Sunday Night Open Thread

I’ve noticed that I’ve been watching The YouTube a lot lately. Used to be I thought of it as the place to go if you wanted to watch cat videos, but not good for much else. Well, I suppose it’s useful for more stuff than that now.

I’ve even moved The YouTube app to the top of the menu on my Apple TV and my Roku. I put the stuff I use a lot at the top, and the rest is pretty much alphabetical. The YouTube is no longer near the bottom.

Does that mean The YouTube is better? Or that my standards have fallen? Or both?

While I ponder that, why don’t you offer something else for me (and everyone) to ponder? Since it’s now time for Sunday Night Open Thread, that means it’s time for you to share what’s on your mind. Something profound. Something stupid. Other songs by Nancy Sinatra. Whatever.

Who wants to start?

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  1. The reason, I suspect, is that I go to bed rather early, about the time that Basil posts the over-time thread, and post the next morning (after I’ve slopped the hogs, of course, which is sort of an odd thing for a software developer to do).

    A big mid-western thank-you to DBDukes for my new title. I like it a lot, and I intend to use it from now on.

    Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and other delightful stories, was born November 13, 1850, in Edinburgh.


    • I haven’t slopped hogs in a while. But I too have slopped hogs.

      var choresStatus = query(‘tbl_chores’,’get’,now());
      if (choresStatus.hogs != 1) {
        var setChoreStatus = query(‘tbl_chores’,’set’,’hogs’,1);


  2. In the 1970’s children’s show “The Electric Company”, there was a skit/song called “Slop the Hogs”.

    It’s ungooglable, but one other person on the internet vaguely remembers it.

    You’d think it would be easier to find, since it featured a very young Morgan Freeman, who got his start doing children’s sketch comedy.



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