What to Do About David Gregory’s Gun Law Violation

[High Praise! to Liberal Logic 101]

My suggestion for addressing this:

1) Thank David Gregory for proving that a law banning high-capacity magazines is completely ineffective.

2) Prosecute him with extreme prejudice.

3) Acquit him and strike down the DC magazine ban as unconstitutional.

UPDATE: as Arik [High Praise!] mentioned in the comments, there’s now a petition to press charges against David Gregory (currently about 2/3 the way to the required 25,000).

By the way, here’s another petition you should know about:

“Actually take these petitions seriously instead of just using them as an excuse to pretend you are listening”
37,167 Signatures

The official response is “We’re listening. Seriously.”

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  1. Acquit him?? CONVICT! Let him spend some time with the people who he thinks people shouldn’t be allowed to protect themselves against while he spends every dime he has appealing and of course his “defense” will be…the law is unconstitutional. That way, he’s the one who pays for the whole thing. Now THAT would be justice.


  2. Unfortunately stupid and ignorant are not against the law otherwise some voters would be depending on the government trough….oh wait, they are. Still until someone puts him out of our misery we’re stuck with his stupidity or we could simply turn him and the other news outlets off. Get our news on sites we trust and let the news media die the agonizing death it deserves.
    Just a reminder the last one out turn off the lights, but don’t bother to lock the doors, there’s nothing worth pinching in there.


  3. @1: bacon!

    Imagine that pampered goof Gregory, without personal assistants, makeup and hair people, stage managers, wardrobe people, suddenly in a federal prison jumpsuit, sharing a cell with a member of the Aryan Brotherhood…having to line up for prison chow-no expensed dinners at Manhattan’s finest eateries, line up for the showers-twice a week, getting called out by members of the Mex Mafia during exercise time in the yard…ahhh, one can dream.

    Waking reality is something different altogether: Obama and USAG Holder are unlikely to bring any judicial pressure to bear-the media being their protectors, abettors and propagandists after all.

    This, and the legal muscle which NBC could bring to bear, insures that Gregory will never do time. Never spend one moment in stir speaking to his wife and children speaking to them while separated by three-inch plexiglas over a prison telephone, etc. etc.

    There are laws for them and there are laws for the rest…don’t forget how some animals are more equal than others. Gregory is an animal with much greater equality, having a different set of laws to disregard or abide by.

    What to do?? Not a damned thing.

    Heaping derision and mockery upon his expensively-coiffed head won’t stop him…neither will it speed judicial equality.

    Just growl in ineffectual anger as the cuffs of the shackles are tightened around our ankles.


  4. An arrest would be ideal.

    Gregory: “This is absolutely ridiculous. The magazine I possessed is completely harmless. It is just an inanimate object. I am not a danger to anyone.”

    Legal gun owners: “Exactly our point.”


  5. Prosecute and let his team of high dollar lawyers argue how unconstitutional the law is. Then we can use that to challenge the other unconstitutional laws that they want to throw at us. Oh, and deny him bail during all of this afterall, there could have been a massacre with that magazine.


  6. #2 Definitely! Prosecute with extreme prejudice. When you ask the police for permission to use something that is illegal in a demonstration and they say “NO!” you then do every minute of the jail time in pound David in the arse prison.



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