Finally! A Practical Home-Defense Firearm

Posted on February 28, 2014 10:00 pm

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

Oh, how I wish this were real:

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13 Responses to “Finally! A Practical Home-Defense Firearm”

  1. zzyzx says:

    Must have a hell of a kick.

  2. apostic says:

    Man, that’s a lotta boomstick.

    😉 See also

    And also

  3. proof says:

    Finally! A gun where you can fire Joe Biden’s two warning shots and still have some left over for the bad guys!

  4. Iowa Jim says:

    And it doesn’t have a pistol grip or anything black on it, so it isn’t one of those icky “assault weapons”.

  5. Steve H says:

    What! No laser sight?

  6. Mongo says:

    Not real suitable for inside the waistband carry

  7. Amer-I-Can says:

    “Warning: Firing of this weapon may inadvertently cause staining of underwear”

  8. Joe Friday says:

    Actually, the British had something a bit like this during the Napoleonic Era. 9 barrels and a heck of a kick- used to help clear away sailors from enemy ships before boarding. Only a few were made and used, though, since the kick dislocated most people’s shoulders. Check out the Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell for more information (fictional).

  9. Oppo says:

    “I know what you’re thinking. Did he fire nine barrels at me, or only eight? . . . The question you got to be asking yourself is, what difference, at this point, does it make?”

  10. Tater Salad says:

    ” (I)t doesn’t have a pistol grip or anything black on it, so it isn’t one of those icky “assault weapons”.”

    No, it has a nice, racially-sensitive mocha-brown stock, certain to appeal to the non-Caucasian consumer as well.

    “Not real suitable for inside the waistband carry”

    Only if you’re not the size of Shaquille O’Neill or Andre The Giant.

    It’s kind of a retrograde Streetsweeper.

  11. Uncle Kevvie says:

    1) I’m really, really glad I don’t have to clean this sucker…..
    2) …..,or try to pick it up and aim it.
    3)Where’s the wheeled carriage for when you want to fire all the barrels at once ?
    4) Who’s buyin’ the cat-ridges……….? {I’ll bring the beer, whiskey and the chips.}

  12. Kris says:

    I have GOT to get me one of THESE!

  13. classify25 says:

    @9 – for the gold!

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