Sense of Proportion Restored

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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Handgun advice

I’m looking for advice regarding a first handgun. Yes, it’s for me.

Now, I have actually owned a handgun in my life. A handgun. Owned a revolver. Left it with the ex-wife many years ago. She also had a handgun or two — revolvers — but she obtained them, I didn’t. Except for that one that was left with her, as I mentioned.

Wife (number two) has several. Lots of revolvers, some shotguns, couple of rifles. She either bought them or inherited them. Anyway, she obtained them, not me.

I’ve never been much of a gun person. That is, never went to the range, never bought handguns (except for that one cheap revolver just to have for home protection). Only fired a handgun once, and that was, gosh, 40 years ago. It was a friend’s and I really don’t remember why.

Fired a rifle that my father owned. Little .22 that he kept for, oh, I don’t know, birds, rattlesnakes, whatever. Only fired it a few times. And, that was well over 40 years ago.

Of course, in the Army, I fired some M16 rifles. Had an M16A1 issued to me briefly (nope, never fired it full auto), then M16A2 rifles for the rest of my time in service. I was an okay shot. Qualified as Sharpshooter but never as Expert.

I’ve recently fired a few weapons at a local indoor range. I’m not a great shot, but I think I’m decent at close range (7 yards). I’d probably ruin some bad guy’s day, or at least, make it not turn out quite as well as he had planned. I’ve had no handgun training, of course, but I know some weapons basics from the Army and apply those.

Anyway, never owned a lot of firearms. But, I’m wanting to have something for personal protection around the house … and when out of the house. I’m on the road a lot every week, and I’d just feel better if there was some protection available when I’m in certain places. And, yes, I’ve applied for a Georgia Firearms Licence, which is required to carry in public outside of home or vehicle, whether concealed or open. Georgia is a “shall issue” state.

But, as you can tell, I’m no expert. So I’m curious as to what would be a good personal carry weapon. Should I go with a 9mm? .380? Something smaller for a first weapon? Or is larger better? Should I forego a semi-automatic and get a revolver?

What would you suggest as a first weapon?

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Response to a Global Warmer Who Won’t Take Action Until Everyone Else Does

It’s a comment by Scott Graves to a post at Scott Adams’ Blog (which will be a LOTD soon). It’s out of context, and it has some swears, so I’m just going to clean it up and post it here:

I’m on disability and can’t afford to mess the planet up like [hypocritical celebrity global warming alarmist] Leo[nardo DiCaprio] and his buddies do. People on the low end of the economic spectrum don’t have much more to give up. My thermostat sets at 65 in the winter and 75 in the summer. I can’t afford a higher electric bill. I drive a late 2000 Buick that gets pretty good mileage for what it is. I keep it in good running order to save even more gas because I can’t afford to waste gas money. We live in a small two bedroom apartment. We eat pretty low on the hog, mostly chicken, beans and rice. Beef is a rare treat for us. Not getting live lobster flown in fresh from Maine here.

My point is we on the lower part of the economic spectrum don’t have a whole lot of carbon footprint to reduce. Leo and his buddies do have a lot they can reduce. Yachts, sports cars, limos, mansions, fancy food, and all the entourage cost a lot and wind up with an enormous carbon footprint. When we say “you first” to Algore and DiCrapio, we don’t mean “and then we’ll sacrifice,” we mean come down to our level and THEN talk about sacrifice.

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Hey This Login Still Works!

How bou dah?

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You Mean *Besides* the Fact That It’s a Gigantic Space Rock That’s Way Too Big for Puny Humans to Actually Hurt?

In the comments to a post on Scott Adams’ Blog, an annoying liberal asked an irritatingly cliched environmentalist rhetorical question:

“So… why gamble with the one Earth we’ve got?”

and got an answer that made me happy:

Because I don’t like the gamble of sacrificing western civilization and allowing china to dominate us based on an unproven claim that suspiciously gives liberals everything they’ve ever wanted cloaked as science and also suspiciously allows our unregulated competitors to surpass us. Seems like a lot of my enemies benefit from convincing me that continuing to prosper is a “gamble”. What could possibly go wrong with plunging us back into a 1700s level of prosperity?

