Ignoring Reagan while waiting on him

Many Republicans … certainly many conservatives … have said we need another Reagan.

Some of the same ones say that the GOP needs to clean house, replacing liberals and moderates with more conservative candidates.

I don’t disagree with either. And they are not mutually exclusive. But many are going about it the wrong way. And I’ve been guilty, too.

The conservative movement needs someone like a Ronald Reagan. Perhaps he … or she … is already there, just not yet fully realized. But, I have faith that it’ll work out.

The other piece of the puzzle is getting conservatives in office. In Florida, for instance, everything is pointing to Marco Rubio winning the Republican nomination for Senate over that state’s governor, Charlie Crist. And that’s a good thing, since Rubio is the true conservative in that race.

But we need to be careful. We don’t need to be criticizing Republicans already in office that aren’t conservatives. You know. RINOs. Like GOP chairman Michael Steele. Or John McCain. Or Lindsey Graham. Or…

Now, I might be ruffling some feathers when I say don’t criticize them. Because those Republicans are often criticized by other Republicans or conservatives.

I say again: we shouldn’t be publicly criticizing the RINOs.

We should be following Ronald Reagan’s example: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

This isn’t to say that RINOs get a pass. Rather, we need to be smart about how we replace them with conservatives. But we do need to replace them with conservatives.

But it would be just plain wrong to violate the teachings of Ronald Reagan while we seek out the next Ronald Reagan.

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  1. I don’t follow that maxim 100%. We can and should be somewhat critical of RINOs during primary season. But most of the RINOs are from areas where an actual conservative isn’t likely to even win a primary so don’t get too carried away. The trick is to be critical without flaming them to a crisp and giving the enemy a lot of choice quotes they can reuse in the general election. Giving a RINO some threat from his right is often helpful in guiding them to vote more to our liking, worrying more about the wrath of the voters instead of how many times they get invited onto Meet the Press to demonstrate how bipartisan they are.


  2. I’ve had my eye on Paul Ryan. He is an awesome intellectual and articulate man.
    “America is not just a nationality – it’s not just a mass of land from Hawaii to Maine, from Wisconsin to Florida. America is an idea. It’s the most pro-human idea ever designed by mankind.” — Paul Ryan

    That’s a statesman.


  3. Sorry Basil, got to disagree on this one. We tried it that way in 04 and 06 and got our asses handed to us.
    Without public criticism, the republicans ignore our warnings as mere grumbling, then continue to offer up rinos.
    We need to be louder in our public criticism, and encourage people like graham, mccain, and voinovich to drop out of races and disappear into obscurity.
    If we don’t publically criticise people like Michael Steele, how are we going to accomplish goals like closed primarys and real Americans runninng for office. Reagan, said not to ctiticise other republicans, but people like mccain, graham, and Steele act more like democraps than republicans anyway, so they should not fall under the don’t criticise rule.


  4. “But, I have faith that it’ll work out.” You probably are either overestimating Gods interest in babysitting us or underestimating the devils power to convince men to enslave themselves in exchange for false assurances of peace, safety, and prosperity.


  5. Also I think this sort of talk sounds more like it comes from the left. I think the massive grass roots conservative support in the Scott Brown election shows conservatives were willing to be pragmatic about a center right candidate in a center left race. But when we get RINO from what should be safe conservative movement seats Graham, Mccain, etc.. yea we get all “uppity”.

    I am certain the left would freak out^2 if their San Fran Nancy Pelosi type seats started being taken over by the theoretical Blue Dogs. Even though said blue dog may vote for government stimulus or government control of health care, They wont be there year in year out as leaders of the movement.

    Cultural power doesn’t come from politicians. We feel helpless against Hollywood and culture in education of liberal indoctrination and we keep trying to vote people into power to take those on. Wrong politicians don’t write movies, tv, or choose which part of history to cover and which parts to leave out. That comes collectively from those of us who are foot-soldiers in the movement.


  6. Thank you for putting the things I’ve been thinking about into such clear, straightforward writing. Oh, wait, no.


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  8. Son of Bob, remember how tough Reagan was on amnesty for ille…

    Oops. Even the Great One didn’t bat 1.000.

    Shiggzs, there is no chance of the ‘blue dogs ‘
    taking the DemocRATS over.

    They are blue because they are being choked.

    If they want reelection cash from the party moneymen, they will stay on the leash.


  9. Basil, I feel as though I’m missing something here. I’m unsure as to how we as conservatives are to replace leftist Republicans with conservatives without speaking out against the leftist Republicans. How do you define being “smart” about it? In general, I also find agreement with John Morris’s comment.

