Random Thoughts: Iraq, the 80s, and Nixon

So is this a third Iraq war? Kind of a small country for us to have this many wars with it.

Why do the ninja turtles look like the Hulk with a shell strapped to his back?

I grew up in the 80s. Despite nuclear threats from the Soviet Union, we felt safe and secure because we had Mr. T.

Someone needs to explain to Square Enix optimal game pricing for iOS.

Breaking Bad is not overrated. The only way to overrate it is to actively worship it.

Does it make me a neocon that I want our military to murder the crap out of ISIS?

So is aioli just hipster mayo?

Are people who would drink from urinals really the ones we want to protect from harm? And what’s chance of literacy?

I don’t like imagining world peace because it disturbs me imagining killing that many people.

The difference between Obama and Nixon is that Nixon was occasionally competent.

“Hey, Jake, do remember how your girlfriend was shot by police in Chinatown yesterday?”
*sighs* “No. I had forgotten that.”
“Okay. Good.”

How often does rioting lead to good things?

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  1. Rioting does lead to free stuff for the looters. I was camped out in the best buy parking lot for the Travon Martin verdict hoping to get a new iPad and a laptop. A good race riot is kinda like Black Friday



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