They Make it Too Easy

The Democrats unveiled their fancy new logo today:

Didn’t take long for me to figure out what it looked like:

Just needs a new slogan to go with it.

“Crap that splatters”, maybe?

Feel free to chime in with your suggestions.

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  1. The inner Frued in me would say that the Democrats’ much ballyhooed new logo symbolizes the Democrat candidates’ worst fears, they (D) are trapped inside “O”bama. I am sure that is definitely the case with a certain Governor of West Virginia.


  2. * “Look! Al Gore’s poetry career.”
    * “Look! It’s realistic science under our watch.”
    * “Look! There goes Virginia Tech’s football season!”
    * “Look! There goes Boise State’s strength of schedule.” Sorry, Frank.
    * “Look! There goes funding for the DoD.”
    * “Look! There goes our chances this fall.”


  3. I have to say, I really like Harvey’s version of the democrat logo.
    The 3D effect really makes it stand out, and you can really feel the hopelessness as you envision where the democrats want to take this country…


  4. I think the logo is perfect. We are Democrats and we are Zeros! I guess what we are trying to tell you is that we are losers! We fell for O which also stands for Zero and now we are all O’s or Zeros! Losers every one of us! It took a long time to come up with this slick logo so please respect our Zeroness…


  5. One thing someone noted a while back is that after the election, Obama’s logo and variations of it went on a lot of white house and party web sites. This took the place of the American flag, etc.
    Replacing the logo of the government, party, etc with the logo of ONE MAN?
    Well, I’m not sure if it’s ego, control, or what, but calling him Dear Leader is becoming less sarcastic.
    I still can’t forgive them for doing it when he was first elected and somewhat popular, but the fact that they’d do this now that the majority oppose him – how tone deaf an echo chamber can they become?

    The toilet image is classic. Someone needs to hack their web sites and replace the image.


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  7. Their slogan is actually pretty accurate. Things that “matter” aren’t necessarily good. For example, if someone fires you, being fired and losing your job “matters”. Losing your entire investment portfolio as the stock market crashes “matters”. If we lose troops in Afghanistan because of idiotic politically correct rules of engagement, it certainly “matters”. So, yes, their asinine “change” certainly “matters”.


  8. So they are happy that they are one step above “Epic Fail” – well I think they deserve a trophy just for showing up, standing out in right-field picking their butts and chasing butterflies. good for them.


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  10. USSJimmyCarter –

    I was trying to do a subtle double entendre with the “left” hand comment:

    1. Dims are leftys
    2. Muslims wipe with their left hand

    But as a submariner, I suspect you know a lot about TP conservation:)

    Thanks for your service!



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  14. Election ’10 – Things work out in the end.

    DEMS! We go through your money like crap through a goose. Or a herd of sheep.

    Obama has a handle on it.

    Flush with victory leave ya feeling empty inside?

    Obamazumas revenge on America has come to pass.


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  19. There are some great ones above . . . here are mine:

    Democrats: We’re behind you all the way!
    Democrats: Going green by first going brown & down!
    Democrats: Let’s “wipe” the slate clean!
    Democrats: We’ll really bend ya over!
    Democrats: We got your backside!
    Democrats: Change & flush you can believe in.
    Democrats: We work so well, we’re endorsed by Joe the Plumber.



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