Better than Obama

As the vote in Iowa approaches, the Republican candidates are turning up the heat on each other. Newt Gingrich had some not-so-nice words for Ron Paul, according the National Journal:

“I think Barack Obama is very destructive to the future of the United States. I think Ron Paul’s views are totally outside the mainstream of virtually every decent American,” Gingrich said Tuesday in a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer.

Could he vote for Paul? “No.” If it came down to Paul vs. Obama? “You’d have a very hard choice at that point.”

Newt and Frank J. sound more and more alike:

So, if it were between Obama and Ron Paul, who would you vote for? I’m leaning Obama there; he’s a known entity and can at least be bullied into doing what’s right. Ron Paul would just stand back while nukes are launched at us and say, “We had this coming for abandoning the gold standard!”

Then there’s Mitt Romney, who seems to be every conservative’s last or next-to-last choice. He compared Newt Gingrich to the I Love Lucy “Chocolate Factory” sketch:

Appearing in Portsmouth, Romney noted a statement that Gingrich’s campaign director compared the former House speaker’s recent inability to qualify for the Virginia ballot as a setback comparable to Pearl Harbor from which the campaign would recover.

“I think he compared that to Pearl Harbor? I think it’s more like Lucille Ball at the chocolate factory,” Romney said in reference to the famous I Love Lucy skit in which the comedienne was overwhelmed by a rapid assembly line of candies. “You’ve got to get it organized.”

That was a good line. Let’s look at Lucy in the Chocolate Factory:

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That’s funny stuff. But, you know what? I still think Lucy and Ethel would do a better job than Obama and Biden.

Ricardo/Mertz 2012!

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  1. Is Newt morphing into Frank or vise versa? Newt/Frank 2012.

    Romney reminds me of an infomercial on farm tv “Mitt and the Fertilizer factory”


  2. “Ricardo has the good looks and glad-handing, but Mertz provides the gravitas to the ticket.”

    Oh, wait — you mean the girls?

    Haven’t we had enough incompetents leaping forward saying, “I have a plan!”

    Ethel, maybe, but not Lucy, please!


  3. Had Lucy and Ethel belonged to the Amalgamated International Brotherhood of Chocolate Makers and that been a union shop…you can bet your a$$ that assembly line wouldn’t have been moving near that fast.


  4. Hysterical! My know-it-all 5th grader thinks that all this old comedy that Daddy likes is uncool. However, even he was laughing out loud at the Lucy video. Thanks for the chuckle.


  5. Thanks for the clip Basil dear. I too think that Lucy and Ethel would do a better job, after all they actually have held a job (not for long but better than nothing) and balanced a checkbook. Happy New Year, hope it’s a productive one.



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