Random Thoughts: Acceptance

Trump vs. Hillary is just stupid. If you get worked up over either choice, you’re an idiot playing a game made for excitable dummies.

I don’t like what Facebook did, but I don’t understand why the government would get involved.

I might support Hillary if she signed a no tax pledge. Or a no eating children pledge. But she won’t sign either.

“We interrupt this TV show you DVR’d a week ago to tell you about storm conditions you hopefully already handled appropriately.”

The conservative movement is dead! Let’s all stick to fighting about who get to push who around and who spends everyone else’s money.

I don’t have to get drunk to have fun or be incoherent.

One thing you can say for the Republicans over the Democrats is at least they tried to have some non-horrible choices for president.

Paul Ryan and Donald Trump teaming up to fix the country could be a good buddy comedy.

The best choice for Trump’s VP would be John Miller.

If Trump called her “Hillary Crooked,” he might stand a better chance of getting one of her spokespeople to slip up and call her it.

In this election, conservatives have nothing to gain and nothing to lose (that isn’t already lost), so might as well not get worked up by it.

When it’s pouring rain and I know I’m going to get soaked no matter what, I walk and don’t run. That’s how I feel about this election. Relax.

Porta Potties have never cared what gender you are or think you are. Let’s just put Porta Potties everywhere. Porta Potties for freedom!

Leonard Snart is my favorite character from the Arrowverse. He could read from the phonebook and make it sound like a snarky comeback.

Hillary is a lot more likeable if you pretend she’s a Borat-type satire of what everyone hates about politicians.

The Hillary vs Trump spectacle will achieve something lasting and useful if it reduces our reverence toward the office of the president.

Rain. What is it? Where does it come from? Scientists don’t know.

Trump plans to balance his ticket with “a really classy broad” while Hillary is required by contract to pick for VP the CEO of Goldman Sachs.

I’m really hoping Donald Trump releases a video rant on the female Ghostbusters movie.

How did they screw up and accidentally cast all women for Ghostbusters? I bet some movie exec got fired for that one.

“Trump is horrible” is a legitimate observation, but you have to remember that Hillary is also horrible as are both parties and the media.

If the new Ghostbusters bombs, it will probably be a while until they let women be in movies again.

If you just frame it as “who do we want to be king idiot of our moron government?” we have two great choices.

One of the big differences between Hillary and Trump is that more people pretend Hillary is a serious candidate.

“Keep Austin weird… but in no way that’s innovative.”

I hate when you go to a site and it autoplays videos. Hey, YouTube, I just want to read angry comments in peace!

I don’t get the term “waffling” in politics. Waffles are consistent. They’re always yummy.

All these idiot college kids asking for a safe space need to talk to some astronauts and realize space is never safe.

I want a government so small we won’t care that it will always be run by horrible idiots.

Finally saw Civil War. The 30 minutes of Spider-man in it basically beat out all the other Spider-man movies.

Bernie Sanders is one of the most honest and authentic people to run for president in a long time. He’s also one of the dumbest.

“If you want a cash refund, we’ll need a receipt.”
*waves hand through the air* “You do not need a receipt.”
-Return of the Jedi

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Random Thoughts: America’s Worst Choice Ever

So someone said New York values are horrible and then New Yorkers voted overwhelmingly for Hillary and Trump?

Software I wrote, either work or don’t work. Don’t sometimes work. That’s the worst. Don’t do that.

It feels like with transgenderism the left didn’t even attempt due diligence in explaining what’s going on before screaming, “Bigots!”

The trans issue isn’t just going against culture but also basic science knowledge everyone was taught. That takes a lot of explanation.

Sometimes it seems like Trump’s only reference of how a conservative thinks is Stephen Colbert.

If Justin Trudeau is so great, why does he still live in Canada?

I don’t celebrate Earth Day. It’s rather jingoistic we fetishize this planet just because we happened to be born on it.

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s superhero name is Captain Actually.

According to ancient legend, there will one day be another Game of Thrones book.

I haven’t watched any of Game of Thrones – only read the books – so I’ll catch up on the story sometime in 2045.

Let felons vote. And own guns. No reason to do rights piecemeal.

So is Han Solo going to appear as a force ghost in the next episode? “Use the smarm, Finn.”

The parties’ presidential choices say a lot.
Dems: “Ignore anything we’ve said about what we hate about politics.”
GOP: [unintelligible]

“You can’t elect that cartoonishly horrible human being! Elect this horrible human being instead!” -either party in the general

Don’t analyze Trump’s foreign policy speech. Stop falling in the trap of taking anything he says seriously.

I still don’t get how it’s even physically possible to take Trump seriously. It’s like Pee-wee Herman running for president.

There’s no reason to believe Trump on any issue unless the only issue important to you is loud yelling.

Can’t fathom being an enthusiastic Hillary supporter. Like telling everyone they need to try the life-sucking machine from Princess Bride.

You #NeverTrump people need to fall in line. Start huffing paint thinner until voting for Trump makes sense.

My kids (3 and 5) were too scared to watch the new Jungle Book movie. When do I start desensitizing them to violence?

I have never for the life of me understood who in the world David Brook’s audience is supposed to be.

