Random Thoughts: Feminism, Redskins, and Transformers

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t get why women can’t make us sandwiches before heading off to their feminist meetings.

State of gun rights fight: Weak request not to bring guns into store now “big win” for gun control.

When Obama puts “President” on his resume and applies for his next job, he’s going to really hope no one actually calls his references.

How about Washington keep the Redskins name but change their mascot to someone with first degree burns.

So, we didn’t win at soccer, but we should console ourselves with the fact that it’s a really really stupid sport.

So are we all prepared for the baby boom now that birth control has been outlawed?

We really need simple kids books explaining what is and isn’t freedom. Also one illustrating TANSTAAFL.

“My rights have been violated because I can’t force my employer to pay for Plan B!” We need to teach our children better.

“Because some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like plot or coherency. Some men just want to watch a Transformers movie.”

Not to disrespect Tim Howard, but wouldn’t soccer be 100x more exciting without goalies? Would’ve lost like 18-5 against Belgium, though.

It’s very hard these days to tell who really cares about civil rights and who only really cares about self-back-patting.

I think the average American is just confused on whether it’s wrong to have a border policy in general and to expect people to obey it.

I don’t care how many followers this will lose me: I think racism is wrong.

If you’re trying to save characters on twitter, another word for “semiautomatic gun” is “gun.”

Make sure to support Liberty Island and get my first novel when it comes out.

A lot of you people who think you’re oppressed are really just very whiny.

“Quit whining.” -the entirety of my inauguration speech as president #FrankJ2016

If a large number of population can’t even name the current president or recognize his face, then you have a great president. #FrankJ2016

Since both people for and against the Hobby Lobby decision are saying, “Birth control is not your boss’s business!” someone must be confused

Could Facebook revealing they’ve been doing a mood experiment be part of the mood experiment?

As for the games tomorrow, I don’t think you’re allowed to watch soccer on Independence Day.

I guess I’m a feminist, because I support a cheerleader’s right to hunt big game animals.

We get all angry when a human murders an animal, but did you know that most animal murder is a result of animal on animal violence?

I’ve never seen everyone outraged when a man poses next to dead lion. Only outrage when it’s an attractive woman. #mysogyny

The Jerk Store called; they’re no longer hiring because of fear of Obamacare mandates.

Transformers sequels are a failure of the free market. We need a law that if your movie is stupid nonsense, it can’t be longer than 90min.

I’m mainly a libertarian, but I’m not comfortable with my neighbor having a nuclear weapon or anymore Transformer movies.

The left is afraid religious will force their views on everyone because that’s exactly what the left does when they have any amount of power.

I’m always trying to boycott Hobby Lobby, but my wife keeps dragging me in there.

This is a fun logic game and I guess you learn geometry.

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  1. “How about Washington keep the Redskins name but change their mascot to someone with first degree burns.”

    I’m imagining a new logo with the Sun depicted as one of those Obama “O’s” shining down on a red-faced voter who’s getting “burned.”


  2. Frank, I think we’re all busy with final preparations to blow stuff up tomorrow. In your case, at this point you should be instructing Buttercup and Francis on the proper technique to really irritate your Liberal neighbors. Safely, of course.


  3. Dan Snyder should keep the helmet logo, just add a circle with a line through it and issue a statement that Native Americans need not apply as the new mascot.



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