Cartoon of the day – Myth of the Year

[Source: Lisa Benson – GoComics]

Maybe Obama is Santa Claus. Let’s see.

Parents tell children that Santa will bring them stuff. But the parents actually take their hard-earned money and buy the stuff for the children. And the children thank Santa Claus.

Okay, I see the difference. Obama tells his followers that he’s giving them stuff, but we’re paying for it. Santa doesn’t do that, because, well, he’s not real. With Santa, we make up the myth. Obama and his supporters make their myth.

In the whole Santa Claus mythology, we give the stuff one day a year. In the Obama mythology, he gives our stuff every day of the year.

In both cases, people that work for a living pay for the stuff.

I do have one suggestion on how he could even be more like Santa: he could move to the North Pole. I’ll even help him pack.

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  1. They’re both fictional characters, however, one of them might bring you a Red Rider BB-gun if you’re good, while the other wants to disarm you and threaten you with imprisonment in FEMA camps if you don’t obey. Not quite the same.


  2. The real Santa also requires you to be good. Welfare leeches aren’t required to do ….anything.

    Oh sorry, they’re expected to vote, that’s a lot of work for them so I guess it’s worth it. There’s a big uninformed moron voter shortage so they’re providing a vital service.



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