Sean Hannity will prop up anyone who has an R next to his name. He even had a pirate on for a full hour because he kept saying “R!”

So we’re supposed to believe the people who were openly for banning guns less than 2 decades ago are for “gun safety” and not confiscation?

There was a lot of awful people to choose from in the presidential primaries, and we were careful to choose the awfullest.

It’s weird how the Bernie Sanders movement sways between hippie dippie nonsense and mindless nationalism.

Still like him way better than Hillary. It’s an honest stupidity.

In American history, has there ever been a worse presidential choice than Hillary vs. Trump, or are we new territory?

With the general election choice between the two absolute worst people in the entire country, should we reexamine our primary system?

Russia’s main export is stock bad guys.

If we could just talk some sense into these #NeverTrump people, Trump could lose by 19.5% in general instead of by 20%.

The only candidate with a clear plan to take on the national debt is SMOD.


A good slogan for Hillary to attract conservative voters would be “The devil you know.”

I want you Trumpkins to know I’m one of the good guys in that I most likely won’t actively support Hillary.

Now it’s time for Donald Trump to turn his attention to president-elect Hillary.

The general election will be a stark choice between soulless status quo forever or burning the house down while we’re still inside it.

Come on, guys! The only way to stop Hillary is to vote for a complete mockery of everything you stand for! #Unite

We once got a man on the moon but we can’t come up with presidential candidates who aren’t obnoxiously horrible.

What’s a classical liberal supposed to do in this day and age? Plan for a colony on the moon, I guess.

The optimists are the ones who think the country will end with a bang and not a whimper.

I just hope Trump’s VP choice is completely insane. Don’t be a letdown, clown-man.

The absolute best choice for Trump’s VP would be Bernie Sanders.

My objection to Trump was never that he can’t win in the general. It was “Why would I want him to?”

I like the idea of Hillary and Trump teaming up and being each other’s running mate. It would be the unity/abandon all hope ticket.

“I am the Hell Man, and from the fiery depths of Hades I bring you my mayonnaise!”

Hillary is unlikeable, incompetent, and it’s completely baffling she ever got in a position of leadership. She’s basically Cobra Commander.

Was Cobra Commander married to a previous leader of Cobra?

I don’t know who from GI Joe Trump reminds me of. He does make me think of Starscream, though.

I don’t support the GOP’s choice for candidate same as I don’t support the Democrats’ choice for candidate.

The foundation of your house is sinking. What do you do?
HILLARY: “Nothing. Everything is fine.”
TRUMP: “Fill the microwave with metal.”

The first scene of the young Han Solo movie is him sleeping through the class in space school where they teach you what a parsec is.

There should be a political party for people who don’t like authoritarians.

I’d rather our choices for this election were Kang and Kodos.

The way Trump picks an adjective for each person to get under their skin makes him like that guy who told Elaine she has a large head.

Can we let the Internet decide the election because I’d rather our president be Boaty McBoatface.

Those on the left who somehow couldn’t figure out John Edwards was a big phony, you have another chance with Elizabeth Warren.

Best outcome I can up with for the 2016 election is for Hillary to go to prison and become president.

You could argue were now seeing the presidential election for the ridiculous farce it’s always been.

*GOP nominates clone of Hillary for president*
“If you don’t rally behind Hillary, Hillary is going to win!”

Trump vs. Hillary sounds less like a presidential election and more like Gozer telling us to choose our destroyer.

It’s much better to understand science than to love it.

“Sure, Trump is worse than Hitler. But he’s still better than Hillary.” -future Trump endorsement

“I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire, but I’ll vote for him over Hillary.” #TrumpEndorsement

“He’s the second worst human being who has ever lived.” #TrumpEndorsement

Always nice when the government steps in and saves cab companies from the 21st century.

“I’ve flushed things down the toilet with more integrity than him, but he’s not Hillary.” #TrumpEndorsement

“I’ve got poo on a stick! Everyone rally behind it or it’s your fault Hillary gets to pick Supreme Court justices!”

Where both Trump and Hillary are weakest are with people who have any principles whatsoever.

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Random Thoughts: The Punisher, Star Wars, and Gender

I keep accidentally referring to the Daredevil show as “The Punisher.” I assume I’m not the only one.

It’s hard to take seriously anyone as a conservative who wasn’t calling Trump a clown from the very beginning.

The problem with the frontrunners of the two major parties is that everyone hates them and for good reasons.

Before you cite science as an authority, remember that most of science has been disproven.

Trump vs. Hillary: Whoever Wins… We Lose

Leaked plot of Episode VIII is that it will be about Empire combining plans of Death Star and Starkiller Base to make a Death Killer.

“For our superweapon, make sure there’s a vent that leads to it’s unstable core.”
“But there’s nothing from there to vent.”
“Just do it!”

Did someone say the woman we never would have heard of except for who she is married to isn’t qualified?

I’m happy for the female protagonists since right now I’m trying to get my 5-year-old daughter interested in Star Wars.

These females protagonists in movies tell young girls they can do anything as long as they are also attractive.

As far as I can tell from Bernie Sanders’s campaign promises, he thinks socialism is some sort of magic spell where you get things for free.

