Proof That Obama’s Lost Colorado

[High Praise! to Legal Insurrection]

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  1. Anyone else volunteering tomorrow? I volunteered for their onsite voting – tracking stuff 4-6 wks ago, I’ve been going through the training for the past month, and I’ve asked several times where I’m assigned, and still haven’t heard anythng back. I think they got too many ppl and just didn’t say anything. And that’s annoying, all they had to say is “we’re fully staffed but we’ll keep you on a waiting list and call if we need your help.”

    Instead, I made time for a conference call I was emailed that would be at 8:30pm EST tonight, and when someone gets on the line it’s like he was midway through the sentence, and then this “in-depth overview of how tomorrow’s going to go, w opportunity to ask any questions we have…” lasts 6 minutes. The call cuts off, can’t log in again.

    I think they got too many volunteers but instead of telling us, they’re just not going to give us any info and hope we go away. Which sucks because I’m one of those rare 20-somethings with a job, and this was important enough that I took PTO for. Apparently I shouldn’t have, but no one told me, and silly me for assuming that since I was completing various training sessions, that meant I would be helping.

    Am I the only one who’s experienced this?


  2. CTCompromise: unfortunately this wasn’t as an election official, this was volunteering directly for the Romney campaign. I guess they don’t need any more help with things like calling or voter mobilization… in Virginia… bc they certainly aren’t putting me to work elsewhere either.



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