So What Happens Next?

Posted on November 6, 2012 1:00 pm

So what happens after the election? Well, if Mitt Romney is elected, then Obama will have effectively been fired. He’ll be given two weeks notice and told to pack up his stuff. If he dawdles at all, he’ll be tasered and dragged from the premises. And with Michelle Obama gone, candy dishes will once again be put out in the various rooms of the White House and the place will become flooded with fat kids. And then Romney will move in and they’ll teach him how to input his kill list into the predator drones. And then business will start creating jobs as they were waiting for Obama to leave as they didn’t want him to take credit.

If Obama is reelected, though, he’ll declare himself to be the first president ever reelected and thus the greatest president ever. The media won’t fact check him on this. Then he’ll celebrate by eating Bo as there is nothing anyone can do about him now. Next he’ll announce his new agenda items and go straight to whining about how the Republicans won’t pass them all. And he’ll get all tuckered out and curl up in a ball and go to sleep, preparing for a long day of golfing and whining which will be most of his next four years. And Biden will play with a kaleidoscope, pausing occasionally to laugh and clap.

So there you go; that’s what to expect. But you can still act surprised when it all happens if you want. Best way to do that is to open your mouth wide and suck in a bunch of air really quick. Give it a try. Ooh! You looked surprised!

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11 Responses to “So What Happens Next?”

  1. Greg says:

    I hope someone remembers to check all of 0bama & Moochelle’s luggage as they are dragged kicking and screaming away-just to make sure they don’t steal any of the good china or silverware.

  2. Dirk The Imapiler says:

    Then he’ll celebrate by eating Bo as there is nothing anyone can do about him now.

    Thanks, Frank. I needed to laugh so hard I fell on the floor. This day is way too stressful for me…

  3. Manolo says:

    Something tells me even BO wants Romney to be elected.

  4. tomg51 says:

    School lunches will again, or at least as much as ever, “taste great, more filling”

  5. Manolo says:

    Remember when Hillary Clinton stole the heritage sofa from the White House that she openly gushed that she adored, then “found” it only after the Clintons were threatened with prosecution in a letter by the Attorney General and the press got wind of it? When Romney gets elected, the first thing he’ll have to do is double the guards at the State Department’s Franklin Dining Room. Now that i think about it, there are more guards there at the Franklin Room than there were at the U.S. embassy in Libya…

  6. Carpenter says:

    I think that Mitt Romney will win the Election but…..

    the Liberal Media and the UN election monitors will claim that Republicans cheated, suppressed votes, voted illegally, ect.. and then after weeks of recounts and Lawsuits Obama will be declared the winner by the Media.

    I believe that will happen! Or something like that. I also believe that there will be massive riots. Cities will burn and people will be killed because of the Liberal News Mafia. The Media will do this purposely because they hope to incite a Bolshevik like revolution so that Obama can declare Martial Law.

    That is what I believe will happen.

  7. tomg51 says:

    Its the end of the world as they know it
    Its the end of the world as they know it
    Its the end of the world as they know it

    And I feel fine.

  8. Marc says:

    After Romney wins in a landslide Obama will make a speach about voter fraud and intimidation, but leave out the part about the New Black Panthers and ACORN or whatever it is called now, then Holder will declare the election void and Obama will refuse to abdicate the throne…give up the Oval Office…the media hails this bold move and dingy Harry and Pelosi claim this is a valid manuver. Ginsberg, Sotomayor, Kagen and the rest of the cronies claim it is constitutional while the more conserviative justices are no where to be found…until they are discovered bound and gagged in the cloak room.

    Just a guess.

  9. Mongo says:

    If Romney wins I fully expect Obama to retire to his bathroom for 5 or 6 days….. Reciting Stuart Smally “They Like Me, They Really Like Me”. Then after he finally emerges from his boudoir, he will be told that, yes, you really lost…. Michelle will have to b***h slap him for about two hours to get him calmed down… then they will start shipping stuff to Chicago.

    Anyway, Chicago got all disorganized while they were gone….

  10. Carpenter says:

    In some sorta of a self-fulling prophetic Apocalyptic way I kinda hope that the Liberal Media tries to steal the election and Obama ‘tries’ to get the US Military to ‘force’ us to comply. Can you imagine that? Let him try huh!

    I do, and I don’t, want that to happen. From where I live it would be kinda fun to watch a Civil War. I am well out of range of any WMD’s and I am also upwind so its unlikey I’d get hit by any fallout.

    If that took place, if Bolshevik Barack Obama tried to pull a ‘STALIN’ I’d give it about 1 week before the US Military (had its own little internal Civil War) started dropping bombs. And I don’t think that they would be targeting FOX News.

    No. Wait…
    I take that back. I don’t want to see Mushroom clouds even if it means the end of Commie-Socialist-Liberalism. Wouldn’t it just be easier to split the damned Country up so I can retire amongst Christians and Americans without having COMMUNIST neighbors who want me dead because I won’t vote for their Messiah?

  11. NO_MO_BAMA says:

    It’s a long way to January, almost as long as between now and tomorrow.

    It’s a long way to January,
    It’s a long way to go.
    It’s a long way to January
    For the worst president I know!
    Goodbye, Mrs Barry
    Farewell, Klingon hair!
    It’s a long long way to January,
    But my heart is right there.

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