Trump Poses Huge New Threat to 2nd Amendment Rights, Says Gun Shop Owner

President Trump has already taken this gun. Don't let him take yours!

President Trump has already taken this gun. Don’t let him take yours!

NEWARK (AP) – While President Trump ran on a classic Republican pro-gun platform and even received an endorsement from the NRA, one New Jersey gun shop owner insists that Trump poses an even bigger threat to Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights than former President Obama did.

Rocky Durango, owner of the Home, Land, Security Gun Store said that American citizens should not become complacent about President Trump’s position on the right to keep and bear arms.

“Have you ever heard him say ‘The Second Amendment of our Bill of Rights is my Concealed Weapons Permit, period,’ asked Durango. “Maybe the gist of it, but never in so many words. And maybe nobody has ever said all those words in that order before. Now maybe that’s not a reflection on Trump’s willingness to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, but maybe it is.”

“And can you really take that chance? Wouldn’t it just be better for everyone – citizens, gun owners, AND gun sellers – if more people reacted to this possibly HUGE threat to their 2nd Amendment rights by buying a gun? Or more than one gun. Maybe even as a gift? Or for Easter, even though it’s not a traditional gift-giving holiday. And maybe a few boxes of ammo? And do you have a scope? We’re having a sale on scopes this week. So if you need a scope – or ammo, or a gun – stop on by and see me at Home, Land, Security. Get an extra 10% off if you mention this interview.”

“It’s funny,” continued Durango, “I did a lot of interviews while Obama was President. Never had to offer discounts to get people to come in afterward, though. I wish the guys on my payroll could sell guns like Obama could.”

“Anyway,” Durango concluded, “Trump hates the 2nd Amendment. You should be worried. And buy a gun. Please buy a gun. Man, I shouldn’t have bought that tricked-out Escalade. I really thought Hillary was going to win.”

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