Aptly Describing the Stupidity of the Minimum Wage

[High Praise! to According to Hoyt]

Or take the minimum wage nonsense. What kind of insane idiot, with the crisis of unemployment we have would want to RAISE minimum wage? I mean, both the man reading these words off the teleprompter and the idiots who wrote them for him to read have presumably enough intelligence to stand upright and speak at the same time. So it shouldn’t be possible for them to NOT understand that a wage is something paid in exchange for a service. It is therefore tied to the value of that service. The idea of legislating it at ALL is insane, and leads to people who can’t afford to pay it hiring illegals or simply not growing their business past the one man stage – because, children, economics is a science. You can’t simply legislate wages, any more than you can legislate rain. BUT on top of that the idea of in a recession wanting to tie the minimum wage to the cost of living is so astonishingly stupid that- That I run out of words.

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  1. It’s another one of those cases where, to be a decent human being, I want to believe these are people who mean well, but are mistaken about means but . . . it’s . . . can they genuinely be that stupid? Is it worse to believe that they’re that stupid, or that they fully intend to wreak economic chaos?


  2. Or a third explanation: maybe Obama and Biden want everyone to tear their hair out of their heads in complete frustration, and look more like them.

    Fiendishly clever, and I must say it’s working.

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is halfway through the process.


  3. Stupid? It’s very simple:

    Higher minimum wage = fewer people that can be hired for the same amount of money
    Fewer hires = more people on the dole
    More people on the dole = more people desperate to protect the dole
    More people desperate = more votes for Democrats



  4. Maybe Obamacare can make us live longer by making poor people pay death taxes so they can’t afford to die.


  5. Aristo’s Decry Aristo’s ?

    Clearly the individual writing this article must be of that self-same storied group who has never actually had to survive out there in the real world on a minimum wage – which equals a complete bean diet or don’t eat at least one day a week. Rent in this day and age ? Forget it.
    Without raises in minimum wages – people would still be making 75-85 cents an hour in many parts of the country — Believe it or be foolish. I remember it well – but at least it was still possible to rent a one room apartment for 135$ monthly.

    Clearly this article was written by someone who more than likely lives at home with parents covering housing — and even more clearly imagines THEY will never have to will never deal with this – being much too valuable.
    Here’s a tip – you are far less valuable than you imagine.
    Thank goodness some people are thinking of such
    Free Market indeed – it would be funny if it were not so sad.
    T Collins
    Northern Colorado



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