Can We Help Krugman Understand?

Posted on March 10, 2011 2:03 pm

So Paul Krugman announced on his blog that he doesn’t read any contrary opinions. If you’ve ever seen Krugman’s columns, that’s pretty self-evident. They’re knee jerk partisan, intellectually incurious, and filled with easily refutable points and factual errors, and it would be hard to believe he’s ever ventured outside of an echo chamber to write like that.

As I said in a recent column, the left is basically the defenders of the status quo trying their best to keep us from fixing a broken system, and the last thing someone in that position wants to do is be exposed to a contrary opinion. The oddest part though is the arrogance. These are fringe leftists with no influence (even among the choir, Krugman has got to be getting pretty tiresome) telling everyone else they’re irrelevant? At what point do you stop dismissing him as a silly partisan and recognize this is actually a mental problem keeping some on the left from interacting with reality?

We could just ignore these people and move on without them, but that’s not very compassionate. They are incapable of understand why people on the right do things, so they’re going to be very scared and confused by what’s going to be coming. Think of a small child getting a shot; all he knows is that the doctor is hurting him. So it seems like we should do something to help these people understand. Or at least give them a lollipop afterwards.

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21 Responses to “Can We Help Krugman Understand?”

  1. shane says:

    Exposing fools at the New York Times
    Exposing fools at the NPR
    Epic Winning!!
    Win here
    Win There
    Win Win Everywhere…

  2. Shiggz says:

    Even though all of us who fight these people regularly already know this all too well, there is still something sad about people like the NYT and NPR PTB the way they are intelligent, heavily in/ed-ucated and high up the leftists food chain in influence and yet they are less useful/interesting then your average youtube comment troll under a video about Reagan. Such is the wages of living in a Travolta like bubble.

    I used to have a number of leftists I would read regularly during the Bush years but during the Obama years even they have either gone either feral (Krugman) or silent and refused to defend the left (Wapo’s Robert Samuelson).

    I keep telling everyone the biggest shift in was the dual rise of Obama and the Tea Party because leftism became a “culture” and the Conservative became an ideology. Basically reversing the shift that happened in the 1930’s.

  3. Terry_Jim says:

    it is a beautiful thing to see the slight smile on Geroge Will’s face when he’s about to pounce on The People’e Economist on the This Weak show..

  4. MarkoMancuso says:

    I don’t read contrary opinions either. I hate you all. Moreover, contrary opinions are frequently written by Paul Krugman. Who wants to read that jerk?

  5. hwuu says:

    I didn’t read what Marko said but I disagree with him. haters gonna hate.

  6. Shiggz says:

    For Krugmans beneift….
    Its been a lot of years and I have had to face hard truths.. I just feel like I have to finally let this lie out and get it off my chest….

    I only opposed Bill Clinton because he was white. I loved his integrity and goodness and of course his policies but that white skin I just couldn’t take it another day.

    That’s also why I opposed the soviet union. I loved Stalin and cant wait to get some of that murder all the peasant farmers style sweet sweet socialism going on in this country. But, every-time I saw his white skin and brown rather then black mustache I knew he had to be stopped. My dreams of socialism would just have to wait until a black man could finally be the one delivering it to me.

  7. DamnCat says:

    I disagree with your analogy. Liberals like Krugman are not like small children getting a shot from the doctor. They are more like petulant teenagers when their parents say “No, we will not buy you a pair of $200 sneakers. If you want them so bad get a job and pay for them yourself.”

  8. Son of Bob says:

    I can certainly understand why Krugman doesn’t read opposing viewpoints…he’s a proud liberal, and knowledge is the most surefire way to destroy liberalism.

  9. Joan of Argghh! says:

    Eh, you can’t blame Krugman when the entire profession of social psychology had to be hauled to the Enlightenment by one of its youngest and brightest stars. It explains, well, everything that’s wrong with the Media, too.

