Straight Line of the Day: After Declaring Bankruptcy, Hostess Bakeries…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

After declaring bankruptcy, Hostess Bakeries…

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  1. After declaring bankruptcy, Hostess Bakeries’ union declared it a victory for the workers because now they could get free money from Obama’s stash and the evil capitalist pigs who made them produce Twinkies would now have to starve. Too close to the truth, actually.


  2. …told the union negotiator “You’ve been iced, cupcake”.

    …chopped down the Keebler Elves tree.

    …had Sara Lee and Dolly Madison plastic wrapped together. Then they had Sara Lee and Dolly Madison.


  3. …filed their application to receive a billion dollar grant in exchange for reforming as “hoestess bakeries” and producing green twinkies.
    …put out an open letter to mayor bloomberg: “bet you wish you woulda thought of socialized medicine to rid your state of moderate amounts of soda!”
    …asked the baker’s union, “how much are your dues now, retards?”
    …gave a shout out to tallahasee and offered to sponsor zombieland 2.


  4. The CEO issued a statement which said….
    Who will help me make the stuff in the middle?
    “Not I” said the progressive doofus who voted for obama
    Who will help me mix the twinkie dough?
    “Not I” said the “occupy” idiot…
    Who will help me bake the twinkies?
    “Not I” said the fourth generation welfare queen…
    so the CEO did it all himself, and only made enough twinkies for the other people in the country who had a clue….and all those other people starved to death, and were eaten by coyotes. The end.


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