Where would you hide?

The Secretary of State won’t be in Charlotte next week. That’s right, Hillary Clinton will skip the Democrat National Convention. Seems she has another meeting to go to. In The Cook Islands. That’s a 28-hour flight by commercial airliners.

Now, sure, she’s working. She’ll be meeting with some dignitaries from Volcanoland or something. And, it’s not like she didn’t attend this yearly conference last year … although she didn’t; she sent her chauffeur or somebody.

Bottom line is, she’s getting as far away from this year’s DNC as possible, possibly resting up for a run against President Romney in 2016.

And I’m not criticizing her. I’m not getting near Charlotte next week, either. Nothing against Charlotte, mind you. I personally wouldn’t mind being in Charlotte … if I could visit John Boy and Billy. But I can’t so I won’t.

Anyway, we know where Hillary’s gonna be: about as far away as possible without actually leaving the planet.

I wonder, though: where would be some good places for Democrats to go instead of Charlotte? Where are some good hiding places?


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  1. The abysmal deep sounds like a good location for them. Give them a snorkel and a few hundred pounds of weights, and they can avoid the entire thing with ease.

    Hillary will have to win the primary against Barry before she can run against Mitt. You really think he’s gonna go away for good after 1 term? His ego won’t let him.


  2. An NRA meeting? Nobody would ever look for a democrat there. They could just sit in the back with their hat pulled down and avoid eye contact. Another place would be in a real Christian church. you’d never find democrat there, of course there’s the risk that they might burst into flames or turn to dust or something.


  3. There are quite a few remote spots in Myanmar (Burma) or Tunis to where the rats, fleeing the sinking Obama ship, might escape. That, or Seattle, WA or Portland, OR if they wanted to blend in with raving lunatic denizens of those blighted places.


  4. BO and BILL had pled with HILL
    To help carry Barry’s water.
    But BO got BLOW* and BILL got BLOWN**
    And HILL said: “Boy’s you’re on your own.”

    * See: http://www.buzzfeed.com/gavon/a-users-guide-to-smoking-pot-with-barack-obama This included BOTH marijuana and cocaine aka coke aka blow aka “Barry Fuel”…

    **Google: “Blue Dress” and “Oral Office” with “Bill Clinton”–don’t tell me you can’t recall the “money quote”: “I did not have sex with that woman.”


  5. The democrats from Wisconsin went to Chicago to hide….RAAAAACIST!!!!!….oops, sorry.

    I saw a Bugs Bunny cartoon wherein he led Yosemitie Sam into a hole to hide, which turned out to be a cannon. I’ll bet it would work, since that cartoon was RAAAAAACIST! and has never been seen by a democrat.



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