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Posted on December 29, 2011 7:55 am

I mentioned earlier this month that I needed a new bumper sticker for my car. Well, blog buddy Andy pointed me over to his buddy Woody, who has some bumper stickers.

I’m not going to steal all of Woody’s thunder, but I will list a couple here. Then, I’ll ask for more suggestions.

He’s got more. I didn’t even steal the best one.

Now, here’s where I could use your help. I want some suggestions for bumper stickers. You can make your own images and post them, or just suggest a sticker. They don’t even have to be about Ron Paul.

NOTE: Oh, by the way. How much you want to bet that a bunch of Ron Paul nuts come by and don’t offer bumper sticker suggestions, but instead start spouting whatever the current Ron Paul Talking Points are?

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57 Responses to “Bumper stickers”

  1. buck kennedy says:

    here’s a talking point for you

    “STUFF IT”

    how do you like that one? and hey, it would make a great bumper sticker too. whadda ya know!

    RON PAUL 2012.

    [That didn’t take long. – B.]

  2. silverfiddle says:

    Careful! You could get so many Paulistas commenting here that the internet could tip over

    [We can only hope. – B.]

  3. Iowa Jim says:

    Here’s my version of a bumper sticker that’s been around for a while, and that I used to see with some frequency when I lived in Silicon Valley:

    Feminism is the radical notion that women are people – and that men aren’t.

  4. Conservatarian says:

    Silverfiddle: If it could happen to Guam, it could certainly happen to the Internet.


  5. Critter says:

    Ron Paul: Because being crazy means never having to say you’re sorry!!!!11!!!

  6. Ernie Loco says:

    I like the r0N pAUL troll’s response to the insinuations that Ron Paul hates Israel and likes drugs: STUFF IT!

    Oh, now I see why I should support Ron Paul. I was worried that he was a crazy conspiracy theorist who is a disaster on foreign policy, would toss Israel to the wolves, would not protect our interests at home or abroad, and was a closet racist and truther. But now due to this guy’s reasoned argument, I’ve totally changed my mind and will henceforth be supporting rON PAUL!!@1!eleventy

  7. storm1911 says:

    Buck Kennedy types is why I quit supporting RON PAUL !!!11!!111ELEVENTY ELEVENTY along time ago. Well, that, and the racisim, suicide foreign policy, hanging out with Stormfront, and the crazy eyes.

  8. CrustyB says:

    Ron Paul 2012: Don’t Let Blacks And Jews Control All The Bumper Stickers

  9. Jimmy says:

    WRonG Paul!!!!11!!

  10. coldguy says:


  11. storm1911 says:

    Ron Paul 2012…Because there is nothing in the Constitution that says crazy folk can’t be president.

  12. Bob_R says:

    Basil – Doing everything in his power to get Obama elected.

    [Now, you know better than that. People gonna start thinking you’re one of those Ron Paul nutjobs. – B.]

  13. FormerHostage says:

    Ron Paul 2012: SHUT UP! THAT’S WHY!

    Ron Paul 2012: OWS in a suit!

    Kinetic Military Action is not the answer!

    Obama 2012: Just to piss off Jimmy Carter.

    Obama 2012: Just to see how bad things can really get!

    Wiener/Holder 2012 (No, it’s NOT for Barney Frank!)

    SCOAMF 2012

  14. Idahoser says:

    Had enough Govt Gone Wild? Call their parents – Repeal the 17th Amendment!

  15. Idahoser says:

    Political Correctness is: always having to say you’re sorry

  16. Jimmy says:

    Ron Paul 2012: Support the narcissistic, antisemitic, racist old bastard so he can finish what Obama started.

    Oh, and Γuck kennedy and the horse he road in on.

    [Little pitchers!… – B.]

  17. clifford says:

    To paraphrase a famous Louisiana bumper sticker from back in the 80’s:

    Vote for the kook. It’s important.

    Works equally well if you support Paul or Obama.

  18. slapout says:

    I made one the other day, I’ll upload it when I get home

  19. Weisshaupt says:

    I am not Ron Paul supporter, and I agree that oin certain things he is bats, but here is why he is gaining in the polls:

    Ron Paul 2012: Your choices are a crazy man Obsessed with the constitution, an unprincipled RINO who is so stupid he will unwittingly run roughshod over the Constitution, or Obama who actively seeks to destroy America and the Constitution

    Ron Paul 2012: 4 years of the Federal government doing nothing, controlling nothing, and accomplishing nothing might be better than the alternative

    Ron Paul 2012: The best way to torture the establishment for what they have done

    Ron Paul 2012: Maybe the U.S. SHOULD sit out World War III

    Ron Paul 2012: Unpredictable, non-ending Comedic Gold

  20. CTCompromise says:

    -“Ron Paul George and Ringo 2012 ! Yeah, Yeah Yeah!”

    -“Ron Paul 2012: Because, just maybe, if we ignore other countries they WILL go away ! ”

    -“Ron Paul 2012: Up Twinkles!!!”

    -“Obama 2012:Hope and Spare Change !”

    -“Obama 2012:Fast and Furious About Exports”

    -“Damn Cat 2012: Time for a New Pussy in The White House !”

  21. Weisshaupt says:

    Thought of a few more:

    Ron Paul 2012: After you abandon hope, who is President doesn’t matter much
    Ron Paul 2012: He will be as good a scapegoat as any during the coming economic collapse
    Ron Paul 2012: Unorthodox Economic Revenge!
    Ron Paul 2012: Anyone who wants the job at this point is either power hungry, stupid, or crazy. Of these, Crazy is the best choice.

