Republican Underground

Posted on November 5, 2008 12:09 pm

Obviously, I am now the defacto leader of the Republican Party. Others will claim to be leaders, but they are false leaders. They will lead you to the land of squishy principles and pork spending where death awaits. But we are the true Republicans — The Republican Underground!

With the Democrats controlling the White House and Congress, they are not going to cut taxes. Money is power, and they want more power. They’re going to come for your money, my money, Joe the Plumber’s money, little Timmy’s money… everyone’s money. And then they’re going to spend our hard earned money on whatever the dirty smelly hippies want.

And only we can stop it.

The new symbol of the Republican party is the 1911.

A gun is the proper symbol of freedom. It’s scary, dangerous in the wrong hands, oddly beautiful, and any real man treasures it as a prized possession.

We are now against all spending that isn’t defense related. If it doesn’t help kill foreigners, you can spend your own money on it, bitch.

BTW, that’s our new slogan: “Pay for it with your own money, bitch.”

All taxes are too high. All of them. I don’t know what the proper taxation level is; I just know it’s way lower than the current one. We are against all new taxes like we are against injecting ourselves with the Ebola virus, and we want all taxes cut just like we want tumors excised.

In America, power isn’t all about who has political office. That’s the way it was made. And every two years a third of the Senate and the entire House of Representative is up for reelection, and they won’t have some pretty shiny thing drawing idiots to the polls in 2010. Don’t think that won’t be on their mind when they first get the chance to pull the trigger on some radical bill. If President Bush can slap around Democrat majorities, then we can.

We will cut taxes. We will stop spending. We will protect our borders. We will kill terrorists. We will protect our freedoms. We will get to carry firearms wherever we damn well please. We will punch hippies whenever we feel like it (which is always). We will use nuclear ordinance against our natural satellite.

We are the Republican Underground, and we can’t be stopped!

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115 Responses to “Republican Underground”

  1. MarkoMancuso says:

    Now we just need a cool van.

  2. Blake says:

    Consider me the first member of this political party.

  3. Amer-I-Can says:

    NICE!! Very Nice…

    So, when do we get to start a RU website where we can trash everything DUMBOCRAT with complete anonymity? Oh, here we are…


  4. Ernie Loco says:

    I’m in. In fact, I was already planning on buying a 1911. As well as a 12 gauge or two, a couple rifles, a desert eagle .50 cal….

  5. kerrcarto says:

    Consider me in long with my blog mates.

  6. BigRichardSmall says:

    Do we get cards? I like cards. I still have my Fred Thompson card in my wallet. What about a challenge and password to ensure liberals don’t infiltrate the underground? I say the challenge is “Social Program”, and the password is “F@#@ YOU!!!”

  7. hansen says:

    Count me in – I have lots of guns – military families usually do :) will need to stock up on lots of extra ammo though – now we can be the bad guys terrorizing the “man”?

  8. AlanABQ says:

    I like the slogan. Could you start a slogan contest so we can start canvassing the nation with them? I can’t do the same nonsense that the left did starting November 5th, 2000, like “NOT MY PRESIDENT” (although a bumper sticker saying “NOT MY PREZINIZZLE!” might be funny), so we need to pool our united resources & come up with slogans that incite Oprahma followers with that impotent rage we love to laugh at so much.

    01-20-09: The Dawning of a New Error

  9. innominatus says:

    Call 1-911 and let it ring 7 times. 8 or 9 if you have an aftermarket magazine. Let it ring like 14 times if you have a ParaOrdinance or one of the other hi-cap models.

    Let Freedom Ring! Let Freedom Ring!

  10. T.N. Amaps says:

    Can we celebrate capitalism by getting a Republican Underground t-shirt printed up?

  11. techcom_dude says:

    I like the 1911 but how about a AR-15 for the symbol??? or both

  12. ussjimmycarter says:

    I’m in Frank! You are now the head of the republicans! Can I be the official liberal head stuffer?

  13. MarkoMancuso says:

    01-20-09: All ur buckets r belong 2 Barry’s head!

  14. BigRichardSmall says:

    Also if we are to keep the name Republican Underground then we need to fix the Republican brand name by cleaning our own house first. That will give us a base of opperations. We must purge all RINO’s from our ranks. Let’s make an example of the worst offenders. The others will fall in line after that. First two targets, Ted Stevens and Chuck Hagel.

  15. Joseph says:

    First off, BigRichardSmall, you should read Vince Flynn’s “Term Limits.” I’m not gonna say any more than that.

    Secondly, why oh why must our symbol be a semi-automatic? What about the graceful lines and immense character of the Smith and Wesson Model 29 .44 magnum? It’s tough being a wheel-gunner with all of you auto fans around.

    And finally, I’m in. Already making plans to go underground. Got the BatCave all ready.

  16. Kent says:

    I do wonder what a proper, realistic course of action is going forward.

    Anyone, myself included, who does not currently have a firearm permit should apply for one this week, just to send a message. Anyone who can afford a firearm or two should probably get one of each (short and long range) before the gun industry is driven into the ground. Buy them new so that those industries can maintain their legal defenses, and join the NRA while you’re at it.

