Easy to Do, But Still Fun to Watch

Posted on January 24, 2014 9:00 pm

[High Praise! to Anonymiss of Nuking Politics]

Bill Gates tells liberal tool Mika Brizzysomething the correct answer to her minimum wage query instead of the one she wants to hear. The blank yet stunned-and-befuddled expression on her sour puss at the 48 second mark is rather gladdening to my capitalism-blackened heart:

[Bill Gates Explains His Opposition to Raising the Minimum Wage]

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4 Responses to “Easy to Do, But Still Fun to Watch”

  1. Iowa Jim says:

    her sour puss

    That’s perhaps the most repellent thing about her (although there are a lot of repellent things about her). She nearly always looks as if she’s in the presence of something that smells really foul. You’d think that the producers of the show would have addressed that by now.

  2. blarg says:

    I know I keep saying this, but no matter what laws anyone passes minimum wage will always be zero. The harder the government tries to change that, the more people end up making real minimum wage because the jobs will either go elsewhere or be replaced by automation.

  3. The Sanity Inspector says:

    Re: Costco and their workers high wages. Great for them! It’s a good store! I just have to search longer to find a worker to help me than I do at Sam’s Club, because there are fewer of them. Also unlike Sam’s Club, the workers giving out samples at Costco work for a different company & don’t know where anything in the store is. Wonder what their pay is like?

  4. T Rich says:

    @2 – Blarg

    I have hopefully done my job as a parent by brainwashing my son about the minimum wage being unlegislatable above any number greater than $0.00. Whenever this BS issue comes up on the TV, he just looks at me and says, “yep, I know. It’s zero dollars.”

    I had this discussion with a colleague who hailed from academia. She didn’t quite grasp my point that the real minimum was the same minimum it has always been and will always remain regardless of the good intention of lawmakers – $0. I broke it down this way: you live in a small town in the south and work in a textile plant. You make the current legal minimum wage (which only a small percentage of employees earn – 97% make greater than minimum). One day the Congress passes a law to raise the minimum by $3 over the next three years. The following month, you get a notice from your employer that the company is relocating to the Caribbean Basin because costs have risen too high. And oh, by the way, in 6 months your new wage will be zero unless you are able to find employment elsewhere – which will be harder to do because so many low-skilled people are similarly losing their job. On a related note, I heard a radio disc jockey comment that the workers at the local Cannon Mills plants had voted to kill their own jobs by voting in favor of joining the union.

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