IMAO Flashback: Obama’s 3am Phone Call

Back during the 2008 campaign, IMAO posted what has since become one of the most iconic photographs of the Obama administration:

While gadding about the internet, I discovered The People’s Cube did a caption contest on it back in the day. Figured you might be amused by the results, (although do tread lightly, as not all of the captions are necessarily in good taste.)

Meanwhile, feel free to caption it yourself in the comments.

[“3am” reference link]

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  1. “…with pepperoni, mushrooms and some ground dog… and send to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue… that’s right… and charge my Taxpayers Card… yeah, I laugh everytime I use it.”


  2. OK, zero-three-hundred and the putz is still wearing a suit?! What? Is he Count Chocula or Blackula?! That time of the morning, most normal folks are either sporting sleepwear or sweats. Also, a Princess Phone?!? Clearly, The Office of The President-Elect (heh) didn’t budget enough for a multi-line phone with those rows of blinking buttons or to have someone trot down to the White House Gift Shoppe and get him a set of Official White House warmups.


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