Link of the Day: A Gun Control “Compromise”

[High Praise! to Borepatch]

A gun control “compromise”

Although, as the author states, it’d be amusing to put this on the table as a serious option – if only to see the hysterically indignant reaction from the gun-grabbing left – I’m still not interested in having the discussion.

If a mugger wanted my wallet, I would not accept handing him a $20 as a compromise. I’d put a bullet in his eye and spit on his corpse.

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  1. Why do people still think that Universal Background checks (which include the govt logging make model serial and your name) is somehow not exactly the same as registration?

    If you cant buy a gun without the govt having a record of it, then that’s registration.


  2. Hmmm. I suppose if it did come to that we could flood the system and obscure actual gun purchases… I’d be willing to go get a couple ‘background checks’ a month even if I never bought another gun. Molon labe, indeed.


  3. Sure, you have the right to bear arms. But that doesn’t mean the government doesn’t have the right to tell you:

    * It must be registered.
    * Your background must be investigated annually.
    * You must be licensed to possess the gun.
    * Your bullets must have serial numbers.
    * Your gun must be locked away.
    * Before firing, your gun must be cleaned and checked by the government.
    * Your child must not utter the word “gun” at school or draw an image of one.
    * Obviously, you must have liability insurance.
    * Your first-born male child must be offered as collateral.
    * How much toilet paper you’re allowed to use.
    * When to pick your nose and when not to.
    * The proper method for bending over and taking it up the keister.

    Obviously, I have a problem with authority.


  4. I would like to suggest a Immigration compromise.

    Any illegal alien who crosses the border is sent home unless they can show
    proof of health insurance. If they are going to make gun owners buy insurance,
    we should make wetbacks buy insurance.



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