The Uncanny O-Men: Chapter One, Part 1

Sometime in the not too distant past…

“It was a dark and stormy night,” typed a small white beagle perched atop a doghouse with an impossibly large slanted roof as a mysterious man in a sleek, futuristic-looking wheelchair ambled by him unnoticed, his rather egg-shaped bald head gleaming brightly in the morning sunlight.

Dr. Charles Lawrence Xavier, VI, a prominent Georgetown University Law Professor and a member of an elite Washington think-tank, was out for his morning “roll” through a section of Georgetown heavily populated by an odd mixture of comic-page characters and young college students.

“Good morning, Charles!” Shouted a sweet-looking little man with a huge head and a grin to match, waving politely as he retrieved the morning paper from his front porch, his little white dog wagging its tail in approval.

“Good morning, Ziggy!” Charles hollered back in mock-plesantry, then muttered under his breath, “Riff-raff!”

Dr. Xavier rambled on until he came to a construction site in Foggy Bottom. After carefully wheeling himself into position in the shadows behind the construction barriers, well out of the public eye, he pushed a series of buttons on the fancy control panel hidden in the armrest of his mobile chair. Slowly, quietly, he and his chair sank beneath the noisy city streets to the secret lair below.

“Ah! At last, Charles! We’ve been waiting for you!” A hooded figure proclaimed as Charles drove himself into view. “The members of the board are waiting, and some of them are growing quite restless!”

“Relax, my old friend,” Replied a smirking Charles, confidently, “I shall soon put all of their fears — and yours — to rest.”

“You’d better! We have an awful lot of time, money and resources tied up in this plan of yours,” the hooded man shot back, “and failure is not an option!”

“Relax, Mr. S, I assure you it will work.” Charles said as a sly chuckle escaped from him.

At the end of a long corridor, a pair of sliding doors opened at the approach of the two men, and they proceeded inside to the well-lit bunker boardroom, where numerous robed and hooded men and women were seated around a huge, fancy wooden table, chattering amongst themselves. The mysterious Mr. S took his seat near the head of the table in a heavily ornate chair. Charles, meanwhile, wheeled himself into position at the very front of the room. A hush came over those gathered and all eyes focused on the man they had entrusted with their considerable combined power and wealth in the hope of finally achieving their dream of altering America… and the rest of the world… forever!

NEXT: A plot is revealed!

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  1. Actually when I think of the Omen I think of that movie with Gregory Peck and the kid Damien, the little demon (and I use the term specifically). That is how I see “the one” and his minions, servants of the destroyer. How else could they have deconstructed things as fast. If your power doesn’t come from on high and you don’t adhere to His doctrine, just whose doctrine are you following? Just sayin’


  2. I’ve started a story called “The Uncanny Umen.” It’s all about a tiny minority of women on planet Earth who know what the hell they’re trying to do.


  3. seanamahair… Take a look at the photoshop I did and compare to ‘The Omen’ movie posters. See what I did there?

    zzyzx… No need to buy a book, just wait for the next installment (Wed – skipping 9/11). Chapter 2 is set to begin next week. After that, as time and my muse permit!

    Mike… Nice try, but wrong. That reveal may be awhile off yet. I’m kind of enjoying planting some seeds that won’t bear fruit too quickly!

    BTW, I think Ch.2, Pt.1 (planned for next Mon) is some of my best stuff! Stay tuned!


  4. Yes, the cape and tights confused me though. Sorry I’m old and slow. It’s taken me this long to realize that the reason the left is in an apoplectic fit is because there’s a Mormon and a Catholic running for president and vice president.


  5. Not just a Mormon and a Catholic, but practicing Mormon and Catholic.
    Also smart, accomplished and so agonizingly squeeky clean.
    Unlike that other Mormon and Catholic team, Reid and Pelosi, with whom they seem to have no problem at all.


  6. Yes, there are bad apples in every bunch. As a practicing Mormon myself when someone told me Reid was a member of my church I thought it was just more anti-Mormon fodder. One of the most precious doctrines we believe in is the God given right to chose you own path. To obey or disobey, to serve or not, to follow the commandments or to sin. I just don’t get why you’d want to be a member of a church that you obviously have little in common with, whose doctrines you don’t follow. To me it just doesn’t make any sense. But then I’m a bitter clinger and old so……………


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