A psychopath can learn to fit in with normal society, so Trump is probably a sociopath.

If NY votes for Trump, won’t that just prove that NY values are even worse than what Ted Cruz said?

Now that American Idol is over, did someone start a “vote for the worst” for presidential primaries?

The whole point of requiring a majority of delegates is so the party doesn’t get stuck with a candidate the majority doesn’t want.

I find it almost impossible to take criticism of capitalism seriously. It’s like saying “I don’t like technology.” Fine. Live with the Amish.

I can’t wait for the standalone Star Wars movie about how C-3PO got his red arm.

Trump is a horrible human being that I don’t trust on any issue that is important to me, but other than that I guess I could vote for him.

I’m surprised the left is turning on Paul Krugman now. I thought even they recognized him as a partisan hack years ago.

I don’t get the idea if needing experienced judges for the Supreme Court. I’d settle for someone with basic reading comprehension.

I bet SJWs are going to love it when President Hillary means the First Lady is going to constantly manspalin everything to us.

The GOP delegate process is so complicated that it’s very unfair to nitwits who want to be president.

“You’ve gotta ask yourself: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?” -Harry Callahan unsuccessfully selling raffle tickets for his kid’s school

The Punisher in the Daredevil show is way different than from the comics; supernatural pun powers wouldn’t fit in the universe they made.

If you want to close the wage gap, you’ll need to force women to do things like choose higher wages over flexible hours.

If we don’t elect Hillary, who is going to keep Goldman Sachs safe from super predators?

If you point a gun at one guy and demand money, that’s a mugging. If you point a gun at everyone and demand money, that’s taxation.

Didn’t care for watching Star Wars Episode I again, but I did like daughter’s reaction to the bisecting of Darth Maul. “That. Was. Awesome!”

It now really feels like the prequels are missing a scene where Anakin gets the lightsaber that later become’s Luke’s and Rey’s.

It’s said Captain Phasma is first female Star Wars villain, but that’s forgetting assassin from Ep 2 who can change her face to no purpose.

Then again, everything about prequels should be forgotten.

In Ep 7, Empire now very diverse in race and gender, but has it ever been explained why they’re human only?

Hollywood is out of ideas. They keep rebooting the same franchises when they need to find ones that haven’t been rebooted yet.

Bernie does well among younger Dems while Hillary’s strength is with those who have given up all hope and embraced the empty black abyss.

So do they still teach about the XY chromosomes in school or is that now problematic?

In a way, gender is an arbitrary thing. In another way, it’s a fundamental part of evolutionary biology for hundreds of millions of years.

I know about male privilege, but if you look at the actual chromosomes, tiny little Y seems much more oppressed than X.

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Random Thoughts: Batman v Superman, Communists, and Sanders

A clown crapped into a three-piece suit and now the RNC says everyone has to rally behind it because party unity.

If mankind had socialism since the beginning, today we’d still be living like cavemen but we’d have an even amount of mud and rocks.

Well, the ones in charge of mud/rock distribution get a larger share, but that’s expected.

2yo had a boo-boo so I gave him the “Life is pain. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” speech.

The problem is that both Trump and Hillary will be looking for their most enthusiastic support from the same group: garbage people.

How is the “Drumpf” thing different than “Barack HUSSEIN Obama”?

Both Trump and Sanders are populists without any coherent philosophy, yet they come across very differently.

Hillary is a partisan without any coherent philosophy, but we’re pretty used to that.

You can’t be for socialism and against violence. You can’t prevent the free market without force.

Understand the violence inherent in the system.

In the new Indiana Jones, will the title character be the ancient artifact?

Should we have let President Obama go to a Communist country? Isn’t there a risk of him deciding he doesn’t want to come back?

We elected Obama president. That means he’s our responsibility and we have to keep an eye on him and watch out for him.

Who a year ago predicted Jeb Bush would drop out and eventually endorse Ted Cruz? I think you win a prize.

“There’s clowns to the left of me,
Jokers to the right, here I am,
Election 2016.”

#IfIWerePresident I’d play video games all day and if you didn’t bother me, I wouldn’t bother you.

I’ll vote for Trump if you pay me a $1 million. I’ll vote for Hillary if you pay me what Goldman Sachs paid her for a speech.

The reviews of Batman v Superman make it sound like the overlong mess I assumed it was going to be from when it was first announced.

How do you explain to a child present-tense “read” and past-tense “read” and the sick minds behind it?

Trump spent a whole rally ranting about how gloves are a big scam because they have all this space at the fingertips you don’t need.

I’d believe the Zodiac killer thing over the affair.

Why is everyone freaking out over the bird landing near Bernie Sanders? If you’ve ever been near him, you know he reeks of birdseed.

The reviews for Batman v Superman, though negative, did confirm the movie contained Batman and Superman which is all anyone cared about.

It’s the age of the Trump voter. Did you think your Batman v Superman movie had to be any good to be successful?

Move Pitch: Orange-faced clown man is the only one who can stop terrorism.

Bernie Sanders’s supporters are mainly white, while Hillary is supported by a diverse group of horrible, cynical people.

I like Bernie Sanders. He is so so dumb, but he’s refreshingly genuine.

