IMAO 10th Blogiversary Week: Retrospective – Part 5

Year by year, some of the great posts in IMAO history:

2002 – 6 suggestions for executing Osama bin Laden. Surprisingly, none of them include dumping his rotting corpse into the ocean.

2003 – Know Thy Enemy: Liberals – Still relevant today. Oddly, even that line about Gitmo.

2004 – The first editorial ever posted to the internet: “We Should Target More Civilians

2005 – Aquaman joins IMAO – “Don’t Tap on the Glass

2006 – Scary Evil Monkey!

2007 – I think this was where I first started getting the hang of Newsish Fakery posts: “America’s 2007 Corn Crop a ‘Failure’, Top Democrats Tell Bush

2008 – This one’s dedicated to all the “professional comedy writers” who still to this very day in 2012 claim that it’s impossible to find anything funny to write about Obama.

2009 – Anyone remember the Climategate email scandal?

2010 – Some of Mr. Right’s best Photoshoppery, right here: Classic Halloween Horror Shows

2011 – How to insult a Muslim.


Gotta say I really hated doing these posts, since I kept losing focus and drifting through the archives like Tom Hanks on a raft in the Pacific.


PS: The entire “Frank the Artist” category. Those stick figure drawings just make me giggle like a lunatic.

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  1. I always thought death by “massive pork injection” would’ve been the most fitting end for Osama. That or motorboating him with hundreds of decadent, Western women.


  2. Those stick figure drawings just make me giggle like a lunatic.

    Me, too; they have that in common with everything that Joseph Biden says.



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