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Straight Line of the Day: Trump Makes Being President Look So Easy, Guess Who’s Considering a Run for the White House?

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

Trump makes being President look so easy, guess who’s considering a run for the White House?

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Oscar Clarification Requested

But La La Land won the popular vote, right?

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Hit Play, Because This One Needs a Soundtrack

New Hampshire Passes Constitutional Carry Law

[Hallelujah Chorus – Mormon Tabernacle Choir]

Just one more reason to go Porcupine if Trump can’t (or won’t) pull us out of Obama’s tailspin.

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Ordinary Average Guy

After leaving the White House, former President Obama was spotted kite-surfing with billionaire Richard Branson on Branson’s private island in the Caribbean.

It’s good to see Obama hasn’t lost his touch with the common folk… who give liberals 10-figure donations.

[title reference link]

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Here’s What Honest Opposition to Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration Would Sound Like (You’ll Never Hear This)

[High Praise! to Scott Adams’ Blog]

I understand that the likely cost in American lives will range between zero and several thousand dead and wounded over the next ten years. On top of that, I recognize that the families of the victims are destroyed at the same time, so perhaps 100,000 people will be adversely affected by looser immigration of the type I favor. I accept that risk to maintain the rights of non-Americans to immigrate here and to preserve the national character of the United States as a nation of immigrants. I also think it makes it easier to combat terrorism because it makes us look like less of an enemy to Islam.

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I Find Painstaking Handcraftsmanship Soothing to My Soul

[Making of an Equus Lined and Raised Belt] (Viewer #288,548)

Yours for only £300.00

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Again: The Unparodyable Left

From an article on the Berkeley riots over a scheduled campus appearance by a conservative speaker:

But UC Berkeley sophomore Jonathan Gow, 19, rejected Yiannopoulos’ insistence that free speech took a hit.

“The whole reason we’re here is for free speech,” Gow said. “Milo’s hate speech is not allowed here. When it’s hate speech, our free speech is to shut him down.”

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This Is Why I Don’t Take the Liberal Media Seriously

From a CNN piece discussing the Trump travel ban in Q&A format:

How big is the backlash?

It’s global. Hundreds showed up at airports across the country…

Hundreds… across the whole USA…

Personally, I’d say that if it’s fewer than the number of Americans who visit a shooting range every day, it’s not something we need to worry about.

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The Mexi-Cannon!

[reposted from 2007]

Illegal Mexicans got you down? You’d like to deport them, but think of all the paperwork and the long drive to toss them over the border.

But now, deporting Mexicans is as easy as saying “Go home, invader!” if you use…

Simply place the Mexican in the Mexi-Cannon™, and its patented cannon technology takes over from there, delivering the Mexican back to Mexico in the blink of an eye.

Still, there are millions of illegal Mexicans in America. Can one cannon really deport all of them?

Yes it can with its Rapid-Fire Action!

That’s right; the Mexi-Cannon™ can fire more than one Mexican at a time!

Soon all the Mexicans will be flying back to Mexico. Take that, evil Mexican Presidente!

The Mexi-Cannon™: For all your deportation needs!


Q. Can the Mexi-Cannon™ be used for deporting Canadians?
A. The FDA has only approved the use of the Mexi-Cannon™ on Mexicans.

Q. Will the Mexi-Cannon™ hurt Mexicans?
A. No. Mexicans don’t feel pain like you and me.

Q. Aren’t the Mexicans simply here to pick lettuce and thus don’t deserve to be fired out of a cannon?
A. Wrong! Picking lettuce used to be my job. Now I’m unemployed and have nothing left to do but sit around all day and draw pictures of Mexicans being fired out of cannons. Don’t let this happen to you; buy the Mexi-Cannon™ today!

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Trump Translated: 2 Rules

We will follow two simple rules: BUY AMERICAN & HIRE AMERICAN! #InaugurationDay #MAGA

We’re like Recovery Summer except with actual profits and jobs.

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