Domesticated dogs should come with warnings that they’ve been genetically altered.

I don’t care how bad Batman v Superman is. If Batman punches Superman in it, I’m going to see it.

Weird how a bird landing on Bernie’s podium was a big deal but a flying monkey lands on Hillary’s shoulder and everyone acts like its normal.

I’m still pretty certain this whole Trump thing is a joke and you’re all going to look really dumb for taking it this seriously.

I really like Better Call Saul. I’m not sure where it’s going, even though I should know where it’s going.

Learn to deal with things that offend you. There’s no safe space in this world other than the grave.

If you want to learn how to deal with things that offend you, talk to Christians. We deal with a thousand things like that a day.

“I’m sick of the bad food and horrible service at this restaurant so I’m drinking this delicious gallon of bleach instead.” -Trump voter

Politics is so weird right now, but remember when Obama was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for absolutely no reason whatsoever?

Ah. Happier — but still really stupid — times.

Our nation’s number one problem is whining. We’re an absurdly rich country with unimaginable opportunities and we whine about everything.

If Trump is using up the “Lyin'” adjective on Cruz, what’s he going to call Hillary?

My guess is we’re going to set a record for lowest approval rating of a newly elected president.

We all know Trump is a horrible person and everyone around him is a horrible person. How is this still news?

Is Trump a Microsoft chat bot?

Strangely, the fact that the mainstream anti-abortion position is to not punish women makes many pro-abortion people very angry.

Politics makes everything weird and stupid.

I’m not referring to Trump here. He was weird and stupid before he got into politics.

Let’s have another news cycle where we pretend something Trump said is a serious thing that needs to be parsed and discussed.

Got some capes in the mail and my daughter correctly chose Team Batman.
Buttercup Batman

What if google.com forgot one year to renew their URL on GoDaddy?

I just realized I haven’t seen the Green Giant in forever. Did climate change kill him?

Donald Trump is doing the Kang and Kodos routine on abortion, but much more ineptly.

Bernie Sanders is kind of perfect for Twitter because I don’t think he has any thoughts bigger than 140 characters.

Trump promises to rapidly reverse all the bad things with his time laser.

“Now that I’m president, all the bad things will be rapidly reversed!”
*Trump Benjamin Buttons*

We’re having an epidemic on college campuses where safe spaces keep getting ransacked by Huns.

I have this feeling Hillary is going to be seeking revenge against Democrat primary voters for making her fight for it again.

My son has an important job interview. Wish him luck!
Frankie Suit

I don’t know how I’m supposed to react to a “Guardrail Damage Ahead” sign. Abandon my plans to lose control and swerve off road?

Not really into the feminist video game stuff, but it was kind of tough explaining to my daughter there was no option to play as Zelda.

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Random Thoughts: Trump and Despair

Trump vs Hillary – is this a presidential election or a vote on who’s the worst human being in the country?

The non-Trump candidates finally decide to do the right thing to stop Trump, and all accidentally drop out at the same time.

I’m kinda wishing there was such a thing as an effective Republican establishment.

GOP shouldn’t nominate that madman Trump. They should instead nominate…
*looks at remaining candidates*
So why are there only two parties?

Looks like this is going to be a black swan election. Trump winning/losing in a landslide are both very possible outcomes.

If Rubio were president, half the State of the Union address wold be him drinking water. Horrible.

I’m going to try out Trump’s tweeting style of adding a word to the end of my statements to amplify them. Smart.

A really really smart businessman would be able to build a wall on our southern border and get Canada to pay for it.

Some men aren’t looking for anything logical. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to vote Trump.

The perfect running mate for Trump would be Wile E. Coyote and then hopefully we wake up from this dream.

Can’t believe these douchebag frozen enchiladas want me to use a particular power setting on the microwave. Who even knows how to do that?

A party that is smart and serious enough to defeat Trump is not one that would nominate Hillary.

My advice for this election year is to put all your money into canned food and shotguns.

I don’t trust anyone who wasn’t calling Trump a clown months ago.

With Trump versus Hillary, you can tell which party has more integrity by how many vow not to vote for their nominee.

Hillary and Trump’s successes are both sad, but Hillary’s is sad in the way you usually expect politics to fail you.

The choice between Trump and Hillary is basically would you rather your house burn down or crippling depression.

Is Democrats’ strategy for Trump to call him a racist and a fascist? They do that for every Republican to the point it’s become white noise.

Trump is a horrible person, but that’s far far from saying the Democrats led by Hillary deserve to beat him.

“Did you say David Duck and the KAK? Never heard of them.”

It would be better idea if Oscars for a year were awarded a decade after. We’d then know which films were actually relevant.

If the election is Trump vs Hillary, at least we don’t have mandatory voting. I’d choose public execution over casting a ballot for either.

Are spelling tests still the same or do you now get credit if you get the word close enough for autocorrect to get it the rest of the way?

It’s too late. Trump is going to be the nominee. And probably president because Hillary is just that unappealing. Going to go live at sea.

The Trump people say they’re against the establishment, but the establishment are more likely to rally around Trump than conservatives.

Maybe in the long run, Trump will be a good thing. Kind of like how the Titanic led to better ship safety procedures.

