IMAO 10th Blogiversary Week: Retrospective – Part 1

Year by year, some of the great posts in IMAO history:

2002 – Gotta Nuke Something – Frank never actually posted his world famous Nuke the Moon essay at IMAO. He posted it to some random server and just linked it.

2003 – In My World: Rumsfeld Vows to Kill Everyone and Then Sing Kumbaya

Last Thursday, demonstrators vanadlised Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s New Mexico home to protest the war. Recently, protestors returned to Rumsfeld’s home again, this time decorating the trees around his home with their own entrails.

“Was this new vandalism not actually a form of protest, but in fact the result of you viciously murdering the protesters then dismembering their corpses as a warning to others?” asked a reporter at Rumsfeld’s press conference.

“My lawyers told me not to answer questions about the matter,” he answered gruffly.

“Then might we at least ask who’s blood it is that you’re currently caked in?”

“Again my lawyers told me not to answer questions about that matter.”

“Aren’t your lawyers in fact dead?”

“They kept telling me what to do.”

2004 – We Must S.M.I.T.E. Our Enemies! – Frank releases the top secret plans for his new space-based laser platform.

2005 – IMAO EXCLUSIVE: NEW SCOTUS NOMINEE – in light of Roberts’ decision on Obamacare, you might wish Frank’s prediction in this post had been correct.

2006 – End the Fear-Mongering: Facts About Muslims

2007 – IMAO invents lolterizt!

2008 – You Should Vote for Me: An Editorial by Senator Barack Obama – it’ll make you nostalgic for the days when Obama was just a struggling, unknown presidential candidate, and not the man who singelhandedly destroyed this country.j

2009 – Where Obama Went Wrong – More nostalgia, from back when Obama had only done a handful of things wrong.

2010 – Is Science! Just Pushing Us Around?

2011 – Testing Shakespeare – This one is even funnier now that the world knows about The Choom Gang.

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  1. Could you please, oh please, oh please, oh please post all “The Limey” posts? Ignorance of such magnitude deserves immortality.


  2. silaS – The editorial board met and decided that in order to prevent universe-destroying temporal anomalies, posts made while time-traveling don’t count.



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