Know Thy Enemy: Obamacare

A lot of people have questions about Obamacare and it’s lovely, bureaucrat-made website, so I sent my crack research team to find out all they could about Obamacare. Here’s what they found:


* Obamacare is made by the combination of “Obama” and “care,” two things that don’t go together at all.

* Obamacare came about when the American people were complaining about jobs and the economy, because Obama’s contempt for the concerns of the average man knows no bounds.

* Obamacare was expected to be just what the economy and health care needed: Thousands of pages of regulations written by lawyers.

* Obamacare passed without a single Republican vote, as all Republicans were opposed to Obama’s ideas since they’re racist against idiots.

* We had to pass Obamacare to find out what’s in it, sort of like you had to put that weird goop you found on the bathroom floor in your mouth to find out what it’s composed of.

* Only one person is said to have actually read all of Obamacare, and legend says it broke his brain and drove him mad. He’s still vice president, though.

* It is said that Satan himself inserted a passage in the Obamacare bill that will cause the destruction of man, but we probably don’t need to worry about it since Obama will inevitably screw up the implementation.

* Obamacare was made because people complained about not having health insurance, and its solution is to fine people for not getting insurance. That’s like a dog whining because it’s hungry and your solution is to hit it with a stick until he finds food… except that solution costs no money and somehow Obamacare is raising everyone’s rates.

* Forcing people to buy something — the central part of Obamacare — was declared “legal as a tax.” The British also tried to use that line on the colonists to poor results.

* Obamacare is Obama’s signature accomplishment, much like the reanimated monster was Dr. Frankenstein’s.

* The actual name of the legislation is not Obamacare, but the Affordable Care Act, named in the same playful manner as how the bald stooge is called “Curly.”

* Not to imply that Obamacare is as capable or helpful as any of the three stooges.

* If you have a preexisting condition, Obamacare will be a big help to you… unless you’re preexisting condition is “middle class taxpayer.” Then hoo boy, are you in for it.

* The main prey of Obamacare are paychecks, freedoms, and health care plans people like.

* To protect your health care plan from Obamacare, make sure you don’t like it.

* Obamacare is expected to have a number of negative effects on the country such as an increase in health insurance premiums, reduction in hiring, and more Obama speeches.

* Obamacare allows people to stay on their parents’ health insurance up to the age of 26. It will also mandates PBS kids shows like Sesame Street to be aimed to those ages as well, as now there’s a segment of Big Bird kicking a meth addiction.

* Obama and the Democrats have been generous with Obamacare waivers to protect favored groups from the wrath of their legislation. In the future, there is expected to be two groups: Those with Obamacare waivers and the dead.

* Some people are upset now as they were misled when Obama misspoke 582 times about people being able to keep their health care plans they like. The White House wants to assure those people that Obama is an idiot whose mindless jabbering should never be taken to mean anything.

* Sarah Palin spread misinformation about “death panels” being in Obamacare, when in fact life and death decisions will be made by single faceless bureaucrats with no panels involved at all.

* The main weakness of Obamacare is that it’s a failure at absolutely everything it tries to accomplish.

* To sign up for Obamacare, you have to use the website which is constantly crashing and not even marginally functional. It’s what known as the “most well thought out part of Obamacare.”

* The key to making Obamacare possibly solvent is getting lots of healthy, young people to sign up. Hopefully they’re all hipsters who will find the website imitating the speed of a 1200 baud modem to be really “retro.”

* If you find yourself surrounded by Obamacare, get a group of six or more to try and overwhelm it. It can’t process that many people at once.

* So far Obama has held no one accountable for the’s huge failure, but firing people for massive incompetence would be kind of hypocritical for him.

* Plus, in 2012, we didn’t hold him accountable, so maybe he learned that from us.

* In a battle between Aquaman and Obamacare, the Justice League would cut Aquaman’s hours so they don’t have to get him health insurance. Having a water-based superhero on full time seems kind of excessive, anyway.

