Helicopters are racist

Posted on February 9, 2009 12:00 pm

The President bumped his head.

Yes, Barack Obama bumped his head as he entered Marine One.

It’s news, because it was news when President Gerald Ford bumped his head.

But Gerald Ford bumped his head because he was a doofus.

But, The One can’t be a doofus. Therefore, helicopters are racist.

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34 Responses to “Helicopters are racist”

  1. kerrcarto says:

    Too bad he didn’t have his protective bucket on.

  2. RickJ19958 says:

    According to Yahoo(!) it’s because “Marine One is much shorter than he is”. His grandeur exceeds the helicopter.

    Truly, this is an Obama-nation.

  3. Mary Sunshine says:

    After looking at the picture, I think you are correct. Notice it was the white part of the helicopter that lowered itself to bump Obama on the head. He probably didn’t misunderestimate how low the door was, it moved.

  4. comatus says:

    There’s been a bid out for several years for what company’s helicopter will replace the current Marine One “fleet.” I think you’ve just seen how the decision will be made. Smart money? MIL.

    BTW did anyone check the demeanor of the Marine guard at the boarding stair. This is often an important indicator of where the executive stands with the praetorians. They used to turn their backs on Clinton.

  5. ussjimmycarter says:

    It’s ok…there’s plenty of money in the Porkulus Spectaculus Spendulus Ginormus to buy The Great Messiah Lord and Master Obama (May He Live Forever) a custom build helicopter with a mechanism to sense that “doofus bording”…adjust accordingly…

  6. Freemon Sandlewould says:

    Buckets are racists too! Obama tools around thinking his magic head bucket that does the thinkin’ for him would shield him from doorways that jump into his way. But Mr Buckette ( he’s French Quebecois and small ) saw it coming and jumped out of the way at the last minute. Then this bucket which happens to be a white bucket sat and laughed a hard long belly laugh behind the bush.

  7. Snapped Shot links:


    The press loved to hound President Ford for his clumsiness, according to one of Pat Oliphant’s accounts of political cartooning I read way back when.

    Keep that in mind when you read this caption:

    President Barack Obama waves and learns the door …

  8. Freemon Sandlewould says:

    I have no idea what Obummer thinks Mr. Buckette can do for him in the case of windows masquerading as doors. I’ve heard that Quebecois have magic powers. Maybe its a window to door transforming bucket. However on the side of the bucket it says:

    Recite the following incantation – Mecca lekka hi meca hinney ho, Mecca leca ho meca choney ho. THEN TOSS BUCKET AT WINDOW.

    Luckily even Obumma can understand these instructions because its errily similar to breaking and entering.

  9. AlanABQ says:

    Heh. At least he didn’t try to enter through the windshield this time. Give it a while; Barky is easily confused.

  10. Ernie G says:

    He’s just trying to curry favor with the Hollywood crowd, and the French, by doing his Inspector Clouseau imitation.

  11. tbone1128 says:

    I like how the pilot looks like he’s about to burst into laughter. Buwahhhh!

  12. Fast Eddie says:

    The Secret Service quickly wrestled Marine One to the ground and disarmed it.

  13. Plentyobailouts says:

    First that one was Lincoln, now it is Ford. Did we have a president Mercury?

  14. Rightjabs says:

    Wow, the government has had these racist helicopters crackercopters for decades. Who knew?

  15. FormerHostage says:

    I wonder if Chevy Chase set it up to make a comeback?

  16. Lowly Peon says:

    What a disappointment to read the article and found out he hit his head on the door frame. I thought he hit his head on the propeller…while it was still running.

    Did I say that out loud?

  17. DamnCat says:

    Rarl Kove strikes again!

  18. ussjimmycarter says:

    So what do you think his name is in the Secret Service? “Thumper” “Bumbles” “Boinggggg” “Ouch” “Genius 1”

  19. mike says:

    c’mon – we all thought “must be used to having a cop hold his head down to avoid a bump”

  20. NunyaB says:

    So what do you think his name is in the Secret Service? “Thumper” “Bumbles” “Boinggggg” “Ouch” “Genius 1″

    Oooooooh #16, this could be fun! My guess: “Bucket” ?

  21. Freemon SandleWould says:

    NunyaB: Bucket Boy!? I had thought Barky Quebecois but now I see the connection. He’s the living incarnation of Bobby Budreaux the water boy. Except without the one talent of playing football well.

    Damn white buckets! all connivin’ to make me fails. Epic Fail.

  22. Son of Bob says:


    Yet, I’m guessing that some Chevy Chase-like idiot won’t be doing skits about his stupidity or clumsiness…wonder why.

  23. BadAndy says:

    Frank, I think we need to carry your analysis a little farther…

    You have proven that the President’s helicopter is racist. We should also note that the helicopter is mostly black but partly white — which means that things that are mostly black but partly white are racist. The President is mostly black but partly white — ergo, the President is racist.

    Also, you might not have noticed but it is the white part of the helicopter that banged Obama’s head. Further prrof of the racist nature of the copter. And did you also notice that the white part is on top? Just another example of the white machine keepin’ the blacky on da bottom.

  24. everydayjoe says:

    …all of that wind flapping in his jug ears made him lose his equilibrium.

  25. Plentyobailouts says:

    It was the U.S flag on the side of the chopper that caused him to turn his gaze away and break his concentration, thus bumping his widdle communist braincase.

  26. storm1911 says:

    I saw the video, and all of you have it wrong. That no good racist cracker copter reached out znd struck the One on the back of His head. I’ll bet that evil Booooosh taught that cracker copter to do that.

  27. island girl says:

    I got it ! He is drunk or definitely high Just watch him here saluting, waving and scampering all at once up the steps as if he is play acting and going up to his flying treehouse

  28. island girl says:

    Plus that is not my bright little green picture – Frank I changed my server, hence the altered email address, so please pass me to posting – thank you.

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  30. John says:

    the presidental helicopters are the only military helos that have that particular color scheme. they’ve been nicknamed “white tops”. obviously racist!

  31. Eros says:

    Bush used to ride in that helicopter…it’s all Bush’s fault!!! And everyone, it’s not a bucket on his head…it’s the “thinking cap” from “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Surely, the great messiah has so much on his mind (more likely so little running through his mind), that he needs half a lemon to help him concentrate.

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  34. seanmahair says:

    First off one has to be smarter than the door frame……….just saying.

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