    There are various organizations who specialize in tax shelters. I think one was called 800-away-IRS which practically guaranteed a 10:1 return on their consulting fee, but I haven’t heard about them for a long time, so they may no longer exist. Regardless, since Harry Reid seems to think that paying taxes is optional rather than manditory (a typical attitude for someone who no doubt pulls out every stop to avoid paying his own while taxing the rest of us to death), I think we should take him up on it. If nothing else, it will help increase the deficit for Obama while preserving our ability to take care of ourselves.

    Whenever Obama renigs on a promise visibly, ask your liberal friends how that promise is going for them. Pretend to not know it was lied about, and that they got what they voted for. “What, you have to pay more taxes this year? I thought Obama promised you a tax cut. I thought the tax increase was only for rich people? Are you rich? Oh, wait – I forgot. Democrats have been telling us the Bush tax cut wasn’t permanent, so when they took it away, they weren’t really “raising our taxes”, even though our taxes went up $3000/year. THAT explains it. Well, have fun writing that check you weren’t expecting. Maybe you can take out a home equity loan. Oh – sorry. Use your credit card. Oh – sorry. Go into high-interest payments with the IRS. Those are always fun. I had a few of those myself under Clinton. Good times.”

    If you are thinking of relocating, go to a purple state where your vote may actually make a difference. That is, unless things get REALLY bad – then go to the reddest of states in hopes they fall last. If nothing else, at least you can be more confident your neighbors won’t say anything to you that makes you want to empty a clip into their properly-inflated tires.

    A 20-year-old Mercedes diesel, effectively flex-fuel, could probably still run after a nuclear attack. They tend to cost around $5000. Buy one now because it will probably sell for double when we’re all trying to get to work on corn squeezins.

    I already had a policy that my camping gear set would be complete, then my biking gear, then some sort of other escape vehicle should a terrorist attack or some other crisis involve finding a forest or cornfield and taking up residence. This is more of a post-9/11 policy, like having distilled water on hand. I’m thinking the next priority is a $400 bike and a $150 kid-cart thing to tow behind it – not because I have kids (I don’t), but because I could load gear and supplies in it while keeping a minimal load on my back. The basic core concept here is to have stuff that can be used recreationally if nothing goes wrong and for survival if everything goes wrong. In fact, recreational use of these things would be a good plan so that you aren’t trying to figure out how to use something for the first time at 3 AM in a blizzard.

    Read CS Lewis, Mark Stein, and anyone else who gets it about our current situation. Robert Zubrin has a book called Energy Victory I would also recommend, not only for its answer to that crisis but for the context in which he puts it.

    Pray. Whatever “I really should start…” you’ve been dodging from day to day with your faith, this would be a good time to get started. If Hell wants 2009, by all means – give your time to Heaven instead of sitting at home and complaining about what’s going on. Ulitmately, your soul has only one enemy, and only one friend. If you want to do damage to the one enemy, start doing more service to the one friend, and stop running little errands for the one enemy.

  17. NunyaB says:

    I’m with #14. Since “Republican” = RINO these days, can’t we call ourselves “Conservative Underground” instead? As in no RINOs or Liberals need apply?

    Conservative Underground. CU. As in CU L8R (as we take back the Congress in 2 years).

    I would so buy a “Conservative Underground” tee shirt.

    P.S. I’m worried that Rush hasn’t updated his site today; I’m still needing a double shot of his infectious optimism. I just hope BHO’s thugs haven’t come for him first.

  18. NunyaB says:

    Good advice #16. Does one have to have a gun first before registering for a permit? Where does one go to register? And does registering alert the authorities that I (will) have a firearm for seizing come January? Where’s the best place to buy a gun? I’d like a rifle and something small for CC.

  19. Jared says:

    So as not to confuse us with the pansy Republicans, we should be called the A-Team.

  20. AlanABQ says:

    Hey, do you all remember how Bush’s daughters became fair game right off the bat when he got elected? Would it be fair for us to regard Oprahma’s daughters in all the same ways? If it was OK for the sickos to publicly & loudly wish for violent sexual assaults on the Bush girls, then surely they’ll be fine with horrid fantasies about Malia & Natasha, right?

    Before anyone gets offended, rest assured that I’m in no way being serious or suggesting anyone do harm to those kids. I would be furious if ANYONE even suggested such horrible things to ANY children, regardless of their parents ideologies. I would only bring this up to demonstrate a powerful point:

    Republicans don’t act like that. Democrats do…a lot. We, as conservatives, have the moral grounding to realize that targeting one’s children as a way of expressing hatred towards their parents is merely one step above actually assaulting a child. I would just be curious how those on the left would explain themselves if someone really said those things about the Obama girls, when they refused to acknowledge this type of heinous speech coming from their own ranks.

    I only mentioned it because I was outraged when I started hearing & reading exactly that when Bush first took office, and no one- not the media; not the leftist pundits & bloggers (who were hosting these sick views on their own programs and websites); not the liberals in public office- ever seemed to really notice and denounce it as the filth it was. And if they ever did notice, they would justify the anything-goes liberal goons as merely venting their frustration against the racist imperialist Bush, who is the enemy of blah blah blah blah blah…

    Again, to make myself clear, Malia and Natasha deserve all the dignity and love that any other child deserves. I say we all, at least those who believe, pray for their safety, well being & happiness, and that they grow up better equipped to face reality than their parents.

  21. AlanABQ says:

    If you haven’t already, read Kent’s post above. I agree, especially with the last paragraph.

  22. Juggernaut says:

    I like “Conservative Underground” too. The word Republican does leave a bad taste in one’s mouth these days.