* The Obamacare mascot is Doc, the Obamacare bear. He’s rabid and has mauled five people so far.

* Being mauled by a rabid bear is a preexisting condition covered by Obamacare, though.

* There’s a lot of fraud out there associated with Obamacare. If who you’re dealing with is marginally competent, then he obviously has no actual association with Obamacare as is trying to defraud you.

* As you can never get rid of entitlements, expect Obamacare to be around as long as our country lasts. So a year or two longer.

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Know Thy Enemy: Government Shutdown

So we’re still in a government shutdown and everyone is like, “What’s happening? Will we survive? What’s going on? How’d you get in my house?” Well, no worries; I sent my crack research staff to find out all they can about a government shutdown.


* A government shutdown is created by the combination of a government and a shutdown.

* Government shutdowns happen when Congress forgets to mail out the monthly bill for the government. They’ll often get a late notice, but because of partisan bickering, everyone is like, “Hey, I thought it was your job to mail in the check!” and then no one does it and the government is shut down.

* When the shutdown happens, old man Cruthers kicks Congress out of the Capitol for not paying him his rent. Congress then has to do all legislative action from the local Denny’s.

* While Congress is out of the Capitol, it’s usually converted back to its original function — whore house — which is sort of a lateral move.

* A good sign the government has shutdown will be seeing a pantsless Biden wandering around shouting, “Who dress me?” No, wait, that just means it’s Tuesday.

* During a shutdown, all national parks and monuments are closed. And you can’t even look at them during a shutdown because of a gypsy curse which was put on all national parks because of how we celebrate the opening of each park by murdering gypsies.

* During a shutdown, furloughed bureaucrats wander the streets just randomly interfering with things.

* There’s only one other government shutdown recorded in history and it was for the city of Atlantis. No one is sure what happened afterwards.

* We’re not completely out of government during a government shutdown because we always store some emergency government in our government reserves. There’s enough government there to keep anything useful happening for weeks.

* You may notice that during a government shutdown, the government doesn’t actually disappear but just gets a lot whinier.

* Most people will probably be unaffected by the government shutdown, but those affected most will be political humor writers who need the government running so they can make fun of it. Tip jar is on the left sidebar.

* During a shutdown, all non-essential government functions are shutdown, which is everything except for that guy in an underground bunker who hits a button every 108 minutes.

* In a fight between Aquaman and a government shutdown, Aquaman would help both sides come to conclusion that satisfies everyone. Everyone loves and respects Aquaman.

* The government shutdown is the perfect time to plot a caper to steal the Hope Diamond from the Smithsonian. I’ll need 10 more people who have diverse skills and personalities; who’s interested?

* If you find yourself in the midst of a government shutdown, don’t panic. In fact, don’t do anything. Who cares really?

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Know Thy Enemy: AR-15

The Navy Yard shooter has put the AR-15 in the news. Yes, the shooter didn’t use an AR-15 — he took Joe Biden’s advice and used a shotgun — but that didn’t stop newspapers from putting the AR-15 in its headlines because any time there is a shooting, you can’t help but think of that evil evil AR-15. Thus I’ve had my crack research staff find out all they can about the world’s most deadliest weapon.


* The inventor of the AR-15 was Satan, though his patent has since expired.

* Scientists have confirmed the deadly effects of an AR-15 by giving it to a chimpanzee who then murdered them.

* Scientists agree that each year the AR-15 will grow more deadly until it kills everyone in the entire world.

* Some believe that Hitler was in fact an AR-15 in a rubber mask.

* In the Garden of Eden, God gave Adam and Eve access to every firearm out there except for the AR-15 which he told them not to touch because it was too evil. But then the NRA, in the guise of a serpent, told Eve that the AR-15 is really fun to shoot. So then Eve took the AR-15 and started shooting all the animals in the garden because she is one awesome chick.

