Straight Line of the Day: What Do You Call a Group of Liberals?

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

TechnoChitlins [High Praise!] says:

Why Are There So Many Bizarre Names For A Collection Of Animals?

Many of the terms are conspicuously cute like a cowardice of curs or a murder of crows. Others sound cuter than they are meant to be; a school of fish is a corruption of shoal of fish, which is an appropriate image. Some others: A hover of trout, a husk of hares, a labor of moles, an unkindness of ravens, a murmuration of starlings, a knot of toads, a gang of elk, a fall of woodcocks, a rafter of turkeys, a kindle of kittens, a pitying of woodcocks, a crash of rhinos, a congregation of plovers, and a bevy of roebucks.

What do you call a group of liberals?

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  1. a stench
    a swindle
    a conspiracy
    the Democratic party
    the faculty of a university
    the staff of the New York Times
    a waste of DNA
    a taxation
    a deficit

    The nouns for collections of animals, by the way, are called venereal nouns. I am not making this up.


  2. a dependance of liberals

    a delusion of liberals

    a stench of liberals

    a whine of liberals

    a rash of liberals


  3. Pretty sure it’s still a “ravaging horde” of liberals. They sacked Europe a few times in the last millennium or two and now they’re sacking the US. Techniques may have changed, but pillage is still the end result.


  4. A retardation of Liberals

    An ignorance of Liberals

    A choom of Liberals

    An occupying of Liberals…(“occupation” might imply Liberals who actually work…we know that’s rarely so.)

    A riot of Liberals

    A tantrum of Liberals

    A prevarication of Liberals

    A defecation of Liberals


  5. “Snoot”…….because if their Self Righteous Schnozola isn’t in the air, it’s in your Business.


  6. A hallucination of Liberals

    A delusion of Liberals

    A criminality of Liberals

    A hitchhike of Liberals

    A poverty of Liberals


  7. A drain of liberals.

    Is an a$$hole of liberals taken?

    A urinal of liberals? (just pronounce it all Europeanish and they’ll never notice)
    A cell of liberals.
    A block of liberals
    A klan of liberals…woops clan?


  8. A cesspool of liberals
    A turd of liberals
    A sewer pipe of liberals
    A suck my ass you pig f*cker! of liberals


  9. Depends on whether your speaking of a group a females…(ie. “There goes a ‘harem’ of liberals”)
    …or a group of males who wish they were female…(ie. “There goes ‘the entire cast of GLEE'”)


  10. Walking stench promoters ?

    Mobile ,self-aware excrement ?

    Flatworms with voiceboxes ?

    Botflies with suspicious tastes ?

    A hatching of dungbeetles ?


  11. ~~~~

    Masses of bacon to “dependence,” “clusterf**k” and “union.”

    All I could think of was “plague.”


  12. An overdose of Liberals

    A chamberpot of Liberals

    A neutering of Liberals

    A petulence of Liberals

    A fantasy of Liberals

    A ranting of Liberals

    A derangement of Liberals

    A psychosis of Liberals

    A conniption of Liberals

    A bowelful of Liberals

    A monkeywrench of Liberals


  13. …a void surrounding sphincter of liberals.
    …a Prius full of sphincters…oops, liberals.
    …a sidewalk doody.


  14. …a high colonic of low expectations.
    …taxpayer ticks.
    …axle grease for the Obama high speed railroading of America.


  15. Rodney Dill, while I appreciate that your idea of calling them wombats involves an acronym, I think that if you did so wombats might sue for defamation of character.
    As to what I would call a group of liberals ( in mixed company anyway):
    A Confusion
    A Panic
    A Hissyfit
    A Tantrum
    A Soviet
    An Oppression
    A Hypocratic Oaf


  16. A smugness of Liberals

    A condescension of Liberals

    An idiocy of Liberals

    A bleating of Liberals

    A punching of Liberals

    A palsy of Liberals

    A biohazard of Liberals


  17. There are only three names for groups of anything.

    Small Group = Squad. Ex. I took my squad of dogs out for a walk.
    Medium Group = Swarm. Ex. Get out of the way of that swarm of moose.
    Large Group = Rampaging Horde. Ex. I ate a rampaging horde of bacon for breakfast.

    Liberals being neither man nor beast are given a different set of names for groups.

    Small group of liberals is called a nuisance.
    A medium sized group of liberals is called a migraine.
    A large group of liberals is called a government.


  18. A fine list indeed.
    The one that tickled me the most……

    “46. tomg51 says:

    December 21st, 2012 at 2:36 pm
    Little Green Footballs”


  19. …a unicorns fart worth of intelligence of liberals.

    …a back pocket full of liberals.

    …tempting but not worth a felony conviction of liberals.

    …a rebuke of Darwin of liberals.


  20. If I were really insensitive and totally politically incorrect I would have to call them a target but I would never do that.


  21. a mistake of progressives
    a misconception of progressives
    a commune of progressives
    a debt of progressives
    an intention of progressives
    a retrograde of pregressvies

    I like union and congress, too


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