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Posted on November 5, 2008 12:09 pm

Obviously, I am now the defacto leader of the Republican Party. Others will claim to be leaders, but they are false leaders. They will lead you to the land of squishy principles and pork spending where death awaits. But we are the true Republicans — The Republican Underground!

With the Democrats controlling the White House and Congress, they are not going to cut taxes. Money is power, and they want more power. They’re going to come for your money, my money, Joe the Plumber’s money, little Timmy’s money… everyone’s money. And then they’re going to spend our hard earned money on whatever the dirty smelly hippies want.

And only we can stop it.

The new symbol of the Republican party is the 1911.

A gun is the proper symbol of freedom. It’s scary, dangerous in the wrong hands, oddly beautiful, and any real man treasures it as a prized possession.

We are now against all spending that isn’t defense related. If it doesn’t help kill foreigners, you can spend your own money on it, bitch.

BTW, that’s our new slogan: “Pay for it with your own money, bitch.”

All taxes are too high. All of them. I don’t know what the proper taxation level is; I just know it’s way lower than the current one. We are against all new taxes like we are against injecting ourselves with the Ebola virus, and we want all taxes cut just like we want tumors excised.

In America, power isn’t all about who has political office. That’s the way it was made. And every two years a third of the Senate and the entire House of Representative is up for reelection, and they won’t have some pretty shiny thing drawing idiots to the polls in 2010. Don’t think that won’t be on their mind when they first get the chance to pull the trigger on some radical bill. If President Bush can slap around Democrat majorities, then we can.

We will cut taxes. We will stop spending. We will protect our borders. We will kill terrorists. We will protect our freedoms. We will get to carry firearms wherever we damn well please. We will punch hippies whenever we feel like it (which is always). We will use nuclear ordinance against our natural satellite.

We are the Republican Underground, and we can’t be stopped!

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115 Responses to “Republican Underground”

  1. freedommom says:

    OK … this “communications” thing is my professional gig, and after reading all the really intelligent input, my vote is for REPUBLICAN UNDERGROUND.

    Here’s why: (1) Conservative Underground is already taken,and if you google it, you might not want to just jump in there; (2) the talking Republican heads don’t seem to understand what’s really going on in the country, so keeping “Republican” and adding “Underground” shows there is a movement fomenting beyond what Kristol and others in the Beltway are willing/ able to see. There’s also a real tactical advantage to staying under the radar … you can grow to the tipping point before anyone with power even realizes you are there. You don’t have to be subversive or radical to stay underground; the movement will end up having enormous momentum when the country is finally ready to listen, after a few months/years of BHO socialist globalism.

    I’m getting ready to start meeting with other like-minded Republicans in our local area in private homes, soon. (We could do the Meet-up thing, but that gets watered down very quickly.) We’re going to do it the old-fashioned way, person-to-person. Word of mouth is the oldest and best way to communicate, and isn’t vulnerable to technology and listening ears …

    What say you?

  2. freedommom says:

    Well, low and behold, we are not the first to fight! Check this out, the Conservative Manifesto, put together by Congressional legislators in 1937 to counter the New Deal. You’ll recognize much of it. Please also note that IT WORKED!

  3. DesertElephant says:

    I Need my AZ Ronin to help get this Chapter of RU off the ground. What say you, Zonies?

  4. Utter Nonsense links:

    Republican Underground…

    Well, Frank J. is calling for the creation of the Republican Underground.  Suggestions for a theme song for the group are now being accepted.  I suggested “Headstrong” by Trapt.  I would also accept “Overture of 1812″ and ……

  5. Mitch Rapp says:

    Keep this up and you might actually get this “underground” movement to recapture the GOP flag off the ground!!

    In the spirit of cooperation, I just bought the domain and it is yours/ours for the taking.

    I have no intention of siphoning users or momentum from this site. I just found this place and I am already swept up. The writings and thoughts expressed here are echoes of conversations I have with a circle of well-meaning friends who are fed up with the current state of affairs for the last several years. I have directed them here and expect to see them chiming in soon.

    I don’t have the faintest idea how to build a website, so unless this motley crew of Republican/Conservative Undergrounders want to put that domain name to good use, it will sit there and rot.

    This blog is a shot in the arm for me. I have been energized by everything I’m reading and hearing from the regulars here.

    I mean no disrespect to Frank J. and the other contributors, because I want to see this blog continue to flourish. However, it is my opinion that the Republican Underground movement needs someplace instantly recognizable as a haven for like-minded refugees from mainstream republicanism.

    It is in that spirit that I give you

    It is yours for the taking.