  23. Meacham says:

    Something the “Conservative Underground” should do their due diligence to reverse

    The new American minority – highly contributing members of society. Those who make positive contributions to society in science, government, education, medicine, retail, industry and many other professions. The terror is that the birth rate in this demographic is falling well behind the birth rate of less- or non-contributing members.
    In the ‘contributing’ demographic, the birth rate is below sustainment. That is, less than 2.0 per couple. Estimate the birth rate at 1.8 to account for single-child and no-child families. Families with more than 2 children in this demographic are increasingly rare.
    In the ‘less than contributing’ demographic, however, the birth rate is growing. Estimate 4 for the number of children per family in this demographic.
    Assume that the populations are equal at some point. From that point – run the numbers.
    Ten ‘contributing’ families, 20 people, will produce 10 * 1.8 = 18 children. The numbers decline.
    Ten ‘less than contributing’ families, 20 people, will produce 10 * 4 = 40 children. The numbers grow.
    So in one generation, we go from 20 contributors and 20 less-contributors to 18 and 40, respectively.
    Next generation:
    The 18 contributors = 9 families, will produce 9 * 1.8 = 16.2 children.
    The 40 less contributors = 20 families, producing 20*4 = 80 children.
    In two generations, we go from 20-20 to 18-40 to 16-80 as the ratio between contributing and less than contributing members of society.

    So my proposition is this:
    To continue the growth of “The CU” (We can’t stay underground forever) we must ourselves take up the burden and begin an adoption drive to take in the unwanted children in America. Through our efforts we will be able to raise children to become the next generation of God-Fearing Conservative Contributors. Rather than leaches draining our government’s coffers into oblivion. This program may sound much like Hitler’s Youth, but it’s better, and not Nazi :)

  24. ussjimmycarter says:

    Punchin and Head Stuffin must start immediately! I also never EVER want to see Carl Rove on TV again…EVER!

  25. Mateo R says:

    Frank you have my vote. With you and Sarah K running campaign trails in 2012 we may have our first true conservative candidate since Ronald Reagan.

  26. Mateo R says:

    Does anyone wonder what’s going to happen though? There are some serious skinhead racists out there that want Obama gone. I would rather have him mess up the democrat party than that happen. In fact if that happened people would probably try to claim bush was behind it.

  27. Jimmy says:

    Turkey Stuffin’ for Thanksgiving!


    1 liberal (hippie is OK)
    1 Democrat politician
    1 ussjimmycarter in true form
    1 extra large turkey


    Have ussjimmycarter rip the head off the liberal and stuff it up the politicians a$$.

    Then, with the politician in excruciating pain, have ussjimmycarter rip the politician’s head off and stuff it into the oversized turkey.

    Bake the crap out of the turkey for 10 hours.

    Feed the result to a homeless shelter. Enjoy.

  28. Eric says:


  29. ussjimmycarter says:

    I want to start with the head of the republican party! His head would fit nicely up Barney Frank’s ass!

  30. cptnmoroni says:

    We should also sponsor a Constitutional Amendment that, in order to vote, people have to pay $20. That’ll get rid of all the weenies in a single election cycle.

  31. Freemon Sandlewould says:

    Conservatives too many times talk about guns ( nice but not very effective ) …………when they should be talking about organizing. ORGANIZING efforts. Efforts that can toss a spoke in the wheels. Look what the libs did to Bush. Think that….but also think more than that.

  32. Kent says:


    RVB beat you to the punch by one presidential election…

    Listen to the whole thing – it’s classic. Probably my favorite Sarge speech ever.

    Mecham, If you haven’t seen Idiocracy yet, you’ve just described the first ten minutes. If anyone wants a preview of the next four years, watch the presidential speech in this movie.

  33. Jimmy says:

    Yeahbut, Kent, they didn’t have ussjimmycarter doin’ the rippin’ and stuffin’. Besides, my recipe makes more sense.

    Oh, and ussjc, as we’ve declared before, the current head of the Republican Party IS a Democrat, so, yeah…

    Gotta go back to work. “In Alice in Obamaland, you have to run twice as fast.”

  34. Samantha says:


  35. Unistat says:

    Sign me up. TANSTAAFL indeed! I vote to keep “Republican Underground” because it will put all those RINOs on notice that we will not tolerate any Vichey-like collabos.

    To Freemon Sandlewould: What do you think we are doing right now? We are organizing the resistance, thats what! Besides you can never have too many or talk too much about guns, unless you’re some kind of collabo, you aren’t a collabo are you…

  36. BigRichardSmall says:

    I say we keep “Republican” in the name. The emphasis should be about content, not packaging. Think about it. How far in America do you think with pretty packaging, empty promises, and no history of accomplishments??.. Wait a minute.

  37. comatus says:

    Ooh, lookit us tuffguys lining up to ask for permits from our lords and masters. “Please sir, may I have one?” Anyone who waited until now to get a firearm, and now is anxious to give their name and particulars to a list-taker who will perforce be turning that list over to the new enforcement regime…honest to god, whatever is going through your mind? Other than a 7.62×51 NATO round, I mean…

    This is the time to deal with trunk merchants. This is the time to invest in silicone-sealed PVC tubes. This is not the time to treat the right to keep & bear as is if it’s a normal civic function–because it isn’t, as of this morning. That’s what underground means.

