Voting Democrat?

Posted on November 5, 2012 10:30 pm

It’s late — well, it’s late in the Eastern Time Zone — and I’ve still got a hard decision to make tomorrow.

Tuesday is less than two hours away as I write this, and I’m trying to decide for whom I shall cast a ballot.

No, not for president. I made my mind up a long time ago. I’m voting for Romney. And so should you.

No, there’s another race, a local race, and I’m deciding whether or not to vote for the Democrat.

You see, the Republican in the race is one of those long-time local politicians that, well, he’s just not the guy you want. He’s kind of a jackass. The only real problem with the Democrat is, well, he’s a Democrat.

On the one hand, I’m thinking about voting for the better candidate, which would really be the Democrat. But, things are never really as simple as that.

Here in this part of the country, most Democrats are center or even right of center. I’ve commented before that if you took Chris Christie out of New Jersey and slapped him down in, say, south Georgia, he’d fit right in. With the Democrats. He’s way too left-leaning for the Republicans around here. And, I’m not joking, or exaggerating or anything. If you think I am kidding, you really don’t know this part of the country.

Anyway, I’m thinking about voting for the Democrat because, party aside, he’s the better candidate.

But, I can’t shove party aside.

You see, I believe that enabling the local Democrats enables the state Democrats. And I believe that enabling the state Democrats enables the national Democrats. And I believe that enabling the national Democrats means you need to be beat with a stick. And more than one stick if the first one breaks.

So, here’s my predicament: do I vote for the Democrat because the Republican is a jackass? Or do I vote for the Republican because, even though he’s a jackass, voting for the Democrat just enables Democrats? Or should I not vote in that particular race and just deal with whatever happens?

I really don’t like that third option.

Now, I don’t know how many of you have such a similar situation where you’re voting. If you do, though, I’d seriously like to hear how you plan to deal with it. Heck, even if you don’t, I’d like to hear your thoughts on it, serious or otherwise.

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47 Responses to “Voting Democrat?”

  1. arik says:

    I have come to a place where I have sworn that I will NEVER vote for another democRat. I suppose it could happen, if the party suddenly became the face of conservatism, but, honestly, after 200+ years of being the party of slavery, racism and all-around douchebaggery, I don’t see them doing an about face anytime soon.

    If the election would flip the partisan leaning of the council/assembly/whatever, I might hold my nose and vote for the Republican. Otherwise, I would most likely abstain. Courteously.

  2. MathGuy says:

    I actually have a friend who’s a local Democrat and moderate enough to be thoroughly despised by the local Democrat machine (old corrupt union town) but she managed to win the primary for a judgeship. I’ve endorsed her when she’s run in previous years, but told her I couldn’t do it any more, nor would I be voting for her. After what the national Democrats did in 2007-present, failure to disaffiliate from that group of clowns is a disqualifying act of bad judgement. I still vote for the best candidate, but now I vote for the best candidate among all the non-Democrats…sometimes that ain’t pretty.

  3. Travelwise42 says:

    What I would say Basil is that for this year in particular, and this year only, I would vote strictly party! Even if the Republican was sporting a Hitler mustache and goose stepping on the cobblestones of Jefferson’s Memorial we give him our vote. The Liberals need to be reeled in and taught some sense.

    The Sierra Club, the ACLU, The Massachusetts’s faux intellectuals etc need to be brought back to text book fundamentals concerning the USA.
    If we can’t teach…then we out man and out gun them!

  4. hatless in hattiesburg says:

    ugh, sorry to hear that… how about leaving both squares blank? or maybe there’s an almost acceptable third-party candidate for that spot?

  5. Denise says:

    I understand, Basil. I’m stuck choosing between Claire McCaskill and Todd Akin. Both options suck. She’s an Obama Democrat and he is an idiot. I have to vote for “Mr. Legitimate Rape”, because we need a Republican majority in the senate.

  6. Spacemonkey1948 says:

    This year is special. No dems for any reason whatsoever.

  7. CarolyntheMommy says:

    What you just described, Basil is exactly what many in NH reasoned when they (granted, it was state and not national) voted Jeanne Shaheen into the office of governor (after state senate). That lead to the U.S. Senate. That lead to Obamacare. Don’t help a Dem take root. Learn from the mistakes of others, I say.

  8. AT says:

    I always just ask a Democrat, “Will voting for [X] make me a racist?” If they start foaming at the mouth and shrieking, “YES!!!,” then I do it.

    When they accuse you of racism for disagreeing, you know it’s something on which they’re terrified of losing.