Did voting booths always have a sign that says “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” or is that a new thing?

Does Super Tuesday supplant Taco Tuesday? Because then this is going to be the worst day ever.

Dems need more of a strategy for Trump than calling him a racist since that’s their strategy for every Republican. “This time we mean it!”

Yelling “Racist!” has been nothing but an election strategy for Dems for some time and thus they aren’t equipped to deal with actual racism.

Racial divisiveness has been profitable for the Dems come election time, but now we’re reaching a point where supply exceeds demand.

If you see racism as just a Republican problem to be shouted down, you are a big part of the problem.

Let it go. It’s all over, people. Let’s start coming up with a good name for the next country.

I’ll write our next Constitution. It’s going to be very short because it sounds like a very boring thing to write.

“Oh. Hillary versus Trump. Sounds like a great choice. We here in Texas are seceding, though, so email us and tell us how that turns out.”

Female ghostbusters? “I ain’t afraid of no gho– Ew! A spider! Someone kill it for me!”

Rally around Trump to stop Hillary? What exactly are we stopping Hillary from doing that we can be sure Trump won’t do as well?

Trump versus Hillary? I’d rather reelect President Logan from 24.

“You Won’t Believe This Clickbait Headline”

More and more people are starting to adopt the way Trump tweets. Sad.

At this point, I kind of want Trump to go ahead and secure the nomination so everyone will stop arguing.

Is Mountain Dew paleo?

I guess women could bust the smaller ghosts.

Can never tell when people are responding to an actual outrage or are just desperate to signal to everyone what righteous people they are.

Rubio did with Trump what someone with courage should have done a long time ago. But that’s not good election strategy. Horrible system.

The difference between Trump and any other GOP nominee is when the Dems call him a racist and a fascist, they’d be sincere for a change.

I’m letting my daughter watch the original animated Disney’s Cinderella, or are the old Disney princess movies sexist hate crimes now?

Because of super delegates, every state Bernie wins only puts him further behind Hillary. Win anymore states and he might as well drop out.

I wish I was enlightened and righteous enough to be hateful about Nancy Reagan on her death.

Dems, Hillary is not a great option for stopping Trump. Very unlikeable. Just remember what you thought of her in 2008.

I can’t vote for Trump because I have principles and a coherent ideology, but everyone else knock yourself out.

Movie Pitch: Somehow, the two most unlikeable people in the country end up as the two presidential candidates. And then they fall in love.

Had dream where there was college class I forgot and I missed all the tests but I woke up and everything was okay but Trump is still a thing.

For how many decades am I going to have nightmares about my grades in college? How did that scar my psyche so?

Now all children’s educational shows are nothing but nightmarish creatures shrieking at the void because Common Core.

“Innovators are the scourge of this nation and they must be stomped down!”
“Is the FBI watching this?”

“Math was invented by Wall Street to hold down the poor!”
“I was married to a president.”

“Billion! Scary number! Must be stopped!”
“I am human female. Therefore if you are human female, you must vote for me.”

“Corporations are taking all our money in exchange for goods and services! This must stop!”
“Just give me my damn presidency!”

Children are the easiest to deport. You can fit more of them in a deportation pod.

You can call the Repub debates a clown show, but you’re as bad as a Trump voter if you try to pretend the #DemDebate is smart and reasonable.

I’m going to take Iron Man’s side in Civil War because I instinctively trust the judgement of people in robot suits.

If we picked presidential candidates at random, it would be statistically impossible to come up with a worse choice than Hillary vs Trump.

I would vote for the Captain America: Civil War trailer for president.

“One cough drop every 2 hours.” Yeah, whatever, bag of Halls.

How do you explain govt to kids? “They demand money from you and will send people with guns if you don’t pay. We pretend we control this.”

We’re starting to have a conflict of Trump’s overt fascism and the left’s crypto-fascism.

It’s going to be the subtle racism and fascism of the Democrats versus the overt racism and fascism of Trump and I don’t see a happy ending.

Dems are going to have trouble attacking Trump on anything and not being seen as hypocritical b/c he’s a fun house mirror version of them.

“If you see something, say something.” -motto every dog lives by

In November, the American people are going to be given two clear choices on paths away from classical liberalism.

What do people chant when they get fired up at a Hillary rally? “Status! Quo! Status! Quo!”

My company has begun playing in VR and has made a VR app. Grab some Google Cardboard and give it a look. iOS Android

Even though I did the stitching for the video and programmed the app, I still find it hard to believe 3D 360 video works at all.

Oh, and make sure to wear earbuds. You only get the 3D sound with earbuds.

It’s funny how popular Stormtroopers are considering that they’re about the most useless, unthreatening mooks in all of cinema.

I guess it doesn’t matter if you can ever hit anything or successfully threaten a farm boy as long as your armor looks cool.

They did get a bit of a threat upgrade in the newest movie, though. “Traitor!”

Watching SPECTRE. I’ve decided not to trust the guy played by Moriarty.

Used to like IMDB trivia, but now feels like it’s filled with irrelevancies. “This is 5th Bond movie where 3rd letter of the title is an e.”