  38. Rick says:

    I’m in. I already have a 1911. Just need to buy more ammo.

    I like the slogan, but I think that WOLVERINES!!! should be an acceptable alternative.

  39. RightWingTink says:

    I’m in. Hey, jimmy, did you see gag-wire won? Yuck. :(

    As for The CU, I’m in. I want a shirt, another gun, and some pizza.
    As for our contributions: my hubby is a pastor so he can provide good old-fashioned Bible thumpin’ conservative values and counseling. *thumbs up*
    I’m a smartass and can/will rip the heads of hippies.

  40. Jimmy says:

    I did see that, RightWingTink. Hey, you’ve been gone too long! You must be “running twice as fast” also. And I see comatus is back. All kinds of Ronin are back now. There must be something to this underground thing.

    Today, I find myself thinking about how to build a new “republic” incapable of destroying itself.

  41. sixpckr says:

    I’m in, too.

    A van and cards?? Cool. I call shotgun for the van. I’m up for head-stuffing, too. Can’t get too much of that in any underground movement.

    This is gonna be fun…

  42. ILoveMyFreedoms says:

    #1. A cool van is okay. But, since we’re growing in numbers, and with all the Obama handouts forthcoming, we should be able to pick up a long cheese bus for quite the bargain. Way cooler. And the bumpy ride will prepare us for the… well… bumpy ride ahead.

    “WOLVERINES!!!” should be prominently painted on each side to catch the eye of true believers and those who continue to watch “Red Dawn” on VHS. Underneath, “Conservative Underground” could be in a smaller font, just to clarify that we’re really not promoting Michigan.

  43. Scott F. says:

    Speaking of which, when will the store be carrying WOLVERINES!!!!! shirts? I need something to wear for the next 4 years, and that’s just the kind of inside joke that catches on.

  44. Keith says:

    Count me in as well. I’ll second, ot third, or fourth, the “Conservative Underground” title; I’m a fly’s eyelash away from changing registration to American Independent, now that the RINOs have damaged the brand.

    And NunyaB at #18: you’ve already got a gun permit. It’s called the Second Amendment.

  45. Master Shake says:

    Do we Ronin have ranks? Do we get code names?

  46. PammyV says:

    OK, I’m ready…..I only have a shot gun, will that suffice?

    I like Conservative Underground…but I wonder if “underground” is too radical sounding (meaning something a hippie would use)

    ONce we get our card, tshirt, van and stickers, what is our first assignment?

  47. Chitokay says:

    What Jimmy in post #27 is suggesting sounds an awful lot like a Turducken which is a ChickEN stuffed inside of a DUCK stuffed inside of a TURkey. That being the case we need to have a clever name for this new inspiring holiday treat. I suggest Turdemeral or a variation where the politician is receiving the liberal’s melon up the keister would be a Turlibcrat. Personally I would prefer a Libkey (where a live turkey is stuffed into the talking end (the keister) of a live liberal) or a Politkey (same as a for Libkey but sustituting a democrat politician for the liberal).

  48. Idaho Spud says:

    Ok with me if Frank is the Defacto leader. I personally would not like the name Republican in the group title as it might have the connotation of “whimp” or “can’t we all just reach across the ailse” sort of thing.

    As a western freedom fighter I get to be Agent X. Sorry, I dubbed it first.

    As the fighting goes here on the Western Front, I would like to put in a requisition order from the LEADERSHIP for supplies. I will be needing several color copiers. two tons of high quality copier paper with a brightness level of at least 96 to begin an underground newspaper and propaganda movement. A petty cash fund of $1500 bucks to bribe natives at office max for misc. supplies as needed. Our fighters here are not all equiped as they should be and so we could use 7-12 1911’s. I like the taurus if you have them. Some small carbines that fire .45 acp would be handy as the ammo will fit either the pistol or long gun. It’s kind of a tradition here in the west to match things up like that. Wheel guns are fine if you have a few extra but would prefer to stay with Smith or Colt. Also, postage to support the underground newspaper, maybe $3000-$5000 until we start winning.

    My freedom fighters are willing to sacrifice everything for the cause and ask for nothing in return but if we could have a small stipend to start a micro brewery it would be helpful and uplifting to the companies moral.

    In your service–Agent X

  49. DC says:

    “Underground” is a sign of fear. I will not go underground, I will stay up here and fight!

  50. Chitokay says:

    Three quick notes:

    1. I vote Conservative Underground and then when we take over we can change it to Conservative Overlords.

    2. Anyone else notice how excited Wall Street is about the President elect? (down 5% on the day)

    3. barry hussein osama (lack of capitals is on purpose due to lack of respect) is more of a commie than a socialist as the American Heritage Dictionary defines communism as; A system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and a single, often authoritarian party holds power, claiming to make progress toward a higher social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people.

  51. BigRichardSmall says:

    I thought we were using our code names. I’m not signing this James Howlett… Oh crap! My Idenity is exposed!!!

  52. RightWingTink says:

    jimmy, yeah, I heard the Ronin Silent Whistle of Death. Heh.

  53. Abigail says:


    Does handing out free guns to party members who do not have them violate the spirit of the party or encourage it?

  54. Mark says:

    Do I still get my free healthcare, free mortgage, free gas, free education and free money?

  55. Mrs. Haff says:

    Where is the sign up sheet! I’m in!

