Random Thoughts: Hobby Lobby Decision

Yay. A small majority of the Supreme Court still believes in the principle which was the entire point of founding this nation.

“If women have to pay for their own abortifacients, we might as well just give up being a nation.” -the left right now

“Hobby Lobby is against birth control.” -moron who doesn’t actually care enough about the issue to get the facts straight but likes yelling

OUT: “Government stay out of the bedroom.”
IN: “Hobby Lobby, get in this bedroom and bring me an abortifacient!”

If you want the government and corporations to stay our of your personal areas, PAY FOR THINGS YOURSELF!

Can’t we put all our disagreements aside and unite as a country to be bored by soccer?

“We’ll have no freedoms left if we can’t force people to do things!”

“There’s a Walgreens right over there and it’s open.”

Are people who keep acting like Hobby Lobby is against birth control in general misinformed or dishonest? Facts get in way of LOUD YELLING!

Don’t you support a woman’s right to choose what someone else should provide for her?

Many seem confused on the difference between “freedom” and “free stuff” which are not at all related.

My take on how the Hobby Lobby decision affects you: Not at all. Unless you like being outraged on Twitter.

That there’s much disagreement over whether the Hobby Lobby decision is for or against freedom shows we have a big problem in this country.

What is or isn’t freedom shouldn’t be debatable. Just ask which side wanted government force to be used to make someone do something.

If you’re against the Hobby Lobby decision, you’re not for freedom. You’re saying easy access to abortifacients trumps freedom.

It seems like President Obama would save a lot of time if he stuck to just doing things the Constitution says he’s allowed to do.

The easiest way to tell if someone overreacting to the Hobby Lobby decision is if they’re acting like it has any actual effect on them.

Guy on Twitter telling me case was all scheme by Hobby Lobby to increase investments in birth control they do cover. Pay off to Alito?

Guy might be a nut, but I also might be a nut so really hard to tell.

Is Best of the Web now behind a paywall? Alert the Supreme Court my rights are being violated!

I didn’t know Yahoo had the authority to renew a show for another season, but they are now my hero.

You have a right to promiscuity, but I question the wisdom of making it a right to celebrate above all others.

I love 24. In most shows, you root against the guy who tortures and murders people.

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  1. Jack Bauer: “The US Constitution say you’re entitled to a fair trial.”
    Terrorist: “NOOOoooooo…”
    Jack Bauer: “Too bad we’re not in America.”


  2. This is how a Democrat reads these quotes:

    “Those who deny free stuff to others, deserve it not for themselves.”
    Abraham Lincoln

    “The cost of free stuff is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission.”
    John F. Kennedy

    “Free stuff is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”
    Martin Luther King Jr.


  3. “You have a right to promiscuity, but I question the wisdom of making it a right to celebrate above all others.”
    Well put and astounding in its clarity. I hope it gets chiseled into stone over the next Supreme Court annex.


  4. “Free stuff is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

    Bacon to Anonymiss for perfectly summing up the left.


  5. I like all the comments about how this decision states that corporations are people but women are not. Apparently personhood is contingent on the ability to kill babies. Didn’t Descartes state “Morte Infantum Ergo Sum”? (And, no, I’ve never taken Latin, so that could be gibberish for all I know)


  6. @D-Rock
    Possibly, but Descartes was better known for saying “I stink therefore I am French.”


  7. I’ve got a question for all the liberals bemoaning this decision. How come the responsibility for providing birth control is always put on the woman? Seems to me that sex is a two way street, don’t men bear some responsibility for their actions? So why can’t women (like Sandra Fluke for example) tell their boyfriends…look Jack if you want to get lucky tonight you better get your butt down to the local drug store and buy a box of Trojans otherwise you ain’t gettin’ none! There…problem solved.


  8. Who can possibly forget the climactic scene of Braveheart where William Wallace (Mel Gibson), with his last breath, while facing torture and death, yelled out”FREEEEEEE ABORTIFACIENTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” There are movies, and there is art. That, my friends, was art.


  9. Does someone who is baffled by the concept of bringing a box of condoms to the counter and paying for it have the mental capacity to consent to sex? Clearly the people opposing this decision are all pro-rape.

    … Which explains why they like Bill Clinton.



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