Straight Line of the Day: Most Notably Absent From the Second Debate…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

Most notably absent from the second debate…

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  1. Mitt Romney:
    “Mr. Obama, it is true that you were raised by Communists in a Muslim country and your mother left you in the care of a cross dressing Homosexual Transvestite when you were a very small child. Did your upbringing affect your worldview?”


  2. … was me. My sleep is more important to me than listening to and being frustrated by a thin skinned narcissistic socialist community organizer.

    … Obamas claim that blacks will riot if he looses. Which he will and they won’t.

    … Obama promising free phones, gasoline and housing to Ohios poor. Oh, wait, he did that already and it hasn’t helped. Never Mind!


  3. @ tomg51

    That would have been impressive. Have a line of forklifts parade through the debate hall with pallets of money. Might have gotten to $100 billion by time the debate was over.


  4. a tv audience.

    intelligent questions.

    undecided voters.

    17 gwb references. there were only 16.

    candy’s plastic surgeon.

    candy’s erroneous statement : “black is thinning”.

    candy’s muzzle.


  5. … was mentioning that if just one person in the audience was carrying a gun, mass murder could have been averted.

    … was asking the kid if he was studying something stupid at Hofstra that has no value in the real world before asserting that education is important.

    I’m sorry, am I supposed to give the straight line or are you?


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