  56. Jimmy says:

    OK, Chitokay, but just remember that “Head Rippin’ and Stuffin'” was invented by ussjimmycarter here at IMAO. I hereby nominate Chitokay as head chef and recipe specialist as I don’t have the necessary expertise being an engineer an all. I eat a lot of steak sammiches.

    On a sadder note, I see that many in the conservative blogosphere are calling out the death of the Republican Party today. If so, the American two-party system is also dead. If so, America is in deep kimchee. Are you sure you want an “Underground,” Frank? DC has a point.

  57. BigRichardSmall says:

    We need a anthem for our movement. Kind of like the Republicans have “God Bless the USA” and the Democrats have “Horst-Wessel-Lied”. I nominate “God’s going to cut down” by Johnny Cash.

    You can run on for a long time
    Run on for a long time,
    Run on for a long time
    Sooner or later, god’ll cut you down
    Sooner or later, god’ll cut you down

    Go tell that long tongued liar
    Go and tell that midnight rider
    Tell the rambler ,the gambler, the back-biter
    Tell them that God’s gonna cut you down
    Tell them that God’s gonna cut you down
    Tell them that God’s gonna cut you down

  58. Sulamie says:

    I’m in. SO in. Was hoping to wake up to something like this today. Thanks Frank! My husband is already talking about moving to Alaska – maybe this (and another gun) will calm him down. And I agree with Kent’s last paragraph, too.

  59. ConservativeYouth says:

    The idea of the “CU” or the “RU” are good ideas with the whole going back to conservative principles. I disagree with breaking the party and becoming a new party. I know this is a joke in a sense but sub-divison will kill our movment. You know someone will see this and become a libertarian. Instead of splitting the vote with third parties and fourth parties improve the one party that started it all the GOP. When they push left we push right. Look at the liberals for instance. When they got beat two elections in a row by what they would describe “A hillbillie retard” they couldn’t stomach it. They stood ground and instead of forming all sorts of new parties they pushed their party in the direction they wnated it to go… LEFT! Reform our party first. Strength in numbers will always win out over division. The democrats are adopting every idea, clique, and outcast group they can get their hands on. I’m not saying be “big tent”. I’m saying bring the fight to them and convert people to our ideas. I live in PA in the suburbs of philly and everyday I hear people complain about liberal pansy platforms. Then they turn around and vote straight Democrat! They think global warming is gay, they hate gay marriage, they hate generation after generation living off of wlefare and never working a job. THEN THEY ELECT MORE DEMOCRATS. Inform the masses say “We’re going to fix welfare so people aren’t living off the system for nothing and the new deal was a raw dea. We get rid of welfare and we get rid of wastefull spending and there will be more moeny in your pocket to feed your family!l”. Who cares if you offend welfare receipiants they weren’t voting for us anyway. Find your strength and turn that into a way to inform. If it’s teaching, animation, acting, etc. Use that as a tool to get out the message that is simple. We are republican we believe in smaller government involved in your life, lowest possible tax, improved military, tough on crime and terrorist, and a strong border. The middle class will eat that up. We have to fight the media, congress, and now president. Lets not add eahcother to that list. Don’t change parties instead change THE party. Reform the GOP and get ready for the fight of our lives. People want to be republican they just don’t know it. I was raised on welfare by two hippies and went through the public school system of philadelphia. If I can learn to hate the insane, unhealthy, and moronic policy of the left anyone can. We need to get to the youth and inform them now!

    PS sorry that was so long winded I’m a silent observer for a while and it was alot to get out at once.

  60. Bob in Feenicks says:

    I prefer Conservative to Republican myself, since I identify more with the philosophy than the party.
    The problem with calling ourselves the Conservative Underground is that there already is a Conservative Underground

    I’m not big on the “Underground” either since it sounds a lot like a radical lefty organization.

  61. ConservativeYouth says:

    Oh yea and does anyone see the irony the France has a more conservative leader the us now?

  62. ILoveMyFreedoms says:

    #59. ConservativeYouth: Mistaken you are – as “joke” this is not. A “Wolverine!!!” shirt you must buy. Broken down it must be, the Republican Party. Like in bootcamp, it must die. Then slowly rebuilt, it will be.

  63. Micheal says:

    I like it, but can mine be a .357 magnum, I like wheel guns.

  64. Randy Streu says:

    I don’t care what you call it. I’m in, twice. Because, dammit, I want to be.

  65. DesertElephant says:

    I have to say that I’m in. I also say Conservative Underground for the name. I need a T-Shirt, Membership Card and Cool Operative code name. I choose Revenant. I agree that the symbol should be that beautiful 1911. As a man having operation of just one hand, I personally carry a Glock 36, .45 Cal for the ease of field stripping, the durability and the fact that it’s easily fired one-handed. I also have a S&W 640 .357 Mag and a Bersa Thunder .380. I’m looking to get a shotgun this weekend if I can get the scratch together.

    Long Live The Conservative Underground! WOLVERINES!!!

  66. ussjimmycarter says:

    Frank is POTUS and I therefore declare myself Lord and Great and Glorious One Who Shall Manage the Stuffing Of Heads Up Asses! I like my new title!!! Muwhahahahahah!!!!

  67. NunyaB says:

    #59, well said case for keeping the “Republican” in the name. And I’m the one that initially suggested CU. As a “compromise,” how about “Reagan Republicans”? As long as the point is made that conservatives are back in charge of the party, and every last RINO is tossed back into obscurity, I’m good. Basically, what #64 said.