  9. Terry_Jim says:

    Iowa redistricting means I’m losing Steve King (R-IA 5) as my congressman- a stand up conservative.
    In his place, two back bench Congressmen are running for re election for the new Iowa 4.

    Not much of a decision, I already voted for Tom Latham- R
    the Democrat, while pro 2nd amendment, is pro Obama care, and needs to be retired.

    Latham seems a solid, reliable Republican.
    I had a solid, outspoken CONSERVATIVE Republican though. Hope King wins in his new district.

  10. Dirk The Imapailer says:

    The Republican!!! This election is about making a huge statement — from president down to dog catcher. Not a single Demon-RAT — not one!!!

    But I have officially joined the “I will never vote for another Demon-RAT as long as I live!!!!!!!!!!” club, so I may not be the one to ask…

  11. hadsil says:

    There are still good Democrats left. They’re Democrap, they’re ilLiberal, but in truth, they’re competent and get things done in the right direction despite a few left turns along the way. New York State is a lot better off with Andrew Cuomo as Governor than it would be with Thomas Golisano. He was a joke. For the local level, go with the competent. Local level affects you more immediately. Naturally be sure the Democrat is a good one. If he talks about “social justice”, “global warming”, “being fair”, he’s garbage.

  12. CTCompromise says:

    Hence the reason John Adams did not want a two party political system in America!

    Sidenote: ~~ to Arik @1. for the “1776” movie reference !! (I would have mentioned it earlier, but I was out visitin’ the neccessary..)

  13. Mike in OH says:

    No problems like that here, Basil. All the Democrats in Ohio are flat out whack job idiots. Seriously, I don’t know where they find them. Sometimes I don’t know where the Republicans come up with their candidates, either (our former Governor, Bob Taft, was SOLELY trading on his prominent family name; George Voinovich, a former Senator, Governor, and mayor of Cleveland, was pretty decent until he learned that there were no taxes he couldn’t live without and that John Bolton was too dangerous to be UN Ambassador—his crying spell on the floor of the Senate over that is still Ohio’s shame; and we’ve had some pretty crappy GOP congressmen as well). But the Democrats? Sherrod Brown is just another in a long line of far left kooks that somehow get elected to the US Senate from Ohio. These knuckleheads don’t even represent the idiots who vote for them. Hell, Dennis Kucinich is more intellectually honest than Sherrod Brown. My stomach is sick thinking about what could happen here tomorrow. Ohio, DO NOT EMBARRASS YOUR COUNTRY!

  14. Peter says:

    It’s really simple. Remember the Blue Dog Dems of ’06? They voted Pelosi for Speaker. Sorry, the Democratic Party needs to be utterly destroyed and then a new center-left Party built on it’s ashes. And then we need to sink the National GOP.

  15. kmccoy says:

    I would advise you to vote for the Democrat for the same reason I encourage the people in my state (Massachusetts…) to vote for Scott Brown. Scott Brown is OBVOIUSLY the better candidate, and the democrats here should LOVE the guy – the 2nd most bipartisan Senator we have. If they vote party line we’ll get a partisan pinhead instead of someone with a brain and the guts to vote for what he believes in rather than to play the partisan game (that is killing the country). The other reason I say this is that there are some like Joe Lieberman still around that deserve support (even though the DNC kicked him out for not being a libtard)… Maybe it’s foolish, but I think this is a case to set an example for the ‘other side’ – THINKING before voting (that may be wishful thinking on my part)…

  16. Son of Bob says:

    If the Democrat were worth voting for, he wouldn’t associate with today’s democrat party. Never, ever vote for a democrat.

  17. Fly says:

    If the race is close, vote for the least evil candidate (keeping in mind whether it might tip the party balance of the local government toward evil). So, if this is this case, then vote Dem as long as that doesn’t shift the balance of power in your state legislature or whatever.

    If the race is not close, vote 3rd party or write-in the best candidate. It’s important that everyone votes and that a lot of votes go to 3rd parties because that distinguishes apathy from disgust.

  18. Fly says:

    Oh, I’ll also add that going to the polls and not voting in a particular race is not nearly as bad as not going to the polls at all.

  19. Mike says:

    SAme deal here in the central coast area of California. We have to choose between Lois Capps and UN-Able Maldanado. What a damn choice. One a Dem that inherited the office when her husband died in office and the other is a worthless rino that got bruises on his knees dropping down to unzip AAAhhhhnold’s fly.

