Comment of the Day

Joe B. in response to the Is Someone You Know Part of an Angry Mob? post from yesterday:

Notice the tea-bagger mobs are all older, even elderly, white folks who’ve been given pitchforks and torches by major corporations and told to rabble rouse against the “evil black president”. They couldn’t care less about heath care, in fact many of them love their government funded Medicare! It’s about racism, plain and simple. Showing a tea-bagger a black president is like showing fire to Frankenstein’s Monster.

This is the rump of the Republithug Party. This is what’s left of the aging, white, racist American culture of the Old South and rural America. As they die off they will be relegated to the trash can of history and tolerant America will progress forward happily without them.

Why can’t you all be more like him? He sounds so smart and happy! I’m just glad he deigned my site with a visit.

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Wrath from Hawaii

I like to think I’m a good guy and everybody likes me, but my last column for Pajamas Media got some angry responses. Look at the 150th comment to it from Lance:

Hawaii was stolen at gunpoint from the Queen because the spanish were blocking the caribean islands suger supply. Even in some twisted, sick attempt at humor; calling them ALL liars and suggesting that they were responcible for Pearl Harbor is over the top. My unkle survived that day and I myself am a Marine. I personally know desendants of the rightfull owners of the Islands and will bring this article to their attention as well as their state reps. Expect lawsuits for the owner and all responcible for this site. Free speech is one thing; slandering a whole state is another. You will suffer for this – ALL of you.

Holy shnikeys!

Wait what can Hawaiians do? They’re out on an island in the middle of nowhere. They can’t throw coconuts that far.

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What the What?

Anybody have any idea what this guy in the Hot Air comments is talking about?

What is it with crazy people and the internet? There are those tests that make you write some numbers or characters before posting to prove you’re a person; we need ones to prove you’re not crazy. Like you could put up a picture of a baby and ask, “What do you do with this?” If you answer “Cradle” you get to post, but if you answer “Eat” you’re redirected to a place that supplies your meds.


He also tore Jim Treacher a new one… though I couldn’t quite follow what in the world he was talking about. He uses periods in a very unique way, though.

BTW, I really appreciate how all you IMAO commenters aren’t quite as loony as the commenters at lots of other sites. It means a lot to me.

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Record Stupid

We were playing around with a little game on Twitter the manly 140 character limit messaging service listing three words liberals would hate, and one of my response was “right to carry.” This caused someone going by “Smoothcrminal” to respond with “otherwise known as the right to shoot your wife”.

And I was taken aback, because that’s a lot of stupid crammed into very few words.

So, apparently, this “smooth criminal” thinks that the only thing keeping some people from shooting their wives is the ability to legally carry their guns out in public because if you’re going to shoot your wife, it has to be out of the home with a legally possessed gun. I mean, if the guy had a least a tiny filter between the synapses misfiring in his brain and angrily posting to the internet, he could have come up with a marginally logical response like “otherwise known as the right to shoot someone who looks at you funny”, but that’s probably like expecting proper table manners from a chimpanzee. Plus, he chooses the poser name “Smooth Criminal”, but his reaction upon mention of firearms is “Eww! Guns are scary!”

Yeah, I know, the internets are full of these people, but sometime I’d like a scientific study of how these nimrods even figure out how to turn on a computer.

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Complaints About IMAO

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails like this lately:

I used to love IMAO and read it back in the day you were all about nuking the moon. You were one of the most innovative conservative blogs out there and the only one taking world peace seriously. Lately, I’ve notice a disturbing change. You barely ever talk about a tactical strike against the moon and instead are going constantly on and on about putting rocket launchers on dinosaurs. I thought it was a temporary thing, but it seems like every day there is some reference to arming dinosaurs. When you started writing about a “Dick Cheney Assassination Squad” and also had them riding dinosaurs, I had enough. You’ve lost it. It’s hard to even remember why I like your blog in the first place and I will not be coming back anymore.

Okay, I’ll try to say this simply enough so you dead-ender, paleo-conservatives can understand. All of you whining about putting rocket launchers on dinosaurs are the reason the Republicans are out of power. You are why Obama won the last election and will probably be easily reelected. Because of your archaic religious view you won’t accept the way forward: dinosaurs with military armaments.

We don’t need you and I certainly don’t need you on this blog. You are nothing but in the way. Anyone who complains about dinosaurs with rocket launchers will be banned. We’ll be better off without you.

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Lex Luthor is the new bailout czar.

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“Leadership” We Don’t Need . . .

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Comment of the Day

Hard to beat this one. Gary wrote (to a Cadet Happy post):

Not sure where the thread went but how is it trolling to wish that McCain had picked Romney instead of Palin?? Given the bailout news it would have been a shrewder pick. Several months ago this blog was pushing Romney. If you think that is trolling then get a clue Frank J. you arrogant unfunny pinhead!!

I like how he starts as a concern troll but can’t keep it up for more than three sentences. Incidentally, the IP places this one in Amsterdam.

Point of order: Did IMAO ever push Romney? I remember statements to the effect of “Out of the candidates remaining, Romney least makes me want to slit my wrists,” but I don’t remember going much further. Anyway, this has been a couple concern trolls now that have been trying to push Romney. Who puts them up to this?

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