I started a Twitter meme yesterday and Ace really got it going where we listed other things we would rate a good, solid B+ based on Obama’s grading scale.

BTW, for those who still think Twitter is gay, in what non-gay things do you start a discussion of politics and Firefly and Chuck‘s Adam Baldwin sometimes joins in? I think that means you’re gay.

Anyway, here’s what I came up with:

Tiger had rated his marriage so far a B+.

Charles Manson’s efforts on reforming… hmm… I’d say that’s a solid B+.

Landing of the Hindenburg is a good, solid B+. A- if it were on time.

Hitler’s relationship with the Jews: B+.

My avoiding Godwin’s Law: B+.

D’oh! Accidentally burnt down the house! Now my home owner’s insurance is going to rate me a B+.

As an apostle, I rate Judas a B+.

Somali pirates’ efforts at defending against Navy SEALs: B+

Rubber is rated a B+ on the electrical conductivity scale.

Current newspaper subscription levels: B+

The show Heroes since the first season: B+

“I don’t know how to tell you this… Let’s just say your body’s ability to fight cancer is a solid B+.”

My wife rated my sexual prowess a B+!

Rosie O’Donnell’s knowledge of materials engineering: B+

“I’m real sorry, Dad, but your car… well, its condition is now a B+.”

A nuclear bomb reduces everything within a few miles to B+ conditions.

Bumblebees: B+

Rabies cure for Old Yeller: B+

The faithful get eternal life in Heaven. Everyone else gets a B+.

“The terrorists say if we don’t soon meet their demands, the situation will become B+.”

New western coming out: “The Quick and the B+”

Darth Vader rated his relationship with his children a B+.

Need to let the dog out so she can do a B+.

* * * *

B+ — it’s the new FAIL. What do you rate a B+?

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  1. B+ — it’s the new FAIL.
    Yaaay! I’ve been saying that for the past day or so. Here’s to simultaneous jokery and the spread of The New Fail!


  2. Sean Connery’s Russian accent in The Hunt for Red October: B+
    Frank’s ability to NOT share details about his sex life: B+


  3. BTW, for those who still think Twitter is gay, in what non-gay things do you start a discussion of politics and Firefly and Chuck’s Adam Baldwin sometimes joins in? I think that means you’re gay.

    Fireflies? That sounds gay to me. Some kind of slang for certain types of gays?


  4. Very very funny. Although personally, I think B+ is about the right grade for Heroes since S1. Maybe just B. I guess B- is possible… the point is, I rate that joke a good, solid B+. The rest is top-notch.


  5. Michelle Obama’s hotness level: B+
    Enron’s Accounting Dept: B+
    Walter Mondale’s 1984 Presidential run: B+
    Windows ME: B+
    Nancy Pelosi, Playboy Playmate: B+


  6. Joe Biden’s score on an IQ test: B+
    Hillary Clinton’s shapely legs: B+
    The veracity of any statement by Chuck U. Shumer: B+
    Global Warming Science Peer Review process: B+


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  8. Rosie O’Donnels existence: B+

    Michael Moore diet plan: B+

    Bill Clinton and fidelity: B+

    Roseanne Barr singing national anthem: B+

    Elephants without laser weapons: B+

    Importance of search for Higgs Bosun thingy: B+

    Not nuking the moon: B+

    Not getting to read Frank’s blog: B+

    Not getting to shoot monkeys out of cannons: B+


  9. Helen Thomas is a solid B+ Victoria’s Secret model.

    I give the AMC Gremlin a B+ grade in the “Not a goofy looking car” dept.

    Clay Aiken is a B+ heterosexual.

    Kanye West: “Yo – Taylor Swift. You did a B+ video and Imma let you finish but Beyonce Knowles had one of the greatest videos of all time”.

    Windows Vista’s backwards comaptibility was rated a solid B+ by every computer user on earth.

    The FreeCrecitReport.com commericals are definitely B+. Also theGeico cavemen.


  10. The Jimmy Carter presidency: B+

    The heterosexulaity of guys who watch the Twilight movies: B+

    Over the past decade, especially the last two years, I’d give the Detroit Lions a good solid B+
    It would have been an A if they would have used another first round pick or two on wide outs.

    The Cubs World Series performance over the last century: B+

    Using the BCS to pick a national college football champion: B+


  11. Taco Bell as authentic Mexican food – B+

    Weather forecast accuracy – leaving 6 inches of partly cloudy on my driveway – B+

    Starbucks being a cost-effective coffee supplier – B+


  12. Frosty the Snowman’s Essay: “How I spent my summer Vacation in Hell”: B+

    The French Army as a formidable force to reckon with: B+

    Jeffrey Dahmer’s Vegetarian Cookbook: B+


  13. Tiger Woods’ marital fidelity was rated B+ by a marriage advisory board.

    The crime situation in Chicago, Detroit, and Washington D.C. is B+.

    After being shot in the head by an army sniper, a former terrorist’s health was recently graded as B+ by the attending physician.

    After a fight between Chuck Norris and anybody else, the loser’s condition is always B+.

    The guy who personally tests the rectal thermometers at the factory has a B+ job.

    Joe Biden has a B+ intellect.

    People who get a college degree in Gender Studies are considered to have B+ job prospects in the real world.