* The part that makes the AR-15 so extra deadly is the handle on top. The AR-15 would be used in less murders if it were more inconvenient to carry.

* It was an AR-15 that told Miley Cyrus to dance like that.

* Bullets that are normally harmless will kill instantly when fired out of the AR-15.

* The reason AR-15s have that prominent handle on them is because the most requested feature for an assault rifle was to be able to carry it like a Hello Kitty lunch box.

* If you find yourself surrounded by AR-15, know that they will fire automatically if they sense fear.

* The AR-15 is easily concealable and can fit inside a matchbox.

* The AR-15 is the leading cause of global warming from how its bullets shoot holes in the ozone.

* A very small percentage of gun deaths are attributed to the AR-15 because it is very good at disguising itself as other guns to frame them.

* What are the differences between an M16 and an AR-15? Scientists agree that it is something.

* The AR-15 can be rendered harmless by giving it only a 10 round magazine as people always miss with the first ten rounds and an AR-15 takes an hour and a half to reload.

* The AR-15 can shoot through schools.

* In a battle between Aquaman and an AR-15, Aquaman would break down and buy it so people might think he’s more manly.

* There were no shooting deaths until the invention of an AR-15. No one even considered using a gun to shoot another human being until someone saw an AR-15 and said, “I bet I could use this to kill people.”

* There was an assault musket similar to the AR-15 used by the world’s most evil pirates, but it was pronounced “Arrr-15.”

* The Assault Weapon ban was needed because it is well known that an AR-15 with both a pistol grip and a flash suppressor would be unstoppable by any modern military.

* In Europe there is no such thing as an AR-15 and thus also no such thing as murders. Instead of being violent, people there just drink wine and smoke cigarettes all day.

* If the AR-15 were banned, it’s believed all gun deaths would end because even gun murders that didn’t use the AR-15 were inspired by the evil sight of that gun.

* If you are shot by an AR-15, you become one.

* The AR-15 is responsible for 95% of all deaths each year. The rest of the deaths are from obesity and drone strikes.

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Hurricane Survival Tips

There’s a big hurricane heading towards the east coast. I don’t live there anymore, so I don’t care that much. Still I’ve lived through a few hurricanes myself and know quite a bit about them. A long while ago I wrote some Fun Facts on hurricanes, and here some more tips for surviving a hurricane:


* You can’t let a hurricane know you’re scared of it as they can smell fear and will attack it. The safest place to be when a hurricane comes is out front of your house on the lawn shaking your fist at it.

* Make sure to have a hurricane survival kit well stocked with water, beef jerky, Pixy Stix, a chinchilla, various lengths of lead pipe, The Rock on DVD, a hairnet, bear mace, a jaunty hat, and a box labeled “Hurricane Survival Kit” that’s actually filled with snakes.

* The calmest part of a storm is its eye, so if the hurricane gets really stressful, go there to relax.

* If you see Joe Biden running out and trying to lick the hurricane, don’t tackle him and drag him back to shelter; leave that to the professionals in the Secret Service.

* If you’re going to fight the hurricane, attacks its clouds; that’s the weak spot.

* While watching out for the hurricane, don’t get caught unaware by the burrowcane which digs underground and attacks from below.

* Hurricanes are really just a bunch of wind and water, so don’t act too scared of it or everyone will think you’re a sissy.

* Don’t vote for Obama.

So those are all my tips. Follow them, and you should survive the hurricane. The surest sign the hurricane is over is when you hear an ice cream truck drive by. Then run out and get yourself some ice cream as a reward for surviving the hurricane!

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Know Thy Enemy: Koch Brothers

Liberals are always going on and on about the Koch brothers. Even Aaron Sorkin in his parody of liberalism, Newsroom, recently went on and on about how the Koch brothers are behind the Tea Party and all other evil. But what do we really know about them? I sent my crack research staff to uncover all they could about these Koch brothers.


* The names of the two brothers are Moloch and Baal.

* There is no actual evidence they are actually brothers. Or human.