    Mitch Rapp

  6. Jimmy says:

    In case the blog owner misses your comment, Mitch Rapp, you should probably contact him by email – left side banner under the US flag.

  7. sophie says:

    How long until we can get bumper stickers at the IMAO store?

  8. Jerry says:

    Hello All!

    Starting November 8th, a new forum dedicated to bringing the republican party back to its roots and taking back the country from the extreme left will make its debut!

    Join us!

  9. NunyaB says:

    I can HTML-code a simple, clean website if need be. It wouldn’t be anything fancy, I’m not that talented, but I can do links from page to page, photos and text, that kinda thing. It would get the job done.
    I’d just need someone to provide me the content, and point me where to FTP the finished pages.

  10. Mitch Rapp says:

    Jimmy, et al,

    I sent my offer directly to Frank J. immediately after I made the post here. I wish I had done it the other way around, but I didn’t spot his email address until I was coming back through after posting.

    I think it is of paramount importance to not detract from the support and momentum that this very site has already garnered. I do not want to step on anyone’s toes and my only intention is to usher the “Republican Underground” cause along. I am just not one to sit on the sidelines and hang on for the ride. I want to make sure that this gets done, and I intend to see it through.

    Even before the election, the movement to take back the GOP from the pussy-footing, appeasing RINOs was thoroughly underway. However, in the last few days, talk of regaining control of the conservative brand is exploding across the internet.

    There are more of us.

    The trick is to reach out and touch as many of our brothers-in-arms as possible. We all will have very different styles, yet we are united by a common purpose.

    Maybe the right-wing, militant, gun nuts can rally under the IMAO flag where they find the spiritual inspiration to stick it to The Man and take our party back; insurgent field operatives under U.S. Wolverines where we work behind the scenes to bring the fight to the enemy; grown up, mature, polite, and resourceful professionals under The Republican Underground where we gather to formulate real plans and publicize our manifestos and press releases.

    All of this is purely speculation on my part. I have no idea how this will take shape. My intention is to further the dialogue, brainstorm, and take our Grand Old Party back from the squishy moderates that want to keep reaching across the aisle in order to work with the enemy.

    See you Underground,
    Mitch Rapp

  11. apackof2 says:


    I already have the T-shirts



    Point is I am NOT undergound. I am loud, proud conservative on the offensive
    They have to give an account now.

    As a blogger, I will continue to press for investigation into
    illegal overseas contributions and continued Miliary voter disfranchisement.
    ACORN is being investigated by the FBI. I will continue to press for outcome and
    removal of ACORN from federal income support

    I will continue to monitor Barry’s “buddies”

    Rashid Khalidi- PLO Member, America Hater
    Bill Ayres-Domestic Terrorist, America Hater
    Jeremiah Wright-Racist, America Hater
    Bernardine Dohrn- Domestic Terrorist, America Hater
    ACORN-Community organizers, America Haters
    Father Pfleger-socialist activist, America Hater
    Louis Farrakhan-Muslim Radical, America Hater
    Tony Rezko- Criminal, Obama Fund Raiser.
    Raila Odinga-Kenyan Terrorist, Obama cousin

    I have archived much of the information from this election.
    I will hammer all the non-action campaign promises Barry made to the sheeple

    I will network with other conservative groups to discuss and help grow an organized
    Internet community to reach others with the message of conservatism, especially the young
    which Barry was so succesful at doing. I will help to idenify conservatives to run for state and local offices.

    I will purchase my first firearm (already have my CCW) pay down any debt, save $$$
    in preparation of the next Depression that Barry’s policies will usher in

    In others words, I AM DOWN FOR THE FIGHT!

    The World According to Me

  12. IP727 says:

    Like minded folk over at new blog:Mostly ex poli pundit types. we birds of a feather must flock together, or we will be flocked seperately.

    They could use web page help from any interested parties.
    Semper fi mike foxtrot

  13. Keith says:

    Ditto what IP727 says. The BeJohnGalt blog is starting a search for allies; I was there earlier this morning.

    As long as we’re throwing out names – Conservative Underground, Republicans Underground – why not Team Hellbender?

    And as for my position – I’ve got dibs on “Lord High Executioner.”

  14. Shinygoon says:

    I vote for the 1911,(I have a matched pair so I can parade around like Bruce Willis in Last Man Standing). But add in a claymore sword (BIG sword), an M1A(M14), and a dinosaur standing on a drawn and quartered seth Mcfarlane.

  15. scott a says:

    Time to fight time to no longer let them hide there true colors.You can put a red (dems) in a corner, ask them what is communism ,and what three things do they see wrong with it.

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