  10. seanmahair says:

    Ignore him. Fanatics of all styles left, right, sideways and backways hate to be ignored. Don’t read his paper don’t spend money with their advertisers, don’t respond to their trolls on line. Just pretend they don’t exist and keep right on doing what you need and want to do. Keep posting, make your own blog, support the media that gives you balanced coverage and support the advertisers that support them.

    Become involved in your community, in your schools, in your state and vote your conscience. Teach your children to think and reason, help them to develop common sense and counter the lies and half-truths taught to them by those on the wrong side of every issue, the left.

    Some of us on the right had better get a clue (the left already has). Children are the leaders of tomorrow and if we want socialism a good way to get it is to allow children to be indoctrinated in our schools. Homeschooling our children is NOT enough. We need conservatives in the classrooms. It’s time to take back our culture……..

    …..before there is no culture to take back.

  11. plentyobailouts says:

    Hwuu who is this Marko you speak of and why would anyone read him. I understand he is just a gun toting, cat loving, bible clinging American. And who wants anything to do with those people?

    I don’t read contrary opinyons either, I find poor spilling and lack of prouf reeding distasteful.

    Liberals are the fish sticks of intelligent thought.

  12. Jimmy says:

    Joan of Argghh!, where the heck have you been?

    But, seanmahairmama, I keep seeing these signs that say “The Children Are Our Future!”

    And I ALWAYS say out loud (as I drive on): “Wrong! The Children are their OWN future!”

  13. Live Free Or Die says:

    I’m doing my part to put the NYT out of business by never reading it. Leftist dinosaurs deserve extinction.

  14. Jimmy says:

    Fruthermore (!), I would like to go on record once again by saying…

    “How dare we enslave our children and grandchildren to provide for OUR old age?!!”

    Abolish Social Security by phasing it out.

    Liberals and Progressives, can you understand THAT?

  15. Carolyn says:

    I can’t hang out with you guys anymore. NPR told me that you are seriously, seriously racist, gun-toting, middle America, white, Islamophobic xenophobes.

  16. TerribleTroy says:

    I aint no durn xeno…xeno….whatever… I was borned right here is the US of A!

  17. 4of7 says:

    To really air our political differences we need a new debate program on TV,
    “Tell The Truth Or I’ll Poke You With This Sharp Stick!”
    Participants would be ankle cuffed to their chairs at the start of the debate.
    Participants would also get poked with a sharp stick if they interrupted the other guests when it was their turn to speak, compared their opponents to Hitler, tried to change the subject because they’re losing, complained because they didn’t believe the host when he said he’d poke them with a sharp stick, or repeated the same talking points more than twice. “You already said that, move on or you get the stick!”
    An anonymous panel of judges would assign penalty pokes during the broadcast.
    Chuck Norris or Fred Thompson could take turns being the debate host.
    First Panel: George Will, Rush Limbaugh, Paul Krugman and Bill Mayer.
    (4 men enter, 2 men leave!)
    Topic of debate: not important – they could talk about the weather and blood would still flow.

  18. David says:

    Shots don’t have to hurt children, Frank. It’s insane that people still take for granted that they do. Use EMLA:

  19. seanmahair says:

    Oh dearest Jimmy, our children (or someone else’s) are the doctors and nurses who care for us oldsters when we’re ill and infirm. They make our laws, employ us, protect us (both here and abroad) and see to our spiritual needs ( should we have any). We are going to, at some time have to depend on them, just as they had to depend on us. The sad truth is that many children have been abused, neglected and unloved during their formative years. They were taught to think only of themselves, to do anything to win, to only value those who could do something for them and to venerate the popular.

    That’s why teaching children correct principles is so very important. We usually get what we deserve. In this case, we’re getting to the n’th degree.

  20. Son of Bob says:

    Troy, I’ll bet it wouldn’t be hard for you to put your hands on your real birth certificate either…Just sayin’

  21. slapout says:

    I thought liberals were all about “change” and that conservatives wanted things to stay the same. In Wisconsin it’s the liberals who are fighting the change.

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