Back When People Believed in the Future

[High Praise! to Mighty Mega]

[The Time of Apollo – 1975 NASA Educational Documentary] (Viewer #475)

In addition to being narrated by Burgess Meredith – you can never go wrong with narration from a Batman villain – this short documentary shows what America looked like when its spirit of can-do optimism was still fairly fresh in the air. The Apollo program was only 3 years in its grave, and you get the sense that we were only done temporarily. That after a little silly budget wrangling we’d be back to the moon to build a permanent base, and Mars would follow in a decade or two.

And men didn’t just WALK on the moon. As you’ll see, they danced and skipped, and sang sprightly little ditties while they did it.

Makes me wistful to think that 40 years ago, we could put men on the moon… and now we can’t.

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  1. makes me angry that not only can’t we put men on the moon, we buy our space access from the Russians. just to get to the space station.


  2. To my mind there’s nothing we can do on the moon that would be entirely different from going to Mars. And if budgets are a concern, start with launch technology and engineering to set the stage for either, not to mention commercial launches. Government has a reasonable role in building/encouraging the prerequisites for the interstate off the planet, where we go then is up to us.


  3. I recommend Discovery’s “When We Left Earth” it is a six part series that goes from Mercury to the Space Shuttle and narrated by Gary Sinise. It was just amazing how the original astronauts were making things up as the went along. It is back when we did things and damn the risks.



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