Straight Line of the Day: The Real Cause of the Blackout During the Super Bowl…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

The real cause of the blackout during the Super Bowl…

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  1. …it was a distraction so that IRS agents could sneak into your house and steal money from your wallet.

    …following Obama’s lead, the stadium management decided they could just continue to use as much power as they wanted without regard for how much power was actually available.

    …Electrician’s Union break.

  2. …tamales + Michelle = Bathroom Break = Ain’t nobody starting that game til I get some more toilet paper in here!!!

    …Ray Lewis’s eye black was using steroids.

    …scheduling mistake had Obama at the stadium for his Sunday skeet shoot.

  3. … Joe Biden wanted to see what happened if he stuck his tongue in an electrical outlet. Let’s be fair : wouldn’t YOU like to see what would happen if Biden stuck his tongue in an electrical outlet?

  4. “. . . was Booosh!” says every Democrat.

    “. . . was Joooos!” says: Chuck Hagel, Al Sharpton, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and heck, let’s face it, every Democrat who isn’t a Jew.

    “. . . was those other two guys, not me!” says Ray Lewis.

    “. . . was union labor” says every Republican.

    “. . . had better not be mentioned at all in any discussion of whether New Orleans is a well-run city or you are a RAAACIST!!1!” says every liberal.

    “. . . was the greedy 1% hogging up more than their fair share of the electricity” says every Occupooper.

    ” . . . absolutely, positively was NOT government-mandated requirements that at least 20% of electricity generated must come from a renewable source” says California’s moonbat-dominated government. Also, your electricity bill increased by 33% because the electric companies are all owned by greedy bastards. Renewal energy is amazingly wonderful and all-good, and capitalists are all-bad, K?

  5. I was working on a Chris Christie angle but CarolyntheSuperMommy beat me to it – fortunately.

    I was just gonna say that “Chris Cristy sat down on a distribution panel while on his way to the fat man’s restroom to dump a load.” Yeah, I know.

  6. …was the surge caused by all the Chevy volts being unplugged at the same time as their owners all left the stadium after the half time show…since if they drive a volt, they sure weren’t there for the football game

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