  14. Japans odds of winning WWII after they were nuked: B+
    Osama Bin Laden’s video releases since disappearing: B+
    France’s military readiness: B+
    Socialism’s successes anywhere in the world: B+
    Scientists working on global warming climate change for the UN: B+
    Nancy Peloci’s plastic surgery: B+
    Harry Reid defending and protecting US troops: B+
    Dick “Turban” Durbin putting US security first: B+
    “Undocumented” workers doing good for the US : B+


  15. ACORN’s non-partisanship and total honesty: B+
    Congress’s ability to resist bribes: B+
    Barbara “Call Me Senator” Boxer’s attempt at not being racist: B+
    The chance of a public official not having a relative employed by one of their contributors: B+


  16. Al Gore’s climatological prowess: B+
    My ability to take president Obummer and his sidekick Biden seriously: B+ (and falling)
    Officiating in the National Hockey League: B+
    Harry Reid versus Iron Chef Mario Batalli in ‘Battle Mozzerella Cheese’: B+
    Iron Chef Mario Batalli versus Harry Reid in ‘Battle Bullsh*t’: B+


  17. The Phoenix Cardinals’ performance last night: B+
    Successfully training my wienerdog to not mooch at the dinner table: B+
    Understanding the difference between what my wife says and what she means: B+


  18. Iraqi Army defense of Baghdad: B+, both times.

    Afghan air defense technology: B+

    Hamid Karzai’s anti-corruption initiative: A-

    Nouri al Maliki’s anti-corruption initiative: A-

    Reid and Pelosi’s anti-corruption initiative: B+


  19. Chance of a liberal having an original idea: B+
    Critical coverage of the current administration by the MSM: B+
    Personal Hygiene as practiced by a San Francisco liberal: B+


  20. Madonna’s last comeback album: B+
    Burt Reynolds face lift: B+
    Megan Fox (boobs*: A; excess tattoos: C; personality: F): Solid B+

    * Weighted


  21. JaMarcus Russell as an NFL quarterback – B+
    Anything on television other than baseball or NFL football – B+
    Likeliness of encountering a hot, heterosexual chick in San Francisco – B+
    Quality of any newspaper in the US except for the Wall Street Journal – B+
    Anything written by Henry James, Jane Austen, James Joyce, or Virginia Woolf – B+
    My representatives in Congress (Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, and Anna Eshoo) – B+
    California’s state government – B+


  22. A rectal exam at the University Student Health Department with all the students observing B+

    A speech by Hillary Clinton B+

    Janet Reno as a hot chick B+

    Watching CNN while someone sticks a hot poker up my ass B+

    Being a Boise State Football Fan B+


  23. Congress and the President following the Constitution as intended by our Founding Fathers: B+

    Keith Olberman: B+

    Obama appointees paying taxes: B+

    Al Gore’s mastery of Climate Science: B+

    Obama mastery of Economics : B+


  24. Coca-Cola’s decision to come out with New Coke: B+
    Zimbabwe’s monetary policies: B+
    Those that still approve of O-bah-muhh’s leadership skills: B+
    Keynesian Economics: B+
    Chances that ‘The Best and The Brightest’ are actually the best and the brightest: B+
    The worth of a Batchelor’s Degree from an American University: B+
    The fiscal restraint of the U.S. Congress: B+
    Evolution as settled Science! : B+
    Liberals chances of survival if ‘Survival of the Fittest’ was actually Law of the Land: B+


  25. I give Obama a B+ in in Constitutional Shreddery.

    I would give Obama a B+ in Pure Marxism, Applied Marxism and Interdisciplinary Marxism.

    I would give Obama an A in Advanced Douchebaggery.


  26. liberals not throwing POO: B+

    Chris Matthews not getting a tingle in his leg everytime he looks at Obama: B+

    Al Gore being a good Envrionazi: B+


  27. Mortgage backed security ratings – B+
    Raiders draft report card last 10 years – B+
    Obama’s undergraduate constitutional law grade- B+
    Tiger’s PR team handling of crisis – B+
    States to start a new business – California, New York – B+
    New Orleans Evacuation plan – B+
    Matrix 3- B+
    Chris Matthews analysis of anything – B+


  28. An empty prison in the murder capital of the world that cost millions to build – B+, taking terrorists from a perfectly good better prison that cost even more millions and “filling it” – B+ w/honors


  29. Diversity Director at MSNBC — B+

    Climatologists’ Predictions! of Record! Numbers! Of Bigger! Than! Katrina! Hurricanes! Striking! the United States! in 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 —B+


  30. Calgary reached a low of –32 C (-25.6 F) on Monday, but was expected to warm up on Tuesday to a high of –8 C (17.6 F). Edmonton dipped down to –41 C (-41.8 F) and was still under a wind chill warning on Tuesday morning. The high in Edmonton was expected to be –23 C (-9.39 F). (it’s not even winter yet)
    Global warming – B+


  31. George Clooney as Batman: B+
    Wheelie of the Autobots: B+
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am: B+
    Frodo resisting the One Ring’s influence: B+
    Ted Rall: B+


  32. Custer’s tactical plan at the Little Big Horn: B+

    Morton Thiokol’s original O-ring design for the Space Shuttle solid rocket boosters: B+

    Obama, speaking off-Teleprompter: B+

    Biden, speaking on-Teleprompter: B+

    Bill Clinton’s judgement and sexual self-control: A good, solid B+


  33. Lets see….. the WH security has been breeched twice now eh? Exactly what do you think will happen if anything bad happens to POTUS? Where will the finger get pointed? And what will the reaction of the masses be?



  34. My previous comment about Twitter being gay seems to have made you really defensive – too defensive for comfort, if you ask me.

    If I had known how angry and defensive you would get about it…I would have made that comment sooner!



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