    (Thankfully for myself, I don’t consider myself a violator of Reagan’s commandment as I’m currently unaffiliated with the Republican Party.)

    [Like you, I’m not a Republican. But, I find that supporting conservative Republicans is the best option.

    How to do it without speaking ill of other Republicans? It’s more of “Here’s why I like my guy” and not so much “Here’s why your guy sucks.” Save that for the Democrats.

    John Morris’ reasoning and idea is a good one. It follows closely Reagan’s (actually, Gaylord Parkinson’s) Eleventh Commandment. The correct action would be to keep the pressure on, but don’t damage the candidate. He may be all you have come November. – B.]


  10. Basil, it is the party machinery that stands in your way. The party controls the primary system, I’ve been part of it, and you will never see the party get off an incumbent, no matter how far they stray.

    You have two choices. Raise the hue and cry against a RINO that is so loud and numerous that it puts the party in panic mode, or go to a NY-23 scenario. Sometimes you have to lose an election to win the next one.

    Here in Virginia an incumbent gets to choose if they want a primary or nomination by caucus. This is how the RINO John Warner stayed in office for 30 years. When he had been playing RINO he chose a caucus loaded with the party hacks. When he had been reasonably conservative he went with a primary.

    I’m convinced that he would be there still had it not been for the internet. His internals were horrible. Too bad the party went with another damaged republican to replace him but at least the new Warner has a D after his name.


  11. “Here’s why I like my guy” and not so much “Here’s why your guy sucks”

    With all due respect, because that strategy worked SO well for Republicans in Nov. 2008

    Dubya tried bipartisanship, even having Dems in his Cabinet, and was instead infested by Progressivism that caused the problems we face today: housing crisis, banking crisis, etc.

    Congressional Repubs from 2000-2008 did not fight this Progressive cancer either

    111th Congressional Repubs tried to offer their plan for HCR and got locked out of the health care debate. And don’t they have enough evidence BY NOW to bring articles of impeachment against BHO? Then why don’t they? Because most are in the same bed as Dems.

    Palin tried taking the high road since day one and was forced out of office by a flood of FOIA paperwork and bogus lawsuits…all of which were dismissed…and the media is silent in exonerating her. Even as private citizen now, the slanderous attacks and death threats against her and her family continue.

    In less than one year, ever since the first Tax Day TEA Party in 2009, TEA Partiers become the dominant voice of the legitimate, open-minded American Rep, Dem and Ind electorate — focusing on ISSUES and the problems in BOTH major parties — and in return we are unfairly dismissed, mocked, and incorrectly labeled with the most heinous insults ever by everyone from the current WH occupant and every “major” mass media “news” outlet on down to your average Obot troll

    Insanity, by definition, is doing the same thing repeatedly but expecting different results. Mr. and Mrs. Nice Guy simply doesn’t work with the unhinged, un-American, radical left-wing overlords that have now seized Every. Single. Industry. in America to finish “fundamentally transforming” this country into a nation of freeloaders with no respect for anything or anyone but themselves.

    As our military Veterans already know, sometimes ya gotta get down in the trenches and fight the enemy DIRTY* and BLOODY*, and using the enemy’s same tactics against them. In other words, kill or be killed*.

    *metaphorically speaking

    The gloves are off, and we can start by forcing the ivy league elitist RINOs to either switch parties or step down. And the way to do that? Informing the voters WHO needs to go, and WHY.

    [The November 2008 comparison doesn’t apply. I didn’t say don’t speak ill of radical socialists like Obama and other Democrats. I’m saying follow Reagan’s lead in not speaking ill of other Republicans.

    It worked for Reagan.

    And Reagan didn’t make the mistakes either Bush made in trying to get along with radicals. Yes, he worked with some Democrats, but those were more reasonable Democrats — yes, there used to be such a thing.

    I am not saying be nice to Democrats. I’m saying be respectful of Republicans … because you may have to end up supporting them in November. – B.]


  12. GW Bush supported Arlen Specter’s reelection primary bid over who was that ultra conservative who woulda won in a cakewalk, oh yeah, Pat Toomey. And from that we got a Democrat Senator, who voted just like he did when he was a Republican Senator and voted like a Democrat Senator.

    Speaking no ill of a RINO does not mean we can’t support someone other than the RINO incumbent in the primaries.

    [“Speaking no ill of a RINO does not mean we can’t support someone other than the RINO incumbent in the primaries.”

    It just needed repeating. – B]



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