The beatings will continue until morale improves

You’ve heard that phrase — “the beatings will continue until morale improves” — in comics or on signs or in statements made by coworkers.

Well, you’re about to live it. Or, if you already are, others are, too.

Government regulations are the beatings on the economy. And when the government regulations cause the economy to falter, the government will simply issue more beatings, in the form of regulations.

Obamacare is one of the major problems. It’s causing business expenses to increase, and businesses are cutting where they can. That includes wages.

Some businesses are reorganizing internally and reclassifying some positions so that jobs that were salaried are now hourly. Businesses are also cutting back on hours for some employees; some cuts to simply reduce wages, others to exempt those employees from full-time status and the requirement to cover them under Obamacare. Those employees get to pay the Obamacare tax — they call it a fee or a penalty, but it only passed Constitutional muster because it’s actually a tax — so they are covered, as required by law.

When this impacts people, particularly people who voted for Obama, two things will happen.

  1. Karma
  2. More regulations

What will the new regulations do? Make it worse. And then more regulations. And more problems with the economy.

Now, everyone on the left will say how great the economy is because of all the number of people with jobs, even though more of those jobs will be part-time, and even though more and more will stop looking for work because it’s not worth it.

The numbers, because of the way they arrange them, will look good. Well, not all numbers. The numbers on people’s paychecks and in their bank accounts won’t look so good.

But rest assured, the government has a plan to deal with the economy: the beatings will continue until morale improves.

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  1. The effects have already begun where I work with insurance costs. Starting next year we will have higher co-pay (50% increase), higher deductibles, overall higher costs, and all kinds of surcharges for health factors and the like.


  2. Some idiots are already calling companies laying people off or cutting them to part time racist or saying that they’re throwing a tantrum. (Because business owners love to destroy everything they worked to build to make a political point.)

    If you follow these liberals’ “logic”, the next clear step is to pass laws making it harder for companies to fire or lay off people. This, of course, will result in chronically high unemployment (just like Europe) because even in good times, businesses will be reluctant to hire people they might not be able to get rid of in bad times.

    And the downward spiral continues. . . . What’s that? Oh, sorry. I got that wrong. “Forward!”


  3. If the dumbass Obama would read his Obamacare bill he’d discover that almost everyone is exempt from his “no insurance” tax. You only pay the “penalty” if the lowest cost insurance available to you is less than 8% of your income. In my case one of my two jobs offers insurance. The lowest cost plan is $152 a week. My take home for this job? $74 a week, which will be $55 a week after the Bush tax cut expire.


  4. Don’t forget the people who will stop looking for work because they drop out and join the underground economy. After all, if people will pay you cash to do stuff for them, you avoid dealing with any of those bureaucracies or government at all.


  5. Re: John S — one of your 2 jobs offers a $150/week insurance… Yet after working 2 jobs you only take home $75 max? Do you only work 4 hours a week at these jobs or something? Why even work. Prob pay more in gas to get to and from



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