web dudes! You guys are the Angry Whopper of politics!

  17. Dr. Henry Skip Gates, Jr., PhD. says:

    This reprehensible, retrograde, puerile site being brought to my attention, I must object most strenuously to the copious tone-deafness to the signifying of the black cultural voice resultant in a clear case of overt and heinously sublime latent intellectual racism.

    Rest assured that no manner of supplicating presidential entreaties would ever motivate me to sit down with anyone affiliated with this forum and crack the seal on a 40 ouncer while partaking of a plateful of the finest Chicago ribs and coleslaw.

    If Obama were to allow someone else to chief up his choom, I might be persuaded, not to mention chilled the Hell out enough, to be in the same room as you hateful crackers.

    But it’d probably wind up with one of y’all stealing my cane and making me hobble around the room on my short leg to try to get it back.

    So you may consider me affiliated with this global boycott.

  18. Nkwekwe Mbolo says:

    I must announce that the Right Honourable Mr. Nelson Mandela, has, from his recovery bed in hospital, insisted that his noble name be ranked at the top of any list of boycotters standing with great vigour against the oppressions of global cyberhate. He is to be considered aligned in spirit with those storming the barricades of backwards-thinking race marginalisation.

    Col. Nkwekwe Mbolo
    Personal Press Director for Rt. Hon. Nelson Mandela

  19. Jimmy says:

    I’m dyin’ here.

  20. tomg51 says:

    Located in Washington? I was expecting a lunar address…

  21. cowelk bloomknew says:

    That Nkwekwe guy is making fun of my name.

  22. Hayden Panettiere says:

    This has to be the most uncool site I have ever seen! I bet some of you actually go around laughing as you hit baby seals and dolphins in the head with big wooden sticks! I’m doing all I can to help the boycott and tell my friends to never go to this site.

  23. Ben Affleck says:

    Gotta side with my gal Hayden on this. Wicked meanness towards the president, and anyone who isn’t you. This needs to be stopped now. Boycott IMAO!

  24. CarolyntheMommy says:

    I love this. I can’t lie – I have to start commenting more in hopes they’ll start singling me out as an example of what horrible people comment here. Jimmy, if they pick on you it’ll only make me love you more.

  25. CarolyntheMommy says:

    WAIT A SECOND!!!!!!

    This was posted April 1, and the posters are all libs that get made fun of here (except Kathy Griffin – she’s not relevant enough to get made fun of here).

    Is this an April Fool’s Joke??

  26. CarolyntheMommy says:

    Oh- yeah, clearly I didn’t read the other comments before commenting.

  27. Don Cheadle says:

    This site is scary as hell! I half expect to see posts calling for the lynching of African-American citizens beginning with our truly historic president and his lovely family. I damn near choked on my Pellegrino and guava juice cocktail reading this stuff. Hate is not to be tolerated in any way. I mean, come on, sponsor a kid or a village in Darfur instead of spreading this evil throughout cyberspace. Have a deepened consciousness people. When Clooney gave me the url for this site, I thought OK, some humor. Boy was I wrong! This has to rank up there with some of Clooney’s cruelest practical jokes. And yes, I and my friends will not be visiting this site again and doing all we can to raise global awareness about verbal cruelty and torture.

  28. jimbobob says:

    Man, I am sicken fricken tired of all you clucking hens comin’ out of the barn to cackle and crap on something you’ve never seen!! You all sound like Barbara Streisand primping herself in front of a vanity mirror trying to make her face look like it hadn’t blode up already. Go back to Hollywood – or the beltway – or some other damn place and leave us freedom-Constitution-free enterprise loving American IMAO fans alone!

    (PS: You’re OKAY, CarolyntheMommy. I don’t care what Jimmy says about you!)

  29. Whoopi Goldberg says:

    It’s hateful, intolerant, exclusionary comments like those made by jimboobo which generate so much united, unwavering, loving support for a boycott against such a hate pit as this. The boycott is so wide ranging that Barbara Walters, Leslie Stahl and Ann Curry are uniting to produce and air, on all three networks, an in-depth expose’ of the hatemongers who comprise IMAO.

    Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, and I, along with Pauly Shore, Carrot Top and Carlos Mencia are uniting for Laugh Out The Hate, live at The Hollywood Bowl, which will air on April 31st on HBO.

    A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Boycott IMAO.

  30. jimbobob says:

    Whoopi, you ignorant slüt. The three limp wristed dish rags of yours can’t entertain their way out of a paper sack! So, get ready for some real bad ratings, girl. Not to mention, that stuttering has-been Robi Williams or the used to be funny Billie Crystle and those other unmentionable wannabees. Also, honey, you need to study yo calendar just a tad and get a handle on reality before the grim reaper bites yo ass!

    IMAO rocks, baby!

  31. Hunter says:

    ha-HA-ha-ha-ha-ha-huk-hnk-snnnnnnnnnk! (gasp, cough) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!11!!1!eleventy!!!!1!!

  32. Kathy Griffin says:

    Jimboobie, it’s nice to see that my bestie Whoopie is living rent free in your head. Though she’s probably cramped for space in there. Hey, how many animals have you killed with your big wuff tuff assault rifle? Bet it’s a lot. Brag about it to the girls you try to buy beers for, bet they faint into your arms. Oh, hey, again, we know we’ve won the argument when you’re pouting, stomping your hunting booties and calling people you’d never have a chance of meeting, ever, silly names.

    Boycoot IMAO RULES, Baby!!

  33. seanmahair says:

    It’s ok Caroline. It took me a couple of minutes to get the picture. Once I did though, I thought it was almost the best April Fools prank I’d seen. Until I watched the latest episode of one of my favorite shows . Both it and this post were fantastic. Great job guys.

  34. Jimmy says:

    Hey! What’s going on here?!

    And who is this jimbobob character trying to make a move on my wimen?

    Back off, Jack!

  35. 50 Cent says:

    Yo Jibobo shut yo cracka face! Don be dissin’ on Whoopi! We ain havin dat stuff! It jus don play you callin out an runnin dozens up on a righteous sista! Jus keep dat ugly mug behine dat klan hood cracka! Man you a fool evy time ya open ya mouf an six ways ta Sunday! Rappaz 4 Boycott IMAO!

  36. kmccoy says:

    Got me – I thought it was Bill Maher and left the (only) comment – shame…….

  37. kmccoy says:

    OMG. Address on the map is DNC. Nice job! Still scared though, they can do this kind of sh*t and get away with it…

  38. Jimmy says:

    Kathy Grittin’ her teeth: Lady, I just put bone meal in me veg patch and I’m tellin’ ya, your bones are so fricken ugly the bone meal factory sent out a reject notice. It’s on the fricken box, beotch!

  39. Bam Margera says:

    Shawn White-The Flying Tomato- and I will be doing a 24 hour marathon boarding event on April 31st from midnight on the 31st to midnight on the 1st in support, and as a part, of the Boycott IMAO events to eliminate global cyberhate. It’ll take place at Castle Bam and be broacast live on MTV. Donations can be made at the Boycott IMAO website, by calling the MTV 800 number, or by mailing cash to the street address of Boycott IMAO.

  40. Lionel Ritchie says:

    I am happy to annouce that the Boycott IMAO CD will be released and available for download on April 31st. The single, and accompanying video, We Are The Words-We Are The Bloggings, which was co-produced by Quincy Jones and Rob Zombie, will premier on MTV and feature cameos by Prince Michael Jackson, Billy Idol, Henry Rollins, Ke$ha, Lady GaGa, Rob Reiner and Marilyn Manson.

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