  20. Jay says:

    Vote for the Democrat. Remember Zell Miller? It’s always nice to have a “Blue dog” cross the isle.

  21. rjmercer says:

    I had to vote demoncRat for local sheriff. Yes. I held my nose and voted for one. But that is the highest office I hope I ever have to do it in.
    I did it for a few very valid reasons…. in order of importance:
    1. He is more conservative and has a better and longer record of law enforcement experience than the incumbent.
    2. He lives and breathes to bust crackheads and slap hippies. This is a very close 2nd to the 1st reason.
    3. He isn’t the incumbent. I never vote for the incumbent in any race unless I have a very clear compelling reason to allow a person to leach off of the tax payer for another term. Once a person has held any elected office they are completely useless as a public servant and as a human being and should be tossed out of office by an overwhelming majority.

  22. Mongo says:

    Look, you can vote for the most conservative, common-sense, Democrat for office. No problem. The problem is when that person gets into the legislature. Either you go with the party line or…. “oh, you need office space? we have a broom closet over there…” Get it. Never vote for a Democrat, period.

  23. Jack says:

    This sounds like the old false dichotomy dodge. In a word artifice, or dissimulation. If you’re trying to take some kind of honesty poll—let’s call it a character counter—to see if people on the right are more ideologically driven than people on the left, I’ll give you a hint. People on the right don’t have their dead relatives vote. People on the right don’t vote in two different states by absentee ballot. People on the right don’t shred voter registration forms that have the wrong party affiliation. Most tellingly, people on the right don’t intransigently oppose any form of voter id, ad infinitum. You lefties cheat, you lie, you steal, and without exception you all believe the ends justify the means.

    Ok, I’ll play you’re little game. If your hypothetical “Republican”—and he is hypothetical isn’t he, Bazil?—is such a jackass how did he somehow get through the primary process? Also let it be understood that this trickle-up of power is hogwash. It’s not like there’s some watershed of power and tributaries in smalltowns flow up into state-streams and thence into the federal ocean. If your guy got beat in the primaries, apparently more of your fellow “Republicans?” voted for the “jackass” Now, why would they vote for a person you regard as a jackass? Sounds to me like your hypothetical Republican isn’t the problem, it’s you who has the problem. So in my case if I thought that my local representative of my party was a jackass, still I would vote for him, not because he’s a Republican, but because I am.

  24. Basil says:

    Vote fore the jackass? Sure. I’ll write your name in. Thanks for the tip!

  25. Jack says:

    Oh dear! Did I strike a nerve? Well, it’s not necessary for me to get personal. I’m going to savor today. Schadenfreude ifkwimaityd

  26. Basil says:

    Well, your name is Jack and you were being an ass. I just put 2 and 2 together.

  27. Keln says:

    I’ve voted for a few democrats, for the same reasons you listed. Consider the following:

    1. If it is a local position, then it effects you personally, but not everyone else in the country. Choose based on that and not party.
    2. If it is, say, a congress position, as long as it is a representative and not a senator, then no big deal. The republicans aren’t losing the house.
    3. If a senator, vote republican. Period.
    4. Think of it this way: if the democrat wins, then you get rid of the jerk republican. So the next election, there should be a better republican to vote for.

    The reason the guy is probably a jerk is because he isn’t challenged. So he needs to go and make way for a better republican in the future. That’s what primaries are supposed to be for…but primaries seem to rarely work in solid blue or solid red states.

  28. Mike says:

    I have a similar problem here…I just cant bring myself to vote for Bob Corker. He has turned out to be slightly more progressive than Harold Ford. If i wanted a progressive Senator I would have voted for Harold in 2007. At least he could get me into the Playboy mansion.

  29. buckhorn_cortez says:

    When the Democratic party wasn’t the party of lunatic whack-jobs – I’ve voted for Democrats for local positions. Nationally – they get to Washington, get pressured by the party to “fall in line” – and you’ve got party-line, robot representation. I never vote for a Democrat for state or national offices. I agree – nuke the Democratic party first, then take the GOP apart.

  30. hwuu says:

    I was in your shoes for years. I always ended up voting for the libertarian.

  31. Matt Musson says:

    I voted for Senator Edwards here in NC because I thought it would be better than the Republican.

    Boy, was I wrong! Boy, were we screwed!

