Snopes Still Kinda Hates Us

Posted on April 8, 2014 10:00 pm

It took a lot of prodding to get Snopes to acknowledge IMAO as the source of the “Obama’s 3am Phone Call” photoshop. And they never did use the original version (you know, the one with the watermark so that IMAO would get credit).

And now they’re doing a flashback on Obama-related photoshops, and they’re just being rudely dismissive (screen capture 4-7-14):

I noticed they didn’t get this upset when Bush was being mocked.

Seriously Snopes, try not to sound so offended. Your loyalties are showing.

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6 Responses to “Snopes Still Kinda Hates Us”

  1. Oppo says:

    And yet people still cite Snopes as an authority in disputes. Amazing.

  2. Oppo says:

    “Someone once claimed there were ineptness and scandals during the Obama administration. We’ve searched for evidence, and find the allegations to be false.”
    – Snopes

  3. Les says:

    It’s false? I’m so mad at you now. I thought that photo was real, and that’s the only reason I didn’t vote for the One whom we’ve come to know and love as the greatest president in the history of everything.

    At least they didn’t crop out the dot on the “i” of the watermark. You should be grateful.

  4. zzyzx says:

    We have also found there isn’t a smidgen of corruption in the IRS. ~ Snopes

  5. Burt says:

    ah, to be hated by Snopes! ’tis a consummation / Devoutly to be wish’d

  6. Harvey says:

    @3 Les – To be fair, Snopes didn’t do the cropping. Someone else did, and that “one dot watermark” version is the one that usually made the rounds in emails.

    That part doesn’t bother me.

    What bothers me is that they DO know the source, but chose not to use the full, watermarked version.

    But mostly I’m irritated by the mocking of IMAO from a source that tries to lay claim to some degree of objectivity. It’s kind of sad to see them poisoning their own brand like that.

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