Straight Line of the Day: What Do You Call a Group of Liberals?

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

TechnoChitlins [High Praise!] says:

Why Are There So Many Bizarre Names For A Collection Of Animals?

Many of the terms are conspicuously cute like a cowardice of curs or a murder of crows. Others sound cuter than they are meant to be; a school of fish is a corruption of shoal of fish, which is an appropriate image. Some others: A hover of trout, a husk of hares, a labor of moles, an unkindness of ravens, a murmuration of starlings, a knot of toads, a gang of elk, a fall of woodcocks, a rafter of turkeys, a kindle of kittens, a pitying of woodcocks, a crash of rhinos, a congregation of plovers, and a bevy of roebucks.

What do you call a group of liberals?

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  1. a stench
    a swindle
    a conspiracy
    the Democratic party
    the faculty of a university
    the staff of the New York Times
    a waste of DNA
    a taxation
    a deficit

    The nouns for collections of animals, by the way, are called venereal nouns. I am not making this up.


  2. Pretty sure it’s still a “ravaging horde” of liberals. They sacked Europe a few times in the last millennium or two and now they’re sacking the US. Techniques may have changed, but pillage is still the end result.


  3. A retardation of Liberals

    An ignorance of Liberals

    A choom of Liberals

    An occupying of Liberals…(“occupation” might imply Liberals who actually work…we know that’s rarely so.)

    A riot of Liberals

    A tantrum of Liberals

    A prevarication of Liberals

    A defecation of Liberals


  4. Depends on whether your speaking of a group a females…(ie. “There goes a ‘harem’ of liberals”)
    …or a group of males who wish they were female…(ie. “There goes ‘the entire cast of GLEE'”)


  5. An overdose of Liberals

    A chamberpot of Liberals

    A neutering of Liberals

    A petulence of Liberals

    A fantasy of Liberals

    A ranting of Liberals

    A derangement of Liberals

    A psychosis of Liberals

    A conniption of Liberals

    A bowelful of Liberals

    A monkeywrench of Liberals


  6. Rodney Dill, while I appreciate that your idea of calling them wombats involves an acronym, I think that if you did so wombats might sue for defamation of character.
    As to what I would call a group of liberals ( in mixed company anyway):
    A Confusion
    A Panic
    A Hissyfit
    A Tantrum
    A Soviet
    An Oppression
    A Hypocratic Oaf


  7. There are only three names for groups of anything.

    Small Group = Squad. Ex. I took my squad of dogs out for a walk.
    Medium Group = Swarm. Ex. Get out of the way of that swarm of moose.
    Large Group = Rampaging Horde. Ex. I ate a rampaging horde of bacon for breakfast.

    Liberals being neither man nor beast are given a different set of names for groups.

    Small group of liberals is called a nuisance.
    A medium sized group of liberals is called a migraine.
    A large group of liberals is called a government.


  8. a mistake of progressives
    a misconception of progressives
    a commune of progressives
    a debt of progressives
    an intention of progressives
    a retrograde of pregressvies

    I like union and congress, too


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