IMAO Reader Theater: “Nuke the Moon”

Elwin presents: “Nuke the Moon”

That’s right, it’s the Xtranormalized version of Frank J. reading his immortal essay.

If you’ve ever met Frank J., you can back me up that this is pretty much how he performs it in real life.

Which he does every day.

SarahK can back me up on that one.

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  1. I just had a thought, why do you think some kids today think the moon missions of the 1960s were a hoax, but accept without question the notion that our scientists were able to devise and deploy a city-destroying nuclear weapon in the 1940s? None of them has ever witnessed a nuclear explosion–for all they know, the whole thing was faked!! What if Tojo and Truman and Stalin had conspired to “conjure” such a weapon for the media, calculate numbers of casualties, and negotiate an appropriate peace?

    No, no… Doesn’t fit the Anti-US template. Use of the nuke is a distinctly American evil.



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