An Odd Combination of Executive Decisions

[High Praise! to Moonbattery]

Maybe he plans to melt them down to make more F-16s?

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  1. Obama needs an unarmed America before he gives the Muslim Bruthahood the means to NUKE Israel. And he will. The USA will be directly responsible for a nuclear attack on Israel thanks to the Democrats and the people who elected them. That is why they need a Gun ban.

    also disarming us is just another step toward the Global Islamic Caliphate


  2. In the words of former Sec-State Clinton: What does any of this matter?

    Don’t forget, Marco Rubio took a drink of water on camera. That is the big deal. A Republican who drinks water in the middle of giving a response is akin to someone wiping their hind end with the koran and an autographed picture of the prophet Muhammad.

    Disregard for the constitution and global destabilization? Meh, no bigs, daddy-o. It’ll all be forgotten in a day or so.

    Dealing with a bout of “cottonmouth”…that’s the story with legs!



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