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David Brooks latest article in the New York Times is mostly crap, but this part is worth reading:

This narrative happens to be mostly bogus at this point. Most professional conservatives are lifelong Washingtonians who live comfortably as organization heads, lobbyists and publicists. Their supposed heroism consists of living inside the large conservative cocoon and telling each other things they already agree with. But this embattled-movement mythology provides a rationale for crushing dissent, purging deviationists and enforcing doctrinal purity. It has allowed the old leaders to define who is a true conservative and who is not. It has enabled them to maintain control of (an ever more rigid) movement.

Remember: The biggest problem with conservative politicians is that they’re politicians.

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  1. Abigail, I thought the exact same thing! Conservative politicians and liberal politicians are exactly the same, no matter how you spin it – politicians.


  2. Psychological transference through and through! I as a conservative and intellectually gifted individual am flexible……………..but only when you have a superior argument. Thus liberals perceive me as made stone!


  3. BTW: This guy seems to suggest that by not changing conservatives fail. As per the book “The 48 Laws of Power” the only way you fail is by not being successful in the effort to feed your armies. In this case voters = armies. We need to architect a type of capitalism that also educates. Thus as the voter learns he prospers. As he prospers others see. As others see it they are drawn in. All movements that grow do this:

    -0- ancient armies ran on rape, pillage and plunder

    -1- In the case of NAZI Germany the business model was to dehumanize Jews and steal even the gold fillings in their mouths to pay the miscreants.

    -2- The democrats business model is obvious. Plunder where advantageous. Cigarettes were only the devil when in the 80’s they started contributing to republicans only.

    If you want conservatism to prosper you need a business model. Fortunately we live in an era of fast flowing information. Thus I would suggest there is a positive business model that will not include the larceny of the old ways. Its going to require a grass roots internet organization because its almost inherent that a top down model results in larceny. I can feel this is possible intuitively. We are going into an era of technology which will enable many things including the re-engineering of ourselves.


  4. Stand up and be counted….for what you are about to receive…- AC/DC

    Since the nomination of John McCain earlier this year, Ive been very disappointed with the defensive tone that the campaign and the party itself took towards where we stand on important issues. Karl Rove made sure to call to attention what Al Gore and John Kerry were from the minute he knew they were the opposition…leftist surrender-monkeys who think they’re smarter than everyone else in the room at any given occasion.

    And you know what? Karl Rove destroyed them. George W. Bush never, ever had to play defense against those candy-asses because Rove took it to them from day one. This is why people on the left think Rove is such an evil man. He refused to do what they always expect us to do, bend over and accept our fate.

    Unlike in the past two elections, the centrist “maverick” John McCain let his so-called friends “across the aisle” set the tone from day one. Unbelievably, his greatest allies, according to himself- The media…turned on him like a demon-possessed pet alligator with rabies.

    Rush called it. So did Hannity. You cannot play nice with the Democrats or their 3,000 press secretaries in the mainstream media. You gotta kick the shit out of them the moment you know which particular goon is your opponent in any given race. Thats how we win elections. That’s how Reagan defeated Carter in 1980. Call them out of their caves. Force them out from under the mossy rocks they call home. Call their mommies and drive them out of the basements they still reside in at 33 years of age.

    Democrats can be beaten every single damn time if we go after them. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    So it’s time for us Republicans to rally together, create a manifesto of sorts, and live by it like it’s the Holy Scripture itself. Here’s my first draft.

    We are the Republican party in the 21st Century and we have a definite stand, an unbreakable hold on superior ideas, and an indomitable will to win EVERY election we campaign in.

    We WILL NOT be browbeaten for standing up for the rights of the innocent to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nothing on earth is more fundamental to liberty than life itself, and we will not be demonized by LIBERALS who fight so vehemently against the death penalty for convicted rapists and mass-murderers…over our desire simply to save and defend the lives of innocent babies. Game OVER, liberals.

    We WILL NOT be demoralized and ridiculed by candy-ass wimps on the left for our strong support of American fighting men and women, past, present, and future. Nothing is more FUNDAMENTAL to the safety and well being of each and every American citizen (and truly to the safety of the Western World) than the equipment, advancement, and deployment of a well-funded American military force. Game OVER, sissies.

    We WILL NOT be taunted as racists by the very party that fights tooth and nail to keep blacks poor, economically immobile, and dependent on the liberals in their respective governments to keep some form of welfare coming in. We ARE the party of color-blind society, upward mobility, and economic independence for ALL Americans and we WILL NOT be branded as intolerant bigots by the very party of slavery, jim crow, and segregation–THE DEMOCRATS. Game OVER, scumbags.

    We WILL NOT be ashamed of our defense of the institution of traditional marriage from the incursions of leftist ideals and urban perversity to which apparently knows no bounds. We will not be ashamed to defend an institution as old as mankind itself, which God put on earth as a means to multiply and promote new generations of mankind throughout the ages. Marriage has been defined as a union between man and woman for over 5,000 years, and at 6 billion people, it apparently has worked extremely well. Game OVER, pinkos.

    We WILL NOT be tarred-and-feathered for calling income redistribution what it is- SOCIALISM. We are the party that believes in upward mobility, not downward descent brought on by a holier-than-thou leftist beaurocracy who think they have the right to involuntarily take the money you work hard for, and then hand it out to whoever they please. Our party is extremely proud of all Americans who utilize their many God-given talents and ambition to generate wealth for themselves,their children and grandchildren, and we vehemently oppose anyone’s attempt to remove and redistribute even a PENNY of it. Game OVER, communists.

    We WILL NOT be dismissed as backward hillbillies for our staunch defense of our Second Amendment right to bear firearms. We are the party of constitutional rights, those our forefathers merely enumerated and defended with the constitution, for these rights were given to us by God, not man. Make no mistake, liberal, we will defend ourselves by any means from invasion of our homes by foreign armies, criminals, and even YOU in our government if you attempt to trample on any one of the rights handed to us from our God. Game OVER, wussies.

    We WILL NOT be shamed as bigotted zealots for our faith and our worship of the God of our ancestors, and our belief that his Son, Jesus, is our personal savior and the savior of all mankind. We are the party of religious freedom, not religious surrender. No more will we allow the leftist goons in this or any other country constantly preach to us about the value of and respect owed to ALL OTHER religions, all the while doing everything in their grasp to demoralize, disrespect, and belittle our Christian faith. Game OVER, marxists.

    This is just the beginning. We cannot play defense against these clowns anymore. Too many generations of conservative leaders have went to Washington with the best intentions, but gave ground on our core principals. No more. If you give these goons an inch, they’ll take a mile. Its time for us in the conservative movement to stand up, be counted, and kick the hell out of them once and for all time.



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