    Other than that, first orders of business? Shut down ACORN and the MSM. Oh wait, I’m just a foot soldier. Just my suggestion then.

  68. Daniel says:

    alright, i claim the florida chapter though!

    to let you know, my personal choice is the Mateba Model 6 Unica, but i still have yet to get my mosin nagant, glock 9, and 1911

    and i feel like because i havent gotten the book published yet
    (and now wonder if i ever will) i will give you a line i wrote a few months ago:

    “the war is never over, so long as there is still one soldier left to fight it. If i have to be that one left, i have no regrets”

    if the worst comes, im not leaving my country, im taking her back, welcome to the USRA boys

    (note: this be an IRA spoof, if you know not who the IRA is, you must be a libertard)

  69. DC says:


    Here’s a suggestion: Instaed of rebuilding the Republican party, why not repair it?

  70. BigRichardSmall says:

    I think there are still some of us in Washington. Thaddeus McCotter is starting to show himself as a true leader. He wrote in the American Spectator today about Republican Rock Bottom. He talks about core Republican Beliefs

    What are the Republican Party’s principles that will be employed to meet and surmount these challenges? We have five enduring principles:

    1. Our liberty is from God not the government.
    2. Our sovereignty rests in our souls not the soil.
    3. Our security is through strength not surrender.
    4. Our prosperity is from the private sector not the public sector.
    5. Our truths are self-evident not relative.

    Good article.

  71. Jimmy says:

    Ok, I’m confused.

    RU – Republican Underground (Frank J.)
    CU – Conservative Underground (IMAO Ronin)
    CU – Conservative Underground, existing (, 203 members)
    USRA – US Republican Army (Irish-only, Daniel? Just kidding.)
    A-Team (Jared, don’t know what that means, actually)
    None of the above: repair existing Party.

    Already we sound like a bunch of Democrats who can’t agree on anything. The next thing you know, we’ll have EARMARKS (actual marks on our ears, like little elephant stamps).

  72. Edward says:

    Ditto’s ! I already have a REAL 1911. Springfield 1911A1, A model 19 S&W, A S&W 645 (to compliment the 1911A1) a K9, for my light work, and a few other various handgund that I don’t generally carry around. Shotguns of various type and guage, and a Brand Spanking New 300 Winchester Magnum for long range Big Game. Sign me up for the RU, and LIBERALS BEWARE – I will not forget how 43 was treated from the time he took office. It’s Payback Time!

  73. DC says:

    I think the A-Team is some old tv show. Not sure, though.

  74. RightWingTink says:

    How about CRU? Conservative/Republican Underground. I’m not leaving the GOP; I’m stubborn, dangit.

  75. richard says:

    Thaddeus McCotter rocks!

  76. Bob in Feenicks says:

    How about ‘Republican Guard’?
    I don’t think anybody is using that anymore. :)

  77. Mark says:

    …but no one has answered the question: “Do I still get my free health care, free mortgage, free gas, free education and free money?”

  78. RightWingTink says:

    I suppose if you want free healthcare we can help you, Mark. I didn’t go to med school, though, just to warn you.

  79. Long Live the RNC says:

    Good – I can dig the arms stash out of the backyard now. I think liberals should die in a big, big fire. Can I be a General? I want to order hords of Democrats to Kenya.

  80. Right Winger says:

    As a Proud Member Of The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.
    Please count me in.

  81. MarkoMancuso says:

    How about Sons of Liberty? It’s about time someone started using that title again.

  82. Eros says:

    Count me in. The heck with t-shirts though. Buy a black BDU top, and keep it unmarked, except for “Wolverines!” embroidered in red across the back. People walking around in unmarked, black BDU’s scare the hell out of liberals and hippies (it feeds their tin-foil hat conspiracy theories, and makes them think we are some rouge-military element). I think we should just keep the long standing IMAO title of Ronin as our name, and in the spirit, as a symbol, a crossed M-16 and Katana.

  83. BD says:

    im in and we need to have a vote on the name…

  84. IMAO » Blog Archive » Creative Outlet links:

    […] seem to like the Republican Underground idea, so anyone want to start work on like a logo? I’m thinking something like the words […]

  85. RightWingKiller says:

    I’m on board with teh movement but agree that the name “Republican” has been too badly crapped on by Qwai Chang McCain and the herd of RINOs he runs with.
    How about just plain, simple small ‘c’ conservative!
    Plan! Organize! Resist!

  86. ILoveMyFreedoms says:

    #69, DC says: “Here’s a suggestion: Instaed of rebuilding the Republican party, why not repair it?”

    DC, are you really Joe the Handyman?

  87. Idaho Spud says:

    I don’t know about that wolverine stuff. If it’s based on the movie then that was not real. Don’t you see??? That was a bunch of liberals pretending to be patriots. But it was only pretend. Besides it reminds me of when I was a kid and I don’t want to be reminded.

    Also, I had a requisition for supplies from leadership. I we don’t go with wolverines does that mean we don’t get our stuff.

    Take another angle. Here in Idaho the Lib’s brought in the Canadian Grey wufs to restore a balance of nature. This is code for killing every gd thing in the forest and also keeping mankinds the hell away. It was a religious thing for the libs, but, If you have ever seen a pack of wolves tear into anything (including a wolverine) it ain’t pretty.

