More White Supremacists running for Congress … oh, wait

Everybody knows that Republicans are a bunch of racist, homophobic, angry White men who hate all minorities.

And they want to add even more racist, homophobic, angry White men to Congress.

Just look at this list from The Frederick Douglass Foundation (tip: Alex Pappas from The Daily Caller):


Marion Thorpe Florida
Larry Linney North Carolina
Michael Williams Texas

House of Representatives

Les Phillip Alabama – 5th District
Princella Smith Arkansas – 1st District
Vernon Parker Arizona – 3rd District
Virginia Fuller California – 7th District
Star Parker Califronia – 37th District
Chriystopher Smith California – 39th District
Mason Weaver California – 53rd District
Ryan Frazier Colorado – 7th District
Prince Brown Florida – 8th District
Eddie Adams Florida – 11th District
Corey Poitier Florida – 17th District
Allen West Florida – 22nd District
Deon Long Florida – 24th District
Cory Ruth Georgia – 4th District
Deborah Honeycutt Georgia – 13th District
Rupert Parchment Georgia – 13th District
Isaac Hayes Illinois – 2nd District
Robert Broadus Maryland – 4th District
Charles Lollar Maryland – 5th District
Bill Hardiman Michigan – 3rd District
Angela McGlowan Mississippi – 1st District
Barb Davis White Minnesota – 5th District
Martin Baker Missouri – 1st District
Shannon Wright New Jersey – 6th District
Michael Faulkner New York – 15th District
Jerry Grimes North Carolina – 1st District
Lou Hunddleston North Carolina  – 8th District
Bill Randall North Carolina – 13th District
Tim Scott South Carolina – 3rd District
Jean Howard Hill Tennessee – 3rd District
Charlotte Bergmann Tennessee – 9th District
William Hurd Texas – 23rd District
Stephen Broden Texas – 30th District
Coby Dillard Virginia – 3rd District
David Castillo Washington – 3rd District

Now, I’m not saying these are the best choices in any upcoming Congressional race. But, it shows that the loony left is … well, loony … when it comes to their portrayal of Republicans.

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  1. Basil NICE CATCH !

    I’m somewhat familiar with Allen West,and will be contributing to him later in the season.


  2. Star Parker! Holy socks. They just don’t get any angrier or male than that!

    (I’ve gotta stare at her website photo for a few more minutes to get the full measure of it.)

    Thanks Basil.

    The age of black Republicans is here. Finally.


  3. Basil, this can’t be true. ALL Republicans are angry white males. I know this for a fact because Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews say so every single night. And, after all, it’s not possible that they could both be insane, is it?


  4. It’s a catch 22, if liberals weren’t stupid, they’d realize that the media counts on them being stupid enough to be liberals in the first place and believe whatever they’re told but if they weren’t stupid they wouldn’t be liberals.
    You can’t unring a bell, once they hear someone said whatever, there’s no amount of logic or proof that will change their minds and the truth means nothing to them.


  5. If by loony you mean pathological liars, then I totally agree. The Left’s portrayal of Republicans is just one small example of this psychopathy, which is really more a manifestation of evil than anything psychological.


  6. I’ve liked Deborah Huneycutt for a long time, ever since evil white Nazi Ann Coulter touted her. Hardcore conservative values. Kick out the illegal aliens, cut taxes, market-drive health insurance, 100% pro-life. Sort of like Sarah Palin except she can prescribe drugs.


  7. Silly Basil, if they are Blacks and Republican, they must be Uncle Toms or white men that went through the opposite of whatever Michael Jackson went through, don’t you know.

    Yes I’m being sarcastic…


  8. If elected to congress it will be interesting to see how many will be invited to join the black caucus.


  9. None from Montana. That’s probably because we have seven black people in the state and they all play basketball at the UofM missoula. They aren’t even of age to run for congress yet nor have they read the contitution. But that goes without saying for most people in this liberal stye that is Missoula. Most couldn’t even tell you what is in the Constitution.


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  11. Thanks Basil, I wondered who I should support in the 9th district (TN).
    It beats writing in Larry (the King) Lauler again.


  12. Mason Weaver’s link has an errant “c” as in “”. Delete the “c” to get to his site.

    [Fixed. Thanks. – B.]


    i love Allen “go through hell with a gasoline can” West 😀
    hes the badass florida needs >:)



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