  22. DynamoNED says:

    Nuke the Moon 2012: Still makes more sense than Ron Paul.

    Or, for those less inclined toward radiation, perhaps we could take Paul Ryan’s suggestion from the debt ceiling debate:

    Yogurt-Covered Moon 2012: We could save $5 trillion.

  23. Woody says:

    Thanks for the link! I have a few more rolling around in my head that I’ll post later, but suggestions are always welcome.

  24. hwuu says:

    Ron Paul 2012
    Because we all want to see him yell “HEY YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN” at the White house Easter egg roll.

  25. hwuu says:

    Ron Paul 2012
    Because crazy beats stupid

  26. NO_MO_BAMA says:

    Ron Paul 2012: Because only Jew hating liberals like bumper stickers.

  27. Gun Nut says:

    I went to Woody’s site, I like his “Congress to-do list”

  28. blarg says:

    Ron Paul: Ross Perot’s second term

    Ron Paul: Obama’s only hope

    Ron Paul: Because bat sh!t crazy is still better than bat sh!t communist

    Ron Paul: At least he likes the Constitution

    Ron Paul: 4 out of 5 stoners can’t be wrong. (seriously – everyone I know that supports him is a stoner)

    Ron Paul: It’ll be hillarious

  29. Les says:

    Ron Paul 2012: Miss Ross Perot yet?

  30. Larsinkima says:

    Ron Paul – Cuz I have two first names.

  31. Larsinkima says:

    Saw a good bumper sticker the other day, not a ron paul but maybe…. “Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks your an a$$hole”.

  32. Son of Bob says:

    I’ll stick with my standard Ron Paul bumper sticker suggestion:

    RON PAUL: Because batsh1t crazy is the new sane.

  33. Alan says:

    Ron Paul: Because it would be hilarious.

  34. Les says:


    Ron Paul/George Ringo 2012: WWIII: Let It Be

  35. 4of7 says:

    On the other hand, Ron Paul’s foreign policy wouldn’t be one bit worse than obies, his fiscal policy is sane, and if all the stoners and OWS types want free heroin, they can go to Afghanistan to help with the poppy harvest, right after the last of our troops return home.

    I’m sure they’d be welcome.

  36. blarg says:

    all this talk of Ron Paul being bat sh!t crazy…what’s wrong with bat sh!t??????

  37. Slapout says:

    Here’s mine:


  38. Scooter says:

    I don’t think Ron Paul is for allowing teenagers to buy heroin. I think you might have made that up.

  39. Larsinkima says:

    Les, good one. Who’s the Walrus?

  40. zzyzx says:

    Ron Paul: ‘Cause I’m just too fed up to care who’s in charge anymore.

    Ron Paul: ‘Cause he’ll leagelize all my bad habbits.

  41. zzyzx says:

    Ron Paul: ‘Cause I’m just too fed up to even spell check my above post.

  42. Les says:


    “Making all his no war plans for nobody…”

  43. Ivan Ivanovich says:

    Vote for Ron Paul!
    He is an Amphioxus!

  44. Ivan Ivanovich says:

    Ron Paul Quote
    I didn’t write that, I was in Samoa on December 30, 2011

  45. Iowa Jim says:

    Ron Paul: The Male Helen Thomas!!

    (Hey, they both have two first names!)

  46. Les says:

    Ron Paul 2012: Because you can’t prove that Samoan amphioxi didn’t edit my newsletters.

  47. slaphappy says:

    Ron Paul – Enemy of the Nanny State
    Ron Paul – “Dr No” sounds just a little too much like a Bond villain.
    Ron Paul – Kinda freaky how he refers to the Constitution as “My Precioussss!”
    Ron Paul – America means being free to hate whoever you want.
    Ron Paul – Thinks Americans are capable of managing their own affairs without an endless barrage of federal mandates – LOL

    … and I’m for the guy…..

  48. billyraybob says:

    Ron Paul 2012: Because as “President Paul” his code name would be “PeePee”.

  49. Jimmy says:

    Ron Paul 2012: Because there’s nothing in the Constitution that says a senile old man can’t be President.

    Ron Paul 2012: Because there’s nothing wrong with an old President that a regular colonoscopy with media coverage can’t detect.

    Ron Paul 2012: Because he’ll live in the White House basement and leave us alone.

    [You know, that last one might get me to vote for him. – B.]

  50. Bob says:

    Ron Paul 2012: Because Kelly Clarkson said so. Wait, what? Who is she again and why do I care what she thinks?

  51. CarolynthePregnant says:

    Ron Paul 2012: Well DUH…. the Mayans predicted the end of the world this year for a reason!

    Ron Paul 2012: But only if Ricky Bobby is VP

    Ron Paul 2012: Because he acknowledges there’s nothing in the Constitution barring the use of a Mexi-cannon.

    (I actually don’t think he’s super crazy but I do enjoy making fun of pretty much everyone)

  52. Jimmy says:

    Basil, you’re a pushover for Pauliberarianism.

  53. Jimmy says:

    I was just kidding, Basil. I don’t even know that that is!

    I’m trying to figure 2012 out. Or is it figure out 2012?

  54. Woody says:

    Try this on for size:


  55. ombdz says:

    I can think of one that might fit … http://www.ombudizen.com/2011/12/17/bumper-crap/

  56. PammyV says:

    Oh, my! Haven’t commented in along time, but….Yes, 1/2 of what RP says is crazy, but the other half is pretty on target. You can guess which is which while i go finish my glass(es) of NYE champagne! Too bad he’s not a compete an true Libertarian!

  57. Man Mountain Molehill says:

    RU PAUL 2012
    Less crazy than Ron

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