Clean House

It’s got a nice beat, and you can punch hippies to it:

[YouTube direct link]

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  1. Sweet. I’m in at 2 & 3. Pole position.

    Anyway, more seriously, how’s Sarah doing these days? It’s like the same thing as looking at pics of 19th century skyscraper builders. The blood leaves my legs thinking of her condition. I do hope she and Buttercup are doing okay.


  2. Some reasons SarahK is still preggers :

    Buttercup is still perfecting her Kung Fu

    NCAA outlawed the Fumblerooskie play

    Refuses to join labor union

    Negotiating with Harvey to rewrite Fun Facts about Idaho to include “Birthplace of Princess Buttercup Fleming, Yee Ha”

    Keeps pistol whipping her driver for talking about Michelle Malkin


  3. Buttercup has now figured out how much she already owes as a result of Obama’s wreckless spending intended to help cause the downfall of the United States to pave the way for George Soros’ world government…naturally, she’s decided she’s not coming out. She’s obviously a bright child.



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