  32. Hwy93 says:

    I have the same problem in SC when Lindsey Graham’s name comes up on the ballot. At first. all I could do was not vote for him, or in that race at all. That was before I called La Raza’s 800 number and was connected to his office (true story). Now I vote for “not Lindsey” regardless of party affiliation. I would rather have to replace a Dem next time than keep electing this entitled, self intrested, attention whore. Like GA, most of our dems are to the right of the nation as a whole, so I think we could survive one term. Ideally, we would just replace Lindsey in the primaries, he’s just too well connected and financed.

  33. Brian The Adequate says:

    I feel your pain – Indiana Senate race Joe Donnelly is a good man who will vote poorly, Richard Murdock is a horses ass who will (hopefully) vote well. So I voted (and lobbied friends and family) for Murdock only because a vote for Donnelly is a vote for Harry Reid. I would have voted for the love child of Stalin and Hitler who strangled a puppy as his stump speech if that candidate would help get rid of ol’ Dingy Harry

  34. Carpenter says:

    anyone who would allow the big D alongside his name is in league with the Devil. Not that all Republicans are automatically better its just that the entire Democrat platform is based upon doing “what is EVIL in the sight of the Lord”.

    I could never vote D

  35. Conservatarian says:

    I dumped my party affiliation years ago because neither party stands for what they stand for. Always vote for the best candidate. And remember, that no matter how conservative (or liberal) one my be, it is bad for the country for either party to have too much power and control for too long. As the bumper sticker says: “Politicians are like diapers and should be changed often”.

  36. jw says:

    @33- i feel the same. i voted for mourdock and hope to get a better choice in the primaries in six years.

  37. Ernie Loco says:

    I recently came to the conviction that I will never vote for a democrat for anything. My reasoning is thus: I want nothing to do with anyone who will willingly associate themselves with the party of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Ted Kennedy, etc. The fact that they continue to be a part of the democrat party leads me to question their judgement, morality, and frankly, their intelligence. Therefore, I will not be voting for any democrats for anything.

    In a national race (house, senate), I think I’d vote for an awful Republican just to keep the dems as far away from a majority as possible. For local races, while I still won’t vote for a democrat, I don’t feel obligated to vote for craptastic Republicans either. Today for example, I voted for a libertarian candidate for county council and cast no ballot in several races where the only choice was a crappy Republican or a democrat.

    That’s my personal feelings on the matter.

  38. hwuu says:

    @36, @33 I kinda like Murdock. He did knock Lugar off in the primaries so either way it is an improvement.

  39. seanmahair says:

    Democrats the party of “Vote early, vote often, vote dead.

  40. Bootstrap says:

    Simpson is an idiot, but he is a GOP idiot. All Dems are idiots, and they are the other teams idiots. There are enough idiots in Boise. Don’t encourage them. Vote Simpson.

  41. Dohtimes says:

    Closest we got here is wacko lefty running against Goodlatte. A protest vote would mean voting for Schmookler. Schmookler!!! Not even if he was the Republican. As for you, if it was a close race maybe it is time for the change to wake up the locals, but then again we had a long time Congressional conservative-in-practice nearby, Virgil Goode, who got run out with the then majority Republicans and replaced with a one termer lib and the country has not recovered since Nancy became speaker. Things like property rights and taxes would be my guide to kick the bum out or not.

  42. Dohtimes says:

    Hey Bootstrap, I resemble that remark!!! Heh.

  43. Brian The Adequate says:

    @38 I agree WRT to the reanimated corpse of Dick Lugar (I gladly voted for Mourdock, or more precisely against Lugar in the primary).

    Absent the Harry Reid issue, I would have been in a real quandry choosing between Donelly and Lugar.

  44. Rock Throwing Peasant says:

    Leave it blank.

    Regarding Christie and regions, I agree. Pennsylvania is a “Blue” state, solely because of Philly. Democrats never stand a chance throughout much of Central PA and parts of Western PA. I’ve never understood how we can have GOP governors, GOP senate and assembly, elect Toomey, but go blue every presidential race.

    Maybe this year will be different, but Philly is just a huge corruption factory when it comes to votes. Wish we could give it to Maryland.

  45. Tau Dades says:

    Son of Bob says:
    November 6th, 2012 at 1:27 am

    “If the Democrat were worth voting for, he wouldn’t associate with today’s democrat party. Never, ever vote for a democrat.”


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    […] night, I asked about the conflict I had regarding one particular local race. The Republican is a jackass, and the Democrat is a Democrat. Neither option was a good one. And, I […]

  47. kmccoy says:

    *sigh* I know it is too late, but… nevermind. Son of Bob was right… If we get John Kerry as Secretary of Defense and can get Scott Brown back in the Senate, is that a net win or a net loss?

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