In the new Indiana Jones movie, is Harrison Ford going to be dramatically killed by Shia LaBeouf?

Everyone loves VR now. And we’re pretty sure it’s not just a fad again like in the 90s.

For now, I think I get to call myself an expert in VR video since the field is so small.

How long until we stop freaking out over everything Trump says? He says dumb, poorly-thought out things. We all know this. Not news.

The reason Greedo tried to shoot Han first is because Han killed his six brothers: Prideo, Lusto, Slotho, Wratho, Gluttonyo, and Doc.

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Random Thoughts: Trump, Hillary, and the Tooth Fairy

It should probably hurt Trump that an older version of him from the future appeared urging people not to vote for him, but it won’t.

I think the only thing Trump could say that might cost him supporters is something coherent.

Trump versus Sanders might not be the general election matchup we want, but it just might be the one we deserve.

The dream of the oppressed shouldn’t be to become oppressors.

I hope the plot of the Star Wars Episode 8 is that they’re trying to stop a planet-destroying super weapon.

Has Kylo Ren come out for Bernie Sanders?

We must boycott apples. They help terrorists not need doctors.

Hillary Clinton is giving hr Nevada victory speech behind closed doors to Goldman Sachs.

A random American picked out of the phone book with Jeb Bush’s money behind him would be doing better in the polls than Jeb Bush.

I pleaded to Rorschach to get in the race and save us, but I couldn’t hear what he whispered back.

The only thing that would make Marco Rubio even more inevitable as the GOP nominee is winning a primary.

“A good guy with a gun” is the entire basis of government… if you believe government to be good.

If I had to rank the remaining candidates in order of ones I dislike the least, I think it’s Rubio then Bernie Sanders.

I think a lot of moviegoers were surprised at how dark the origin story is for Sabrina the Teenaged Witch. #TheWitch

In one of my first jobs, I wasn’t paid a living wage. So I didn’t try to live on it. I was a teenager living with my parents.

“You shouldn’t fill a Supreme Court vacancy in an election year and if I ever say otherwise ignore my lying mouth.” -Joe Biden, 1992

Presidential elections have always been a joke. There’s just more broad humor this time.

Daughter’s first loose tooth was yesterday and it’s already out and now we have to do tooth fairy thing and THIS IS ALL HAPPENING TOO FAST!

Remember: A Trump is just as afraid of you becoming president as you are of him.

Hey, who wants to make a new political party?

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Random Thoughts: Trump, Scalia, and Kanye

You know cartoon money bags? I once had one of those. Except there was no dollar sign on the bag; just the words “Do not remove from bank.”

Whatever, banks. You’re not the boss of me just because you kinda own my house or something.

So is Hillary going to flee to Russia like Snowden?

Why are the white nationalists supporting Trump. Shouldn’t a proper Aryan have normal-length fingers?

If Trump has killed the GOP, that’s one party down, one to go.

So Arthur Darvill plays a “Time Master” who brings along with him a companion named Rory? Why does that seem familiar?

If the readings for Audible were as over the top as portrayed in their ads there would be a lot more murder suicides.

What’s Jeb’s path to victory now? Some sort of deadly plague only he is immune to?

A vote for Hillary is a bit like a horcrux in that you have to give up a piece of your soul for it.

So is New Zealand basically Australia’s Canada?

What if someone who wasn’t a cartoon character ran against Hillary for the Dem nomination?

I just realized that I’ve never once in my life questioned what the “nut” is in Honey Nut Cheerios.

The IT equivalent of “I don’t do windows” is “I don’t do printers.”

Well, I guess it could also be “I don’t do Windows” but, sorry, we all have to deal with Windows.

“He was turned into Star Wars!” -my daughter seeing Anakin become Darth Vader in a Lego game 🙁

A lot of people are drawn in by Bernie Sanders’s childlike enthusiasm/understanding of economics.

I’m starting to seriously consider Bernie Sanders. As president, I think he’d just shout a lot and not successfully pass anything.

The Super Bowl has lost a lot of its luster ever since you could get all the ads on the Internet.

Isn’t pointing out a politician is repeating talking points a bit like pointing out a magician isn’t actually sawing a woman in half?

Why would they put the Super Bowl on against Downton Abbey? Seems like bad scheduling.

It’s great how much technology improves. Look at how much more lifelike Marco Robot is versus the failed Al Gorebot.

So is it to prove some sort of feminist point to make the first woman president the least likable woman possible?

Live Free or Vote Trump

Really seems like Hillary’s slogan of “I am a woman. If you are woman too, you must vote for me.” could use some work.

New Hampshire’s motto is “Live Free or Die” but they didn’t all die so I’m not sure what’s going on.

I want to rag on the Dems for voting for an avowed socialist, but the only other choice was Hillary.

I still think the absolute worst outcome of the primary would be Jeb versus Hillary – the country signaling it’s completely given up.

Something wacky and stupid would be way better than something as soul crushing and empty as Bush versus Clinton.

If you put gun to my head and asked me to pick one of the Republican presidential candidates, I’d do this disarming move I learned in aikido.

It would suck to be a Secret Service agent assigned to Hillary. Would they have to go to prison with her?