* They have billions of dollars, mainly made by turning cute puppies into nuclear waste that they then dumped on orphans.

* They use their billions of dollars to make people against government using mind control rays, brainwashing, and think tanks.

* No one is actually against government spending, so the Tea Party is composed entirely of paid actors. Paid actors we’re quite certain will turn violent any day now.

* The three main motivations behind the Koch brothers are evil, pure evil, and double evil.

* No one ever self-identified as a conservative before the Koch brothers and their insidious money. If you think you were a conservative all your life, that’s just a false memory the Koch brothers implanted in your head using money.

* The Koch brothers had tricked liberals into thinking George W. Bush was behind every bad thing ever, but it is in fact the Koch brothers. And sometimes Palin.

* Don’t turn around; there’s a Koch brother behind you right now with money ready to influence you, and if you even look at him you’ll want small government.

* Half the thoughts in your head were put there by the Koch brothers’ money.

* If you find yourself surrounded by the Koch brothers and their money, then it’s too late for you. You probably already think government spending is too high.

* In a battle between the Koch brothers and Aquaman, Aquaman would be influenced by the Koch brothers’ evil money and join the Tea Party even though he used to love taxes.

* Everyone would think all the ideas of liberals are great if it weren’t for Koch brothers money. The fact that right now you’re thinking of punching liberals in their dumb, monkey faces is just the influence of their money. Fight their money influence; you can do it!

* KOCH BROTHERS!!!1!!111!!eleventy!!1!!

FULL DISCLOSURE: This post was paid for by the Koch brothers.

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Know Thy Enemy: The Middle East

We just can’t avoid wars in the Middle East. Even sissy Obama couldn’t help but start another war there; there’s just too many jerks there in dire need of the business end of a cruise missile. So to help everyone out, I thought I’d task my crack research staff to find out all they could about the Middle East:


* Despite the name, the Middle East is really off-center to the left in the East.

* Many of today’s problems in the Middle East started when one guy — I forget his name — said, “You know what religion needs? More violence!”

* The Middle East’s best period was the Islamic Golden Age a thousand years ago. They were so happy with that era that they haven’t advanced a day since.

* Part of the reason the Islamic Golden Age was so great was because of access to genies who would grant any wish. Eventually, though, the Taliban beat all the genies to death for not having the proper beard length.

* The reason the Middle East hates Israel so much is that they’d like to blame how everything sucks on the region, but then a bunch of Jews come and make a country, and it’s the only one there that doesn’t look like it would benefit from a technology exchange with Fred Flintstone.

* If Charlton Heston’s character from Planet of the Apes had come from the Middle East, he would have immediately recognized it as earth, since it wouldn’t have looked very different from what he was used to.

* Also, at the end of the movie, he would have said, “Praise Allah, you blew it up! Take that, you infidels!”

* Americans tend to be quite confused by how people in the Middle East keep bringing up the Crusades, as our knowledge about it comes primarily from the beginning of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (and to a lesser extent, the beginning of Robin Hood: Men in Tights).

* The other thing besides the Crusades that makes the Middle East really mad at the West is how unfairly Indiana Jones fought that swordsman.

* There’s a lot of wrong, counter-productive thinking the Middle East. For instance, they refer to the the U.S. as the “Great Satan”, but Satan isn’t great; he’s a very bad man.

* The only reason people are interested in the Middle East is that it has oil. There are other places to get oil, but we really want that oil.

* I guess we could avoid oil and thus the Middle East by driving around in electric cars and building windmills… though it’s hard to tell if that’s a lifestyle for giving up oil or for giving up testicles.

* If you’re in the Middle East and find yourself surrounded by frumpy ninjas, don’t panic; that’s just women in burkas.

* I can’t guarantee they’re not trying to blow you up, though.

* People in the Middle East are constantly going on about the Islamic Golden Age and the Crusades even though that was a thousand years ago. They’re a bit like a sixty-year-old guy who lives in a broken down trailer home going on and on about his achievements in high school football. Also, he blows up other people’s houses.