    Anyway, here on the western front we are prepared to go it alone if we must, even without the supplies. Maybe our paths will cross someday, until then keep your powder dry. Agent X

    PS. Before you approach our camp give a yell. We ain’t taken no prisoners

  88. Idaho Spud says:

    We!!! What the hell am I talking about? It’s only me. Agent X

  89. creekspecter says:

    Oh, heck yeah, I’m in. Living just south of the People’s Republic of Austin, I’ll have an abundance of opportunities to take the cause straight into the heart of one of the liberal’s most staunch bastions. Fortunately, being well-armed in Texas is rather “de rigeur”, and ammo tends to be pretty plentiful. If we can have code names, I wanna be, like, Kid Shaleen, or Amarillo Slim, or something cool like that.

    #76… thanks for the chuckle! I don’t think the previous owner will sue for copyright infringement.


  90. Son of Bob says:

    Definitely “Conservative Underground”


  91. tll says:

    I don’t have a gun but I do have an attack dog. Who can jump. Really high. Pleeeeease let me join?

  92. creekspecter says:

    Instead of wolverines, is “fighting Irish” taken? (I’m trying to take Idaho Spud’s concerns into account.)

    I would have offered Red State Brigade, but I’ve been told that that might not be the image we’re looking for. Gosh, this Axelrod marketing stuff is hard! Maybe we could be the “Guys In Black” (GIBs).

  93. DC says:

    Guys In Black? What about the gals? 😉

  94. Mountain Man says:

    Idaho Spud, you are not alone. I’m fighting in Colorado AND Utah, they call me “mountain man”. I dont own any real firearms yet, but I’m planning on buying two 1911s and an M14. I also agree with the”conservative underground” name, at least until we clean up the republican party. We do need t-shirts, cards, a van, as well as the general lee. Cuz that Dixie horn just makes liberals crap themselves out of fear. Our motto does need to be “WOLVERINES!!!!” because after all, we are fighting the commies. The west will fight on!

  95. RightWingTink says:

    I don’t care what we’re called, gentlemen (and fellow lady ronin). Let’s just get this puppy off the ground.

    So do we get to have like a compound HQ at FrankJ’s house?

  96. 5 of 7 says:

    Good discussion, lots of enthusiasm, but too late to be secret, subversive and covert now!
    Conservative Overground?
    Conservative Aboveground?
    Conservative Wellgrounded?
    Republican Reformation?
    Dumbledor’s Army? (sorry, Harry Potter flashback!)
    There was a short-lived, micro-press comic book in the 80’s I loved; “Reagan’s Raiders”.

    t-shirt design:
    Reagan’s Raiders
    image of Colt 1911
    “Pay for it with your own money, bitch!”
    (works for me!)

    Just knowing that the movement existed would sends tingles (not the good kind) up and down the legs of libs in the land of the blue meanies!

  97. Colby says:

    Flat out the most inspiring blog I’ve ever read.

  98. HCG says:

    #46 Pammy V – The proper term is “boom-stick”, and yes, it counts.

    I’m with Marco. “Sons” of Liberty doesn’t have the wimpy or liberal baggage of Ru and CU.

    #92 Creekspecter – I refuse to join the Bee Gees.

  99. NunyaB says:

    Where’s seanmahair? We need her in this.

  100. Chitokay says:

    I think our symbol should be the Gadsden Flag…you know “Don’t Tread on Me” with the snake on a yellow background.

  101. freedommom says:

    OK … this “communications” thing is my professional gig, and after reading all the really intelligent input, my vote is for REPUBLICAN UNDERGROUND.

    Here’s why: (1) Conservative Underground is already taken,and if you google it, you might not want to just jump in there; (2) the talking Republican heads don’t seem to understand what’s really going on in the country, so keeping “Republican” and adding “Underground” shows there is a movement fomenting beyond what Kristol and others in the Beltway are willing/ able to see. There’s also a real tactical advantage to staying under the radar … you can grow to the tipping point before anyone with power even realizes you are there. You don’t have to be subversive or radical to stay underground; the movement will end up having enormous momentum when the country is finally ready to listen, after a few months/years of BHO socialist globalism.

    I’m getting ready to start meeting with other like-minded Republicans in our local area in private homes, soon. (We could do the Meet-up thing, but that gets watered down very quickly.) We’re going to do it the old-fashioned way, person-to-person. Word of mouth is the oldest and best way to communicate, and isn’t vulnerable to technology and listening ears …

    What say you?

  102. freedommom says:

    Well, low and behold, we are not the first to fight! Check this out, the Conservative Manifesto, put together by Congressional legislators in 1937 to counter the New Deal. You’ll recognize much of it. Please also note that IT WORKED!

  103. DesertElephant says:

    I Need my AZ Ronin to help get this Chapter of RU off the ground. What say you, Zonies?

  104. Utter Nonsense links:

    Republican Underground…

    Well, Frank J. is calling for the creation of the Republican Underground.  Suggestions for a theme song for the group are now being accepted.  I suggested “Headstrong” by Trapt.  I would also accept “Overture of 1812″ and ……

  105. Mitch Rapp says:

    Keep this up and you might actually get this “underground” movement to recapture the GOP flag off the ground!!

    In the spirit of cooperation, I just bought the domain and it is yours/ours for the taking.