“Who is that weird shouting guy?”
“That’s just old man President Bernie Sanders. We all ignore him.”
Wouldn’t be the worst.

RIP Justice Scalia. Thanks for doing all you could to stand in the way of the “I do what I want!” attitude of government.

When there’s a Supreme Court vacancy, all laws are unconstitutional until further notice. It’s essentially the purge.

Some people think it’s important the Constitution actually mean something. Others don’t believe in the rule of law.

Clarence Thomas gets a disproportionate amount of hate because he’s black.

My suggestion for a Supreme Court justice is a Dalek that instead of saying “EXTERMINATE!” constantly screams “UNCONSTITUTIONAL!”

President Obama can nominate someone for the Supreme Court for the same reason he submits a budget: just for funsies.

“The strength of the Constitution should be determined by who happens to be president when a justice dies” is a dumb system.

When did they put an old-style Captain America shield on the back of the penny? Man, I barely ever see physical money anymore.

I always get picked last in recess appointments 🙁

The frustrating thing is it’s just a six page document and nine supposedly really smart people constantly disagree on what it means.

The climate is not changing. It’s evolving. Stop being Luddites.

Personally, I think Trump is a pretty weak foil for the United States of America series finale.

I have nothing against the movie Deadpool, but I’m a bit afraid of what its success will lead to.

I realized I know all about Kanye West, but I can’t recognize a single one of his songs. That really disturbs me for some reason.

So is Kanye West dead broke like Hillary Clinton?

Why do we keep arguing this like it matters? President Obama, nominate someone. Republicans, ignore him.

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Random Thoughts: Hillary, Trump, and X Files

We should start a new political party. And you get kicked out of it if you run for office as you can’t trust those people.

When is Hollywood going to catch up with the rest of the country and be against racism?

I didn’t get scared until Nate Silver started changing his tune on Trump.

The problem with the Republican Party is it peaked too early with freeing the slaves. Can’t really keep up momentum after that.

So how volatile is Trump? Is he “punch a foreign leader” volatile? If so, I might vote for him.

I think a good VP candidate to balance the Trump ticket would be a sad circus clown who says hard truths no one wants to hear.

I hope the third Thor movie is where he finally says “Stop! Hammer time!” or I’m giving up on Marvel.

The X-Files has returned. Hopefully it will explain Trump.

One of the problems for Hillary is finding enough people completely dead inside to enthusiastically support her.

Trump, Hillary, and Bloomberg? It’s going to be a real New York Values election. The living will envy the dead.

Some people on the internet are mean. When did that happen?

The great argument for Bernie Sanders as president is that he’d be completely infective at doing anything.

The problem with Cruz is that no one likes him, including me. Doesn’t mean he’ll be a bad president, though.

I think Hillary will be a nice continuity to the meh of Bush and Obama.

I’m tired of wars in the Middle East. We need wars in all of the other continents. Who can we fight in Antarctica?

The X-Files is on while Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in the news. We’ve time warped backed to the 90s!

I’m a little disappointed National Review didn’t take a stronger stance against Donald Trump.

I for the life of me can’t figure out how anyone can take either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders seriously.

If I remember right, the X-Files started out on Friday nights when I was a teenager and I never missed an episode. So, that’s me.

This new show The X Files is a blatant ripoff of Fringe.

If George W. Bush was controlled by the Cigarette-Smoking Man, is Donald Trump ruining his plans to put Jeb into power?

Shouldn’t they update The X-Files to modern times and have the guy behind all the conspiracies stand in the shadows vaping?

Sure are a lot of books on being an atheist. How many do you need before you get it down? Not believing in God seems way too complicated.

Latest Downton Abbey was strangely right-wing. Longtime socialist converted by American capitalism and there was big anti-government rant.

Why does Donald Trump have such weird stubby fingers? Did Stannis Baratheon cut off his finger tips for smuggling?

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Random Thoughts: New York Values and Trump

Who’s dumber: Enthusiastic Trump supporter or people who gave millions to Jeb?

“I liked your take down of a right-winger in the YouTube comment section. Half your words were spelled correctly! Want to write for Salon?”

Glad Mad Max got best picture nom. It’s an actual movie with action and special effects. Not some talky-feely nonsense.

How is “New York Values” an insult? And why did those cowboys want to lynch a guy when his salsa was from NYC? I don’t understand!

Wow. Ted Cruz is really losing the New York vote.

“I can’t believe Cruz is insulting my New York values! And this soda is too large; who is going to stop me from drinking it?”

This is stupid. If your reaction to “New York values” was anything other than “what an effective insult” you fail politics 101.

“Hey! I have values that should be respected and not insulted over here!”

When people say “New York values” everyone gets a very specific image in mind. Usually it’s Kylo Ren.

To be honest, I’m actually pretty curious what general election Trump would be like.

I good example of New York values would them banning people from insulting New York values.

I hope Trump is president because then in 2020 the “Dump Trump” slogan writes itself.

Who knew New Yorkers would be so sensitive to the fact that the rest of the country hates them and everything they stand for?

When you insult New York values, you insult America. The absolute worst part of America.

I kid. Who doesn’t love New York? They got pizza slices there.