* One of the groups that causes the most conflict in the Middle East are the Jews who keep stirring up trouble and anger with their incessant existing.

* There are lots of desert areas in the Middle East that are completely impassible due to violent roving gangs of camels.

* If you ever find yourself stuck in the Middle East, remember that there is pretty much no one there who eats bacon, so you should be able to buy it pretty cheap.

* A lot of people in the Middle East shout “Allahu Akbar!” because they think it’s a really cool thing to say before killing a guy, much like Ezekiel 25:17.

* One of the most powerful countries in the Middle East is Saudi Arabia, and they are always trying to gain favor with the West. It’s just kind of hard to take them seriously when all their leaders dress up like villains from a Disney cartoon.

* That, and all their oppressive laws which would have seemed backwards in Ancient Greece.

* Considering how awful and desolate most of the Middle East is, you’d think more people would just move instead of war over it, but cardboard boxes are a lot more expensive than you think.

* Many in the Middle East complain about American intervention, but it’s actually pretty hard to notice the Americans blowing people up over them blowing each other up. Remember this is a place where “Kite Festival; Eleven Dead” is an actual headline.

* Suicide bombing was invented in the Middle East because the men there were just too lazy to run away from bombs after planting them.

* Some in the Middle East have dreams of conquering the whole world, but it’s kind of hard to do when your military tech lags behind that of the Boy Scouts of America.

* There are a lot of horrible dictators in the Middle East, and they survive by distracting people with made up problems. For instance, despite the poverty, oppression, and war in the Middle East, a recent survey of people there identified the biggest problems the Middle East faced as Jews and Piglet from Winnie the Pooh.

* In a fight between the Middle East and Aquaman, it would quickly turn into a quagmire which would benefit Aquaman’s aqua-powers.

* The Middle East are the only people who watch Mad Men and marvel at the advanced views towards women.

* Despite all its problems, one day the Middle East could be a modern society and a contributor to science and technology. That will probably be after Israel conquers the whole region.

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Know Thy Enemy: Suspicious Packages

We may be all focused on election issues right now, but beyond silly politics we have to remember the important fact that there are still people out there who want Americans dead. To highlight that point, bombs were mailed out Friday. They were stopped, but what if they had been delivered? Then citizens would have to be dealing with suspicious packages on their own. To help with that, I had my crack research staff find out all they could about suspicious packages so everyone can be more prepared in the future.


* Suspicious packages date all the way back to ancient times with enemies would mail each other saber-toothed tigers.

* Just remember, the package is even more suspicious of you.

* Don’t be suspicious of a package just because it’s in a dark box. That’s racist.

* Just because the package contains a bomb doesn’t mean it’s suspicious. Check your Amazon account to make sure you didn’t order a bomb while you were drunk.

* Don’t rush to open a suspicious package just because it says, “Free Candy!” on the outside. Then again, don’t wait too long because it might be a type of candy that could spoil.

* If you have a suspicious package, call the police and have them open it. You can also do that if you have a normal looking package that you’re just too lazy to open.

* If you hear a ticking sound coming from a suspicious package, open it immediately because Cogsworth could be trapped inside!

* If the package is from Yemen and doesn’t contain a bomb, that’s actually pretty suspicious.

* Shake any package you receive really really hard before opening to subdue any angry squirrels that might be packed inside.

* Be suspicious of any package with wires sticking out of it… unless you ordered a bunch of wires from Radio Shack. In that case, you’re the weirdo to be suspicious of.

* In battle between Aquaman and a suspicious package, Aquaman knows to be suspicious of any package since he doesn’t really have any friends who send him anything and the only packages he ever receives are traps from Black Manta. Then again, this latest package says, “Free Candy!” on it…

* Be suspicious of any package with white powder on it. Try tasting the powder; if it tastes sweet, it’s okay. If it tastes anthraxy, that could be trouble.

