Obamacare Myths and Facts

White House adviser David Axelrod is going to try to start his own viral e-mail responding to attacks on Obamacare. It will include responses to eight “myths” about Obamacare, and since I know all of you come to IMAO as your primary news source, I obtained those myths and the White House’s response so you can see them here:


MYTH: Obamacare will institute “death panels” to judge who should live and who should die.
FACT: People deciding who will live and who will die will be single Obama-appointed bureaucrats, so no panels are involved.

MYTH: Obamacare will force you from your current employer provided insurance.
FACT: With Obama leading the economy, you were probably going to lose your job and insurance anyway.

MYTH: Obamacare will kill your grandma.
FACT: Your grandma will die from a natural condition that Obamacare will refuse to treat.

MYTH: Obamacare will lead to rationing.
FACT: Procedures will be eliminated wholesale instead of rationed.

MYTH: Obamacare will make me wait weeks or months for necessary medical procedures.
FACT: If you’re waiting that long, then obviously a qualified individual like Barney Frank or Nancy Pelosi decided the procedure wasn’t necessary.

MYTH: Obamacare will be financed by cutting Medicare.
FACT: Obamacare will be financed by eliminating Medicare recipients.

MYTH: While many people will be forced onto the substandard public option, members of Congress will get a separate, much better plan.
FACT: They will be on the same plan, but on a much much higher tier than will be made available to the hoi polloi.

MYTH: Obamacare will be extremely costly and result in putting the country even further in debt.
FACT: There is no confirmation of this, as the solar-powered calculator Obama tried to use to calculate the cost only allowed numbers up to the tens of billions.

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  1. Myth: ObamaCare will force private insurance companies out of business.
    Fact: Private Business sounds fishy and should be reported immediately to the Obama administration in exchange for super extra sweet brownie points!


  2. Myth: Disgruntled Gov’t Healthcare physicians will come to work with guns and wipe out their full waiting rooms.
    Fact: #1 This will be referred to as “Going Medical”
    Fact: #2 Guns? What guns? Guns are no longer available under this regime.

    Myth: Physicians will be allowed to discuss euthanasia with their patients.
    Fact #1: Waiting rooms will be full of patients waiting to have their “end of life cards” stamped.
    Fact #2: Youth in Asia will be eligible for ObamaCare.

    Myth: The President’s birth certificate is totally legitamate and is of no further concern to you.
    Fact: *Your” birth certifcates, however, will be issued with expiration dates.


  3. I just received this viral e-mail directly from the White House. I forwarded it to flag@whitehouse.gov and asked them to please send the union thugs they sent out to beat the well dressed protesters to the guy that sent the e-mail to me because it appeared to me he needed a good beating.


  4. MYTH: Obamacare will finance abortions with tax dollars for folks on the “public” option.
    FACT: Technically, we will borrow those dollars from the Chinese, no tax dollars will be involved.


  5. With Obama leading the economy, you were probably going to lose your job and insurance anyway.

    That one made me laugh, right up ’til the reality of it sunk in.

    MYTH: Obamacare will be similar in nature to Cuba’s smashing success in nationalized health care.
    FACT: We still have that pesky ol’ “free market” crap in the way, so it’ll be a few years before we even catch up to Castrocare.

    MYTH: Obamacare will reduce the elderly & terminally ill to little more than once-beloved pets that became a burdensome nuisance & had to be “put down”, like Old Yeller.
    FACT: 1. That’s just silly; what’s love got to do with it?
    2. In this case, it’s not you who are averse to water & rabid.


  6. MYTH: Abortions will be covered under ObamaCare.

    FACT: Although technically correct, plans are underway to vastly expand eligibility for the Abortion procedure past the 3rd and 4th trimester into and including the 60th, year of any viable tissue mass deemed a drain on said system by a panel of “End-of-Life Super Extra Sensitive (We Care) Government Counselors Dressed Like Super Successful Postal Carriers”…


  7. Myth: if you cut your finger bad enough that you need stiches under Obamacare you’ll still be able to get stiches.
    Fact: under Obamcare they’ll just cut the finger off cause it’s cheaper than stiches


  8. Myth: Old people will be cut off under ObamaCare

    FACT: We don’t know about Old People, but under free free free Gender Reassignment Surgery many other “things” will indeed not only be cut off but paid for by ObmaCare!


  9. Folks need to stop talking about the Details of the non-health care bill and simply oppose government sponsored health care.

    The bill could be one sentence that says – Free health Care for Everyone at the Mayo Clinic for Life ! and a month after it passes the feds will turn it into the hellhole that it is now. Though it deserves mention that these suckers are so arrogant that they actually tell you ahead of time in black and white in the bill that you have a hellhole to look forward to after it passes.

    They must be half dead from laughing so hard about the fact that ANYONE supports this thing.


  10. Myth: O-bah-muhhCare will cover those with pre-existing conditions that were denied health insurance under private plans.>>> Fact:That coverage, under O-bah-muhhCare, will consist of being flagged,ignored,re-routed,and ultimately assigned to the Final Transition Tutorial Tribunal


  11. MYTH: Obama care will be free
    FACT: A new healthcare tax will be added to your paycheck taking several hundred dollars. You only make several hundred dollars? Oops. Guess you will have to starting working longer hours.


  12. MYTH: Obamacare will practice “preventative medicine.”
    FACT: Obamacare will prevent you from getting medicine.

    MYTH: There will be no placebos under Obamacare.
    FACT: But there will be “pablum.” Just take your pablum and shut the #$%@ up.

    MYTH: If you oppose Obamacare, you’re a white, right-wing, racist Nazi.
    FACT: Hey, haven’t you figured out that Obamacare IS for “white, right-wing, racist Nazis?”


  13. This is a real good one…you got those facts down pat…”With Obama leading the economy, you were probably going to lose your job and insurance anyway.” That’s a fact?

    What a shitty, shitty post.

    Does not give any facts just opinion.



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