I understand if you think Hillary is strategically good choice, but stop pretending to be excited about her. It’s embarrassing for everyone.

“We’re super duper excited for this candidate we tossed away as old news back in 2008!”

“Stop pretending there are smart people we can elect who will actually fix things. Vote for Trump.”

“Admit it’s a broken system and vote for a broken person. Elect Trump.”

More important than suing gun companies is being able to sue politicians for the damage their laws do.

“SMOD has abandoned you. Vote Trump.”

Did the DNC successfully negotiate that no video cameras are allowed at the Democrat debate?

Raising the minimum wage doesn’t cost jobs because there’s a magical spell cast upon it that suspends math and the laws of economics.

How much do you get paid when you don’t have a job? That’s the real minimum wage.

I’m officially endorsing burning it all down.

What’s a classical liberal supposed to do in today’s political climate? I’m thinking of taking up woodworking.

Though it happens all the time in fiction, I hope in real life overthrowing an oppressive regime never comes down to a teenage girl.

Scientists ruined my childhood when they declared that Pluto isn’t a planet and that it’s most likely covered in feathers.

There’s sometimes conflict in marriage. I like imitating Mr. T, but my wife doesn’t like it when I call the kids fools.

I think a legitimate criticism against Trump is absolutely anything.

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Random Thoughts: Gun Control, Star Wars, and SOTU

A fun thing to do is to sit in the front row for a TED talk and keep yelling, “Stop mansplaining!”

I can’t think of any offhand, but I’m pretty sure there are other possible plot points than planet-destroying super weapon.

Right now a criminal can go online and buy a gun without ID, background check, or even real money. Coins from Super Mario Bros. will do.

Right now, a criminal can buy heat-seeking hollow point bullets that can shoot through walls at any Redbox.

There are currently no laws preventing a criminal from buying a gun enchanted with dark magic to never miss.

No laws prevent a criminal from installing a bullet tap in their house where they just turn on a faucet and fill a cup full of bullets.

This isn’t very libertarian, but if we want to protect kids, we need some sort of law against shooting them.

Currently a criminal can go to any supermarket and buy a plastic gun that is also invisible and fires nuclear warheads.

Not saying Obama’s tears were fake – just thought it was weird he paused his gun control announcement to watch the opening sequence to Up.

There. We made the president cry. I hope we all feel good about ourselves. I know I do.

We need some sort of mental health screening before you’re allowed to get a hydrogen bomb.

So there were people who watched Parks and Rec and didn’t find Leslie Knope’s fascist impulses problematic?

The reason we can’t prevent hydrogen bombs is that the NRA fights any law that tries to restrict access to hydrogen.

Ted Cruz is a secret Canadian who will sell our country to the British. This is a fact no one disputes.

Ted Cruz’s handlers are smart. They cut his mic briefly at the end of each sentence so we don’t hear the “eh”.

I asked Ted Cruz for some bacon and he gave me a weird round piece of ham because he’s a Canadian freak and we can’t trust him.

Why didn’t loser Obama make Mexico pay for our health insurance?

Gun control people don’t need townhalls where they explain their views. They need introspection on why they’ve been failing for decades.

Stop pretending you can decide whether other people have guns.

I’ve never quite gotten why Return of the Jedi is considered so much lesser than the other two Star Wars movies. Great movie.

I can agree that Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back are better than ROTJ, but I don’t consider it on a lower tier than them.

My wife says she likes the new Star Wars better than all the original trilogy. I don’t know how to deal with her.

So many iconic things in ROTJ: Jabba, speeder chase in the forest, the Emperor

I have a “Play it again, Sam” type quote from ROTJ I love to use on trolls: “Good. Only your hate can strike me down.”

Force Awakens is not better than Return of the Jedi. It’s good, but come on.

I’m finding it hard to figure out what my full opinion of The Force Awakens is because I just bring so so much baggage to that movie.

I’m finding Finn to be the most intriguing character because he’s the one with the least analog to any character from the previous trilogy.

Finn is a non-force wielder with some (but not spectacular) weapon skills. No idea where his character arc is going.

So is Hillary in Michael Bay’s 13 Hours doing basically the same role as the Chief of Police in Die Hard?

My best understanding of what it means to be populist is to say really popular, really ignorant things.

Be wary of any philosophy that treats people as a net negative. And these pop up on the left and right.

A Trump vs. Sanders general election would be equal parts awesome and awful.

Wow. $1.3 billion Powerball, and that money came mainly from poor people. I hope Trump wins it.

Can say President Obama is indifferent to Sandy Hook because he’s never proposed anything that would have made a difference with it.

Sanders is just as nutty a candidate as Trump and he has a much higher ceiling with Democrats.

So prefer dealing with electricity to water. Electricity is not constantly at risk of spilling all over the floor.

Then again, electricity is invisible and constantly trying to kill me, but I guess I’m just used to that reality.

I don’t get why anyone would listen to the SOTU who isn’t paid to by a news organization.

MoveOn.org endorsed Sanders because if you want to move on from the Clinton scandals, the best way is to not elect more Clintons.

Instead of watching the SOTU, I watched old episodes of New Girl on Netflix because I value my time.

She’s a-dork-able.

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