* If you’re mailing a package that you accidentally made suspicious looking, write, “Not a bomb!” on the outside to help out the recipient.

* Even if a suspicious package has a bomb in it, if it was sent cross country by UPS it’s most likely too smashed up to be operative.

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Know Thy Enemy: Bedbugs

There has been a resurgence lately of bedbugs, especially in New York City, so I thought I’d do everyone a favor and get my crack research team to find out all they can on the menace known as bedbugs.


* Bedbugs live on mammal blood, though they sometimes eat at Arby’s.

* Among the college-age, they’re known as futonbugs.

* Bedbugs sleep all day and then come out at night and drink your blood. Sometimes they don’t even leave marks so you wouldn’t even know the next day. You’re probably covered in bed bug bites and bed bug eggs right now and don’t even know it. Stay away from me! Unclean!

* Despite the name, bedbugs are not true bugs. Nothing is a true bug to scientists, in fact. To them, “bug” is a title you strive for but can never quite achieve.

* If you know your home has bedbugs, whatever you do, don’t tell anyone. People will assume you live in filth and shun you like an Amish man with an iPod.

* Bedbugs had mainly died out in the first half of the last century, but then had a resurgence starting in in the mid-nineties, probably reintroduced by Bill Clinton sleeping around with people.

* In a fight between Aquaman and bedbugs, Aquaman would be pretty safe because he sleeps underwater. And frankly, Aquaman doesn’t care if you’re itchy.

* If you find yourself surrounded by bedbugs, whatever you do, don’t fall asleep. Especially if they’ve teamed up with Freddy Kruger.

* Bedbugs have had the biggest resurgence in New York City. Apparently, the things that repel bedbugs are smoking, transfats, and salt.

* Many people will tell others, “Goodnight; don’t let the bedbugs bite.” But they’re not like vampires; you don’t have to invite them in. They’ll drink your blood even without permission.

* Actually, since they already drink blood, how could you even tell if a bedbug had become a vampire? I’d sleep with some garlic just in case.

* Are you feeling itchy right now? A little itchy somewhere? I bet you’re feeling a little itchy. Bedbugs!

* If you think you have bedbugs, spray with DDT. The EPA may object, but you can just bind and gag the EPA agents and throw them in your crawl space as that’s completely environmentally safe.

* There are dogs trained to sniff out bedbugs and they are very efficient at it, though not as efficient as the dogs trained to find cooked bacon.

* A serious bedbug infestation can cause anxiety, stress, insomnia, and, if the the bedbugs are radioactive, superpowers.

* I bet you’re feeling itchy. Bedbugs!

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Know Thy Enemy: Vuvuzela


Did you try watching a game of the World Cup? Did you originally just think soccer was boring, but after five minutes of watching want to murder everyone involved with the game? That’s because of the vuvuzela, perhaps the most awful object in existence. I sent my crack research team to find out all they could about those noisemakers (though I forbade them to blow into one) and here is what they found:


* The vuvuzela was made in a collaboration of Hitler and Satan. They have sense profusely apologized.

* The vuvuzela was created in South Africa after apartheid ended and the country needed something just as awful to take its place.

* The vuvuzela is the only noisemaker known to cause deaf people watching a sport at home to hit the mute button.

* The vuvuzela really took off in 2001 when Masincedane Sport started mass marketing a plastic version of it, an act that was called “unconscionable” by people who sell tainted crack to schoolchildren.

* The object of vuvuzela blowing during a soccer match is to blow it continuously throughout the game without stopping to express your complete hatred for the world and all living things.

* The sound of the vuvuzela has been described as “a stampede of noisy elephants”, “a deafening swarm of locusts”, “a goat on the way to slaughter”, and “complete contempt for both God and man”.

* If surrounded by people blowing the vuvuzela, you’d think the smart thing to do would be to jab out your eardrums with a pen, but the horrible sound would still be stuck in your brain. Yes, the only escape is sweet, sweet death.

