Maybe This Is What Obama Meant?

[High Praise! to Stupid Is a Five Letter Word (NSFW)]

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  1. You know anyone who’s such a coward that they won’t show their faces when they protest something doesn’t deserve to be listened to. It’s way past time we cut off all monies to third world countries that hate us. You don’t want us involved, than you don’t need our money. It’s also time to start producing our own oil and getting serious about real alternatives to fossil fuels that will be sustainable and inexpensive. This is America we started with nothing and we made it the finest country in the world. Our people are creative, inventive, smart and stubborn, there isn’t anything we can’t figure out how to do. We just need government to get out of our way, we need leaders that lead and stand up for what is right and we need the incentive to go out and create. Stop regulating us to death, stop taxing us to death and stop lying to us.



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