Lieberman Democrat?

Posted on November 13, 2008 3:34 pm

There’s talk about whether Joe Lieberman should stay a Democrat or a not. If I can have a vote, I say he should stay a Democrat. He votes like a Democrat except on the war (which should never have been a partisan issue), so that’s his best fit. Now that the Democrats are going to be fully in charge, they’re going to have to mature a bit and ignore the howler monkey left, and that’s where Lieberman can lead.

“Won’t the Democrats be mean to him?” you ask.

Yes, they will. They’ll call him names, push him around, and blame all wars on him for being a Jew. He needs to persevere, though, and to help I’ll give him some advice that worked for me when I was a kid and had to deal with bullies: If someone is being mean to you, you take a stick and whap him really hard in the face. Then you repeat that over and over until you see blood. Then you make a high-pitched laugh.

Works every time.

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18 Responses to “Lieberman Democrat?”

  1. Matt B says:

    I’m not so sure about sending Lieberman off to fight the Dems on his own. He’s known for being pretty linguini spined. We might be able to use this opportunity to corral him into joining us once and for all. Now I know we don’t need more people that will cave in to Dems, but there might be a possibility of convincing him of the awesomeness of being a conservative. On top of that, he may save our asses for the filibuster proof majority the Dems want so bad.

  2. innominatus says:

    I’ve always liked the MFL phrase, but “howler monkey left” is the most fitting and hilarious description I’ve ever read. Frank, please find a way to include “howler monkey left” in every new post.

  3. RedWhiteAndTrue says:

    Frank, I would have preferred you to have said “worked” every time… now I think you’re just speculating.

  4. A.B. says:

    RWAT, I don’t think he’s speculating. I think he’s consistently employing the aforementioned method, which explains the present tense.

  5. LetJoeStay says:

    I completelly agree! As a supporter of Senator Lieberman I am offended by the threats from many of his Democratic colleagues to strip Senator Lieberman of his Chairmanships simply because he chose his friendship with John McCain over party politics. In repose to these threats, I have set up the a blog, Let Joe Stay ( with the hope of mobilizing like minded people to contact their Senators as well as Senator Reid and inform them not to put their pettiness ahead of what’s right. Senator Lieberman is the best man for these Chairmanships and to remove him would be foolish. If this is truly the time for hope and change, then Sen. Reid should forgive and forget and allow Joseph Lieberman to keep his Chairmanship. Thank you for writing this article.

  6. slapout says:

    I thought the Krazy Kos Kids kicked him out already.

  7. Basil says:

    Allow me to make a correction:

    Then you repeat that over and over until you see blood the bleeding stops.

    Better now.

  8. mockbadoc says:

    I am a lifelong Republican…aw crud. It’s just not as much fun as it used to be. Incidentally, what happens to trolls after an election? Wait! This list just in…:
    1. They don’t go anywhere. They just get turned off like Data on Star Trek by their Maker, Rahm Emmanuel. He’s promised them a “self-determination chip” for their tiny robotic brains.
    2. They spent all their Sandwich Artist money on internet just through the election. Now they’re saving for Mario Brothers.
    3. They put down their mouses, don their ski masks, and get in a primer-painted 1984 Dodge Charger to drive to the next World Bank meeting.
    4. They are being rewarded for their loyalty with weed. Lots and lots of weed.
    5. Their moms finally insisted that they clean up their room in the basement.
    6. They are frantically thinking up new super-gay screen names for the next election. It’s hard work on account of all the weed.
    7. They are finally getting a job. Just kidding! I was just seeing if you were paying attention!
    8. They are still watching us, wondering what makes us tick. In my case, the ticking sound you hear is rounds being chambered.

    Have a good night, my little Wolverines.

  9. Gregg P says:

    Lieberman is not a Democrat nor a Republican
    nor does he really care about the United States
    I have NO idea why his State keeps electing him ?
    He is ALL ISRAEL, The United States is second if any !
    He will ALWAYS side with the Pro Israeli Middle East War Mongoring
    Holyland Christian/Jewish freaks.

  10. Son of Bob says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t get the whole “Joe Lieberman” thing. He’s a far left-wing liberal idiot, who votes the wrong way on almost every issue, and who’s only redeaming quality is that he doesn’t hate his country enough to favor intentionally losing wars…and that makes him a “good guy”? Ummm…okay. More Kool-Aid, anyone?

  11. ussjimmycarter says:

    Lieberman is a liberal…sure. But at least he has a pair and supported a Republican during the last election. Ok…not a real Republican but a fake RINO Republican but at least he didn’t support Barry! He has also supported the War on Terror which is good! He is kind of an old fashion democrat that you can kind of disagree with but respect…unlike the homos that are in the party now…along with the homos that run the Republican party…

  12. Jay Manifold says:

    I thought “howler monkey left” was a bit over the top until I read commenter #9, a live specimen.

  13. Diggs says:

    Lieberman has pissed off the Democrats in the Senate and House for two straight years now. He defeated the KosKids/ handpicked, fully funded, man-of-the-hour, what’shisname. Now they are willing to kick him out of their caucus because he was the one Democrat in all of Congress who was correct on the Iraq war, which will continue to expose the other Democrats in power as infantile, petty, revengeful assholes.
    He’s a friggin’ hero in my book.

  14. punditius says:

    Lieberman is not a Republican, unless Republican has been redefined to mean “supporter of the country in its wars” and nothing else.

    Lieberman is not a Democrat. Technically, wasn’t he elected on some third party ticket? Anyway, he spoke in support of the Republican nominee at the Republican convention, so the Democrats are right not to let him in their party.

    Right now, he’s just the odd man out. He’ll run in the Democratic senatorial primary four years from now, unless he retires, & if he wins, he’ll be back with the Democrats. But he’ll never be a Republican.

  15. Former Belgian says:

    Looks like “Gregg P” is a troll who walked in from or from the David Duke website. Does he “spank the howler monkey” to pictures of Pat Pukecannon every day?

  16. rockdalian says:

    I also learned, as a young adult, that counseling was best accomplished using the 2by4 method.
    Certainly helps the counselees maintain attention.

  17. chsw says:

    Doesn’t Harry Reid already look like Lieberman has hit him a few times?

  18. Edward Cropper says:

    Joe Lieberman is a liberal of the first water. He supported McCain because of the Jihadists in the Muslim world, and because of his support of Israel.
    He is one dimensional politically. Even crazy Harry Reid said Joe voted with him more than many Democrats on issues other than the war.
    He could not be trusted to support conservative cultural issues. Let him crawl back to the
    liberals where he really feels most comfortable.

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