    I have no intention of siphoning users or momentum from this site. I just found this place and I am already swept up. The writings and thoughts expressed here are echoes of conversations I have with a circle of well-meaning friends who are fed up with the current state of affairs for the last several years. I have directed them here and expect to see them chiming in soon.

    I don’t have the faintest idea how to build a website, so unless this motley crew of Republican/Conservative Undergrounders want to put that domain name to good use, it will sit there and rot.

    This blog is a shot in the arm for me. I have been energized by everything I’m reading and hearing from the regulars here.

    I mean no disrespect to Frank J. and the other contributors, because I want to see this blog continue to flourish. However, it is my opinion that the Republican Underground movement needs someplace instantly recognizable as a haven for like-minded refugees from mainstream republicanism.

    It is in that spirit that I give you

    It is yours for the taking.

    Mitch Rapp

  106. Jimmy says:

    In case the blog owner misses your comment, Mitch Rapp, you should probably contact him by email – left side banner under the US flag.

  107. sophie says:

    How long until we can get bumper stickers at the IMAO store?

  108. Jerry says:

    Hello All!

    Starting November 8th, a new forum dedicated to bringing the republican party back to its roots and taking back the country from the extreme left will make its debut!

    Join us!

  109. NunyaB says:

    I can HTML-code a simple, clean website if need be. It wouldn’t be anything fancy, I’m not that talented, but I can do links from page to page, photos and text, that kinda thing. It would get the job done.
    I’d just need someone to provide me the content, and point me where to FTP the finished pages.

  110. Mitch Rapp says:

    Jimmy, et al,

    I sent my offer directly to Frank J. immediately after I made the post here. I wish I had done it the other way around, but I didn’t spot his email address until I was coming back through after posting.

    I think it is of paramount importance to not detract from the support and momentum that this very site has already garnered. I do not want to step on anyone’s toes and my only intention is to usher the “Republican Underground” cause along. I am just not one to sit on the sidelines and hang on for the ride. I want to make sure that this gets done, and I intend to see it through.

    Even before the election, the movement to take back the GOP from the pussy-footing, appeasing RINOs was thoroughly underway. However, in the last few days, talk of regaining control of the conservative brand is exploding across the internet.

    There are more of us.

    The trick is to reach out and touch as many of our brothers-in-arms as possible. We all will have very different styles, yet we are united by a common purpose.

    Maybe the right-wing, militant, gun nuts can rally under the IMAO flag where they find the spiritual inspiration to stick it to The Man and take our party back; insurgent field operatives under U.S. Wolverines where we work behind the scenes to bring the fight to the enemy; grown up, mature, polite, and resourceful professionals under The Republican Underground where we gather to formulate real plans and publicize our manifestos and press releases.

    All of this is purely speculation on my part. I have no idea how this will take shape. My intention is to further the dialogue, brainstorm, and take our Grand Old Party back from the squishy moderates that want to keep reaching across the aisle in order to work with the enemy.

    See you Underground,
    Mitch Rapp

  111. apackof2 says:


    I already have the T-shirts



    Point is I am NOT undergound. I am loud, proud conservative on the offensive
    They have to give an account now.

    As a blogger, I will continue to press for investigation into
    illegal overseas contributions and continued Miliary voter disfranchisement.
    ACORN is being investigated by the FBI. I will continue to press for outcome and
    removal of ACORN from federal income support

    I will continue to monitor Barry’s “buddies”

    Rashid Khalidi- PLO Member, America Hater
    Bill Ayres-Domestic Terrorist, America Hater
    Jeremiah Wright-Racist, America Hater
    Bernardine Dohrn- Domestic Terrorist, America Hater
    ACORN-Community organizers, America Haters
    Father Pfleger-socialist activist, America Hater
    Louis Farrakhan-Muslim Radical, America Hater
    Tony Rezko- Criminal, Obama Fund Raiser.
    Raila Odinga-Kenyan Terrorist, Obama cousin

    I have archived much of the information from this election.
    I will hammer all the non-action campaign promises Barry made to the sheeple

    I will network with other conservative groups to discuss and help grow an organized
    Internet community to reach others with the message of conservatism, especially the young
    which Barry was so succesful at doing. I will help to idenify conservatives to run for state and local offices.

    I will purchase my first firearm (already have my CCW) pay down any debt, save $$$
    in preparation of the next Depression that Barry’s policies will usher in

    In others words, I AM DOWN FOR THE FIGHT!

    The World According to Me

  112. IP727 says:

    Like minded folk over at new blog:Mostly ex poli pundit types. we birds of a feather must flock together, or we will be flocked seperately.

    They could use web page help from any interested parties.
    Semper fi mike foxtrot

  113. Keith says:

    Ditto what IP727 says. The BeJohnGalt blog is starting a search for allies; I was there earlier this morning.

    As long as we’re throwing out names – Conservative Underground, Republicans Underground – why not Team Hellbender?

    And as for my position – I’ve got dibs on “Lord High Executioner.”

  114. Shinygoon says:

    I vote for the 1911,(I have a matched pair so I can parade around like Bruce Willis in Last Man Standing). But add in a claymore sword (BIG sword), an M1A(M14), and a dinosaur standing on a drawn and quartered seth Mcfarlane.

  115. scott a says:

    Time to fight time to no longer let them hide there true colors.You can put a red (dems) in a corner, ask them what is communism ,and what three things do they see wrong with it.

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