* The sound of the vuvuzela can be mistaken for a mating call by giant mutant bees.

* The vuvuzela causes both hearing loss and the desire for hearing loss.

* Many believe the vuvuzela to be the worst object in existence, even worse than clamshell packaging. In fact, if vuvuzela came in clamshell packaging, thus making it nigh impossible for a purchaser to get one out and blow into it, clamshell packaging would singlehandedly redeem itself.

* In a fight between a vuvuzela and Aquaman, Aquaman would accidentally swim to crush depths and die to escape the annoying sound.

* The only way to stop a vuvuzela is to stop people from blowing in it, and the only way to stop people from blowing in it is to make sure there is no air. Thus the vuvuzela has inspired a campaign to destroy all plant life.

* In response to the outcry, people have said that the vuvuzela is part of South African culture… as apparently so is sociopathy.

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Know Thy Enemy: Volcanoes 2.0

With volcanoes in the news lately, I thought I’d do a Know Thy Enemy on them. Then I found out I already did one. Well, Science! has advanced a lot since then and numerous more facts are known about volcanoes, so I had my crack research team come up with an even more comprehensive list of what we know about volcanoes:


* Volcanoes erupt when, deep within the earth, deposits of baking soda mix with deposits of vinegar.

* Volcanoes are like mountains… but with a gooey center!

* What a volcano kills most people with is its lava… or is it its smoke. Well, whatever it is, just stay the hell away from whatever comes out of a volcano.

* Iceland names their volcanoes by repeatedly smashing their palm into a keyboard.

* Where lava comes from is deep within the earth. If you dig a lot, after getting through the dirt, you’ll hit hot magma. And then China.

* If you dig a hole that flows magma into China, the Chinese will get angry. Stupid Commies.

* Scientists say that global warming can cause volcanoes. If you think that’s idiotic, Science! has also proved that global warming causes idiotic scientific arguments, so bad Science! is even more proof of global warming, stupids!

* Many islands have volcanoes. This is much more dramatic because then you can’t just drive away from the slowly moving magma.

* Volcanoes can easily shut down air travel any time they want, which is why most volcanoes are on the “No Fly” list.

* I’d hope on a normal day, though, they still wouldn’t let someone named Eyjafjallaj√∂kull on a plane.

* To stop a volcano, throw a virgin in it. Sluts only make it angrier.

* Volcanoes can contribute to mass extinction events, so if you see lots of animals around you dying and can’t figure out why, the killer is probably either a volcano or a butler.

* A volcanic explosion puts a huge amount of pollution into the air, making it comparable to Al Gore.

* If the volcano you see is hollowed out, look out for evil geniuses.

* If you see a lava flow coming towards you, jump! Maybe it will cool to regular harmless rock before you hit the ground.

* Childhood obesity is another cause of volcanic eruptions. I’m not sure how, but I just really hate fat kids and I’m pretty sure volcanoes do to.

* Extremely large volcanoes capable of causing mass extinction events are called “supervolcaoes”. Volcanoes capable of climbing walls and sensing danger are called “spider-volcanoes”.

* The reason things get so hot within the earth is because the earth is spinning. To demonstrate this effect, spin around really fast and then take your temperature.

* In a fight between a volcano and Aquaman, the exact results of the fight wouldn’t be known until ten thousand years later when Aquaman’s remains are unearthed from the rock.

* If you think you see an erupting volcano, call the police. Someone should know about it.

* A volcano can explode with far more power than a nuclear bomb, and yet the earth refuses to take part in disarmament talks.

* Whatever you do, don’t let your kids play on a volcano’s edge unless it has railing.

* The Roman god most closely associated with volcanoes is Vulcan, god of logic and bowl haircuts.

* The site of Yellowstone National Park was once a giant volcano. If that ever goes off again, expect park services to ask for more money. They’re always looking for an excuse to ask for more money.

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