Random Thoughts: Women’s Work, Vox, and Sebelius

If you really can get away with paying women 23% less for the exact same work, why does anyone hire men?

The after-lunch coffee is one of the most important coffees of the day.

When will the left admit that the reason they have so much extra hate for Condoleezza Rice is because she’s black?

Big stock market crash yesterday out of fear Sebelius is going into the private sector.

Luckily, the damage Sebelius did cost us only 77% as much as a male incompetent.

There should be an article on Vox explaining what’s the difference between them and OFA.

Where do I get a more detailed description of what the Heartbleed exploit is because so far I haven’t been able to get anyone’s passwords.

“Explanatory journalism” is such an unwieldy phrase; why doesn’t Vox just say “spin”?

Now Sebelius will be free to help vulnerable Democrats campaign on Obamacare.

Kathleen Sebelius was the Secretary of HHS? And here I just assumed it was a deranged hobo.

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  1. An even more detailed description of the Heartbleed Bug can be found here.

    This took me back many years to my days writting C and swearing about pointers and seg faults. I like C more now than I did when I first learned it, but I still rarely use it for anything. If I’m coding for a micro, I prefer to use assembly, and if I’m coding for a computer, I use a higher language like Java.

    That said, this is a pretty awesome bug. Too bad it left 2/3 of the world vulnerable to hackers/government spying.



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