Top Ten Ways the Health Care Bill Is Like Ted Kennedy

Democrats are considering naming the health care bill after Ted Kennedy, which is actually kind of appropriate if you think about it.


10. It’s bloated beyond belief.

9. Liberals love it while completely ignoring the harm it will do to people.

8. While you’re dying, it will do nothing.

7. It has no concept of morality in its actions.

6. It will only make empty gestures of helping others while primarily being concerned about preserving its own power.

5. People in the Beltway think it’s great, while everyone else is like “WTF?”

4. Death of others considered only a mild inconvenience to it.

3. It’s often incomprehensible.

2. You shouldn’t let it near your daughter.

And the number one way the health care bill is like Ted Kennedy…

Soon, it will be dead.

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  1. While I would ordinarily wish to rise above the type of smarmy stuff the left employs about Bushiter and LordCheneyEvilGuy… Every damned one of these is true. Number 8 shoulda been the payoff — below the fold.

    Kennedy’s grandson touting universal healthcare with the congregation repeating “Lord hear our prayer…” was about the straw that broke my back on this stuff. I pray that my kids aren’t slaves of the state through taxes, health restrictions and socialist theology.


  2. Totally spot on!!! You can’t change a leopard’s spots. Teddy was and always will be a hypocrit. He wanted something for us that he never would have accepted for himself. What they come up with next will still be a public option, universal heathcare, co-op or whatever they chose to name it based on their exhaustive desire to confuse the illiterate, uninformed, and tunnel visioned parts of this great country. Not to mention, WE THE WORKING PEOPLE OF AMERICA CANNOT AFFORD IT!


  3. It was obvious during his funeral that he as all “for the children” as his young nephew was marched to the microphone to give the prayer for all democrats on behalf of BarryCare, not that a Kennedy child would ever be used as a prop on the national stage…


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