Proof That Obama Was Right About Voting Being the Best Revenge

[High Praise! to Legal Insurrection]

Best revenge for Reagan voters, anyway.

Personally, though, I like the one on the right the best: “Become the 1%: Work hard, make money, help people”

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  1. My apologies, but I have to laugh derisively, given what is happening in this election and what will happen.

    Avenge Reagan?!? Not even.

    Pleasant as those days were…the longer I am on this earth, the more they seem to have been a wildly deluding aberration.

    The majority of citizens in this country being mindless sheep, too wooly of head to learn the lessons of those days on their own…as they are not accurately taught in the public indoctrination pens fobbed off as schools.

    Too many boneheads, eedjits, and drooling gutless wonders.

    Damnably sickening!


  2. This was the best we could do?
    I don’t fault Romney and Ryan, they ran a magnificent campaign.
    All that “Get out the vote” stuff, the big lines at the polling places, every working American getting more involved than I can remember ever seeing them before, and we still couldn’t overcome the moochers and takers?
    4 years from now there will be even more of them riding in the cart and fewer of us to pull it.
    Share the poverty! (because the wealth is going away.)


  3. Work, pay bills, live on what’s left until next pay day, repeat, don’t get sick.
    Second verse, same as the first.
    (Only with higher taxes, higher costs, less freedom and less opportunity.)